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'Twilight' Countdown: Exclusive Robert Pattinson photo

Wolfierob29 days left...

In today's gift bag we have this exclusive shot of Robert Pattinson taken earlier this month for an upcoming story about "Twilight" in The Times. Publish date: Nov. 2. Write it down.)

You're welcome.

I now welcome your thoughts on it. The facial hair, I think, is very un-Edward. (Could Bella's marble prince even grow facial hair? It seems unlikely). But do we like it just the same? Does it make Robert sexier? More smoldering?

Or just too Wolverine?

Perhaps he's sporting the new look in the name of Spunk Ransom's next Whiskey A Go-Go gig.

Leave your theories and thoughts below. We'll duke it out.

Also, I forgot to mention in Tuesday's launch post that the Countdown updates will be posted every day at 2 pm.

"Twilight" at 2.

Even on the weekends.

-- Denise Martin


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Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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oh my golly! how spunky is that!! his eyes is so intense!!! Love it!

He still lookes gorgeous.
It's natural beauty, he can't hide the sexyness.

Rob is probably using the beard to hidefrom fans. Have you seen how crazy they were in Mexico


Those eyes make you feel you can see right into his soul. He looks sad. Love him to bits. He's a formidable actor. It excites me that over the next year or so everyone will realise this and not just fans.

The look is a bit like Jesus Christ

Rob looks HOT anyway but I get such a kick out of seeing his jawline (noone has one like him) that I'd have to go with clean shaven. Its great to see this shot but now its time to shave.

I actually like the beard. He can pull it off. He's hot, with or without. Anyone else agree? :P

Oh My freakin gosh, he needs to shave!!!!

oh dear, he looks like russell crowe... that's NOT a good look for him unfortunately.

haha nice try! sorry babe, keep trying to diminish the hotness.. just letting u know.. ITS NOT WORKING, UR STILL GORGEOUS!
so intense and sexy!

and about the greasy hair i nominate myself for the necessary sponge-bath! lol

Rob goes by Bobby Dupea on the music scene.
and as for the facial hair, he is beautiful no matter how he looks and who am I to tell him to shave or not to shave. I love looking at him no matter what.

Yes, I think he even looks better with the beard. Maybe he is just trying to get away from some of the cameras. I'm sure it must be a lot to handle and anything would help. Plus, it has been said he doesn't like to shave! Good look Rob, keep it up.

well the facial hair is alright, but he wont be able to keep it for the next twilight movies (if they get made) edward is a vampire and there for he can not change, even to grow facial hair. of course Robert looks amazing no matter what (: hes pretty much a god in every single way... haha but i would also rather see him without the facial hair !!

I like rob more without the facial hair. It covers up his magnificence

Let's just say my mom kept repeating to herself "TOO YOUNG, TOO YOUNG" then she smiled and said November 21st, right? Rob is just plain hot, we should all thank God for the opportunity to be able to watch such great eye candy...

I like the facial hair it's not that bad ! I feel sorry for the kid because he's so famous now that he doesn't have the privacy he had before !!!!

Let's just say my mom kept repeating to herself "too young, too young". Then she smiled and asked November 21st right? So we should all be greatful to be able to have such a piece of eye candy available...

he could look good in anything, maybe even a seriously long beard who knows! but i love this picture! he is so sexy

Seriously, people need to get a grip. Has anyone thought of what he is going through right now. He seems like a private guy who is about to be thrust into the media spotlight because of Twilight. I just hope that he can still be himself after all this. People that comment on his appearance have to remember that he is just Rob to his family and friends and some of your comments can be pretty hurtful. We have already lost a great actor in Heath, please don't let Rob be next.

I agree with K...still hot! I don't think there is anything that you could do to ruin his hotness unless we found out that he was a big jerk which in all accounts I've read is that hes very shy and sweet which makes him (if possible) even hotter!!!!!!

okay, come on, we all know rob doesnt like to shave, from an interview nicky reed made, i think lol, and well, most likely he is preparing for another role. i doubt he'll be allowed to have that beard as edward lol unless he;'s trying out as a werewolf himself lol haha i doubt very much

LOVE the facial hair. If it's possible, it only makes him sexier.

Rob, I gotta tell you...... If we're to be married the love brillow has got to go.

HOT! I love the facial hair; and those eyes and lips!

He looks like a man! Don't get me wrong, he looks great without facial hair, but I prefer this look. Yummy!!!!

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