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'Twilight' Countdown: Exclusive Robert Pattinson photo

Wolfierob29 days left...

In today's gift bag we have this exclusive shot of Robert Pattinson taken earlier this month for an upcoming story about "Twilight" in The Times. Publish date: Nov. 2. Write it down.)

You're welcome.

I now welcome your thoughts on it. The facial hair, I think, is very un-Edward. (Could Bella's marble prince even grow facial hair? It seems unlikely). But do we like it just the same? Does it make Robert sexier? More smoldering?

Or just too Wolverine?

Perhaps he's sporting the new look in the name of Spunk Ransom's next Whiskey A Go-Go gig.

Leave your theories and thoughts below. We'll duke it out.

Also, I forgot to mention in Tuesday's launch post that the Countdown updates will be posted every day at 2 pm.

"Twilight" at 2.

Even on the weekends.

-- Denise Martin


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Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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ok, I loooove Rob to death and think he's THE sexiest guy on the planet, but I'm not a fan of the facial hair. I'ts still a great pic, tho

I wasnt so sure at first, but he still looks really sexy... I like! Totally un-Edwardy though, but he's still gorgeous and holds Edward's mystery.

Rob could NEVER look bad!!!

oh for the love of all that is holy! yes! yes! yes! could he get any sexier? I think not.
But I've been wrong before. This picture- case and point. Why have you been keeping it from us? Love it, Rob. Love it.

I still love him. The facial hair only makes him more human. hahah.
He's an extremely talented actor and I'd still watch whatever he stars in.

I think this photograph of him is stunning. I love the way the light and shadows fall on his face. It's a very expressive and aesthetically pleasing photograph. Even without the artistic photographic style though, such as this one, Rob is still gorgeous, but this photo just plays up his features even more I think, and in a very good way. He looks very sexy here. I personally love the scruff, and he wears it well. All around I think Robert is just a very attractive guy; he's cultured, humorous and quirky, charming, and gorgeous. Of course, these are just simply my opinions..... but I do hate when people completely attack his looks, they are after all HIS looks, and he can do with them as he pleases.

He is sexy with or with out the facial hair... it makes him look older... Love it!!!

He is sexy with or without the facial hair... but I love the facial hair :-) LOVE THE PIC!

Robert looks much more older with the beard but still really attractive. He's utterly gorgeous. I think this must be one of my favorite pictures of him. I really love the shadows on his face, his stare and the scruff. It's a fantastic picture.

Woaa makes him WAAYYYY better. It kinda balances out the crazy hair lol. He looks absolutley stunning here. But you are right, not Edward-like at all. But thats ok. He is Rob. Not Edward. Hence, he shud be Rob, and not Edward. As long as Edward is Edward, life is good. Did that make any sense at all?? T.T

eh. not a fan of the hobo beard, I'll admit.
but its rob, and i know underneath that face-eating shrub is a beautfil sex god!

hmmmm not really liking the facial hair, makes him look older lol

OME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that pic! I think that he doesn't look very much like Edward anymore though... :[ But still that is an awesome pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't care what everyone else thinks... I think that the beard is super awesome (on him, of course)!!!!!!!!!

Who cares if his beard is "un-edward"?? HE iSNT EDWARD. HE iS ROB. if he wants a beard.. he can have one =] it still looks hot.

I think he looks good. He mentioned he doesn't like to shave at all. So atleast he can pull it off. i love it.

he looks like he should be in "cast away."

Wow -- Russell Crowe, anyone? A very young version, of course.

Rob ALWAYS looks incredibly hot not matter what....I do prefer him without the facial hair but he is free to chose how he wants to look no matter what me or anyone else says. This pic is still AH-MAZING even with the facial hair.... Rob never fails to take my breath away!

robert pattinson is SEXY. but with this...facial hair... i just didn't recognize him. at all.
i liked how he looked as edward in twilight. that was hot.
but this.. no.
no way.

i mean he holds the spot as edward cullen.. the hottest man on the FACE OF THE EARTH. and this? this doesn't hold it.

He's incredible looking either way, but I prefer to see the jawline that could cut granite. I prefer the clean shaven look or maybe just a little stubble.

AMAZING PIC!! Love it!! So he hates shaving.. oh my god heaven forbid Rob to be Rob!! It's nice to see HIM!! As himself! That to me is way more attractive.

I think that Rob is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen. Beard, no beard, messy hair, who cares. He has life outside of the very public one that he is currently living. If being a regular guy is his thing, by all means let him enjoy it. How many of your husbands or boyfriends are tidy all of the time?? Probably not even 50% of the time. If you are only seeing Edward Cullen, then you are not seeing the very beautiful and talented young man that is Rob.

Okay, I'm a total Rob fan-love the guy, but I have to say, this photo doesn't even look like him! He's looking sort of Russell Crowe'ish. pheh! I definitely prefer the clean-shaven, Edwardesque look. Don't get me wrong, I think the guy is way hot-just not so much with the facial hair. It hides his beauty. (albeit, his eyes are quite smoldering)

Rob just looks a little mature with the beard. A little hair doesn't change what's underneath. He's still attractive.....and has that shyness about him. Beard or no beard, he is still personable.

Wolverine was a good choice of words, but he's still mighty fine.

I think British boys have that auto-matic charm advantage.

If it were neater, it'd be better.

I think Rob is going through this whole Anti-Edward thing, trying to be the opposite of him.

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