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'Twilight' Countdown: Exclusive Robert Pattinson photo

Wolfierob29 days left...

In today's gift bag we have this exclusive shot of Robert Pattinson taken earlier this month for an upcoming story about "Twilight" in The Times. Publish date: Nov. 2. Write it down.)

You're welcome.

I now welcome your thoughts on it. The facial hair, I think, is very un-Edward. (Could Bella's marble prince even grow facial hair? It seems unlikely). But do we like it just the same? Does it make Robert sexier? More smoldering?

Or just too Wolverine?

Perhaps he's sporting the new look in the name of Spunk Ransom's next Whiskey A Go-Go gig.

Leave your theories and thoughts below. We'll duke it out.

Also, I forgot to mention in Tuesday's launch post that the Countdown updates will be posted every day at 2 pm.

"Twilight" at 2.

Even on the weekends.

-- Denise Martin


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Photo: Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times

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There are no words. I don't usually like facial hair, but I absolutely love this picture. swoon.

i personally hate any kind of facial hair.
he's still hott, of course...but it makes him look older and less-polished.
i love that about rob; he always seems so flawless.
he can pull it off....but i like him better without it.
he's more edward without it.
this looks more werewolf...

I LOVE the scruff!
But... I agree that hiding his beautiful face is a crime.
The SexDrive premiere (and the Austin pictures) = perfection.
I love you Rob! =D

Well, it's not Edward, but it's still Rob-- and I absolutely adore everything about him.
He looks just as hot with the facial hair as he does without it. At first, sure it was a shocker, but really, I think I actually prefer him with the facial hair now. It helps set him apart from those pretty boy poser types [Efron, Crawford, ew] which he definitely isn't. He's naturally gorgeous and he doesn't have to spend hours of time in front of the mirror. I think he just rolls out of bed. And that just makes him that much more attractive.

I think Rob sometimes goes out of his way to avoid the 'pretty boy' label - he wants to be taken seriously.
Having said that - it isn't working Rob - that photo is gorgeous. Nothing can hide this man's appeal.

People, shut up about his clothing please! Robert could wear a potato sack and still look great. And as long as he he's changing the boxer shorts every day, who cares?

Funny. haha ;)

but still excited for the movie. :D i love twilight series.

lol but i like jacob more than edward. :PP

Amazing photo...such a soulful image.

I really feel for poor Rob....he's probably going run off to Siberia to escape all the fan girls once the Twilight promotion is finished. I wouldn't blame him either.

I hope all this silly attention over his facial hair (or anything else he does in his personal time) doesn't dissuade him to not do the other Twilight movies. I think he'll be fab.

Who cares if Rob has a beard, he can rock any look he wants - it's his life. So let the poor man be!

For the Love of all that is Holy, can that Man get any Hotter!!!! For real, this just isnt fair...
NICE, picture - And THANKS for sharing...

The article doesn't say that his band's name is Spunk Ransom. They meant something along the lines of "the persona spunk ransom looks like this more than chisled-jaw rob"

don't get me wrong I loveee the picture. But the facial hair...not so much.

Just when you think he can't get any hotter...the man never ceases to amaze me!! How can one man be so perfect???!?!

He isn't that great looking, to me, except in this shot. The beard gives needed balance to his pixie little chin. I love those blond streaks- not grey! But of course, I'm 44- what do I knowabout good looks after a lifetime of looking at men?

Personally I think it is a great picture of Robert. It just seems like he looks a little sad in the picture. I hope that all the Twilight hype is not starting to getting to him. I would hate for Robert to start pulling away from the fans especially since he has been so generous with his time with everyone. If the worst thing he is doing is growing a beard and dressing and acting like a typical 22 year old then we have nothing to worry about. Robert, just be true to yourself. Your real fans will love you no matter how you look.

HOLY ****!!! He's so hot. SO HOT. Omg.

I'm totally down with the scruff.

I'll take that beard ride.


For all that is holy! Seriously? I don't think Rob will ever find a way to disguise his beauty. His hair is even more amazing than usual, and his eyes...oh, man, his eyes..
I love his facial expression, even if it does look like he's sad.
Need you people even ask?
Rob is perfect!

He is so gorgeous! with or without the facial hair! he DAZZLES! truely

Yay! Does this mean we're getting a Rob interview soon?? That makes me one happy girl. He's not only beautiful and crazy talented, but he's modest and generous. He's going to be around for a very long time. Robert has all the right qualities. He's not just a pretty face.

Thank you 4 the pic! Made my day.

I love the beard! It looks great on him. There isn't anything that looks bad on him. Rob just always has to stay true to himself. If it's what he likes or if maybe he just wants to be a little lazy. Looks great all the same to me.

Wow. I love it! He looks good with anything. He pulls this off, and he also looks amazing showing off his gorgeous jaw.

He's hot no matter what, I don't think people should hate on him for his hair or his beard because its not edward-like, like come on its just a character hes playing lol.

He's always beautiful. His eyes look pensive and sad. I want to hug him! Thank you for the picture. We all greatly appreciate it. Hope you have many more to share with us.

I think this look looks very hot, this looks better than Edward. Very rugged, i love it.

Facial Hair = Hot. Effing hot. I'd hit it.

wow. i mean seriously WOW. Rob just cant take a bad picture. i mean OMIGOD he is soo gorgeous! whiskers or not he still causes me to go into a state of extreme hyperventilation. =D

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