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'Twilight' Countdown: Exclusive Robert Pattinson photo

Wolfierob29 days left...

In today's gift bag we have this exclusive shot of Robert Pattinson taken earlier this month for an upcoming story about "Twilight" in The Times. Publish date: Nov. 2. Write it down.)

You're welcome.

I now welcome your thoughts on it. The facial hair, I think, is very un-Edward. (Could Bella's marble prince even grow facial hair? It seems unlikely). But do we like it just the same? Does it make Robert sexier? More smoldering?

Or just too Wolverine?

Perhaps he's sporting the new look in the name of Spunk Ransom's next Whiskey A Go-Go gig.

Leave your theories and thoughts below. We'll duke it out.

Also, I forgot to mention in Tuesday's launch post that the Countdown updates will be posted every day at 2 pm.

"Twilight" at 2.

Even on the weekends.

-- Denise Martin


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Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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As a TwilightMOM, I say THANK YOU from the very bottom of rapidly beating heart for posting the grownup that is Rob. *callous wolf whistling ensues* Ok, maybe the "wolf" part is inappropriate. My night is complete.

omg! Rob still looks veryyyy hott! He really doesn't like all the press as he said in earlier interviews, but I want more! Way too gooo!! :D

is it just me, or does he looks like A BETTER LOOKING VERSION of Justin TImberlake?
gosh, even with the beard, he's dead on beautiful.
oh the things i would do to this man...

I love it, he looks like a MAN! He isnt Edward he is Rob and I like "Hobo Rob" as he not so affectionatly gets called. He is a person with his own style, likes and dislikes. Way to go Rob for just being YOU! and not feeling the pressure to conform to what all the little teeny boppers want. The more mature of your fans will always accept you for the way you are and realise your NOT Edward.

There's not much Rob can do to look bad; but that beard covers up his gorgeous face and omg, that jawline! He's my fave!!! Love him.

I'd do him =)

*swoons* he's amazing. I love his eyes.
But, I have to say this to everyone : stop calling rob a hobo, y'know hes not. it's his style, it's sexy and sure it may not be chace crawford kinda polished look, but who cares, its rob, take it or leave it. everyone is seeing him as edward cullen, he's not groomed rich boy 24/7. like honestly, don't complain about his looks because its still rob pattison. hes still the sex god we all know and love. this is just how hes always been, he just shaves for most appearances. let him grow facial hair, it's still attractive. okay? good.
*swoon agains* ah, rob and his sex god hair.

My freaking God in heaven, he would look hot in a potato sack! He is the only man to ever make my heart do the hundred yard dash! Even with facial hair Im completly dizzy and blushing like a moron!

He Is perfect in every way possible.

Did anyone ever consider the beard might be a tactic to HIDE from fans, not just his face?


"Too Wolverine" it's not bad hehe

He's really gorgeous anyways :D

What can I say to this photo???


enough said..

I think that majority of those who love Rob, me included, adore him not just because he is hot, with or without facial hair but because he is Rob. Personally, I have admired him since Goblet of Fire and I'm so thrilled that he is getting his chance to show people that he can carry a film. He is so talented and he seems to be totally unaffected by the Hollywood craziness and I hope he doesn't change.

I do love his looks but I guess I'm one of those who prefer him without the facial hair. I really like to see his jawline...it's so manly.

Okay, I'm 14, and an obsessed Twilighter.
But that does not mean I want Rob without a beard!
He looks beautiful in this photo.
I love his hair as it is, and I think he still looks amazing with a beard.
It's quite impossible to make him look ugly.

Omg... He's so sexy!

Omg...he's so sexy!!
Robert patinson... hot, hot hot.

i dont mind it.
since i have to kiss it everynight. cause im his girlfriend.
joking of course.
nah i dont mind it.
it makes me lol but

Guys!! He IS Robert, not Edward!!! Get real and get some perspective!!!!

Thank you, Thank you what a great photo

He is so so attractive (with or without beard)


Don't change anything about him! He's perfect the way he is...w/ or w/o beard, clean-cut or hobo looking, he's still the most intruiging and genuine actor I've known. Of course I don't know him personally, but I do wish I could meet him someday...wishful thinking....

He's one hairy kid. lol He's really pretty though, so it's all good. He seriously looks like hugh jackman's kid wolverino.

This is the best photo of him, and i think it will be one of my favorites of all time.

It's hard to mess up robs face... but i always loved his super pronounced jawline... no hair for me... i like babyfaces lol

I adore Rob. But show that jawline Rob its tooooooo fantastic to hide. I do understand the need for the industry to see him look different at times so that he doesnt get type cast. I think he's doing it a bit too early though. Please LA Times tell us you asked him about Little Ashes. I'm dying to find out a lot moe about his role as Salvador Dali

He's going to look even sadder today after the madness of fans at mexico airport. They went nuts for him. It must be so scary for him.

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