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'Twilight' Countdown: Burning questions for Taylor Lautner

Taylor_2 27 days to go...

On Monday, I'll be talking to Taylor Lautner, who as you all know plays young Jacob Black in "Twilight." Taylor has already done tons and tons of press for the movie ... which is why I'm asking for your help.

Submit your burning questions into the comments section below and I'll make sure they get to him. (And by "they," I mean appropriate questions, friends. Yes to questions about Taylor, "Twilight" and "My Own Worst Enemy." No to marriage proposals and standalone shout-outs. Sorry!)

So fire away! What do you still want to know? 

Here's at least one thing that I want to know: If sequels to the first film get made -- is there really any doubt? -- will Taylor continue in the role? Remember, in "New Moon" he's still 16 years old, but is supposed to appear to be 25 -- a perk of being half werewolf. How will director Catherine Hardwicke handle that?

Also, a reminder about tonight's "Twilight" soundtrack listening parties at all Hot Topic stores. From Stephenie Meyer's official Web site:

Exclusive Twilight Listening Parties at Hot Topic stores:

Be one of the first people to hear the entire Twilight soundtrack (in-stores November 4th). Hot Topic will be hosting exclusive listening parties at all of their locations on Friday, October 24th at 7pm. They'll be playing every song, including the previously unreleased songs from Paramore, Rob Pattinson, Perry Farrell and Mutemath, PLUS hear the unveiling of "Bella's Lullaby." Hot Topic is also offering 10% off your Twilight purchase at the event and you can preorder the soundtrack to get a special gift.

To those of you who go, drop me a line. Leave your reviews here. I think it's safe to say that there will be many who want to know what "Never Think" sounds like.

And with that, I leave you with this Taylor-rific video from the actor's XMA (extreme martial arts) days. Love the scream.

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: Michael Buckner / Getty Images

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My question to Taylor is:

How are you handling your new fame? Are you worried about what will happen with crazy fangirls when the movie becomes famous?

-Shani, 16, from Israel :)

Hey i have no clue where to put this but... my question for tayler is " At what age did he start training in martial arts", And "What's it like being a normal person then all of a sudden your famous!?! Was it overwelming?"

thx :)

My questions to Taylor is:
What do you like most about playing Jacob Black? If you could play any character besides Jacob, who would you play? In movies that you've played in, do you think that Twilight is the best one so far?

My question for *sigh Taylor is: Have you ever aspired to try a different role in the entertainment industry? For example: director, producer. If so, do you think you will ever have the opportunity to try out that role?
Erin from Australia

Q for Taylor: Who do you look up to as an actor? Who would you like to work with in upcoming films?

My questions for Taylor are:
Have you read the entire Twilight series? If so, which is your favorite book, and which book would you be most excited to see become a movie?

What was the best moment you had on the set of Twilight?

What do you like to do in your spare time?

-Leah, 16, Arizona :]

My question for the oh so amazing Taylor is:
"How did you prepare to play Jacob Black? Did you do anything to get more in character?"

thx, soooo much, and if Tayor ever sees this....well, YOU ROCK!

Q) who are some actors or actress that you look up to?besides the acting, what is your other dream job?

Hi Taylor,

As you must be aware by now, there is a ton of pressure on you to be the Jacob Black that all us Twilight fans know and love. Are you at all nervous about the reaction to your performance by the rabid Twilight fans as the release date draws near?

My questions for Taylor are, how did react when you found out you had won the role of Jacob Black, and what was the best part about filminng twilight?

do you think you'll get to use any of your martial arts tricks in the movies, like when you're morphing into a werewolf or something-- run and whip out a handspring full and phase into the air? haha that would be awesome

What type of work out routine and dietary plan will you be working on to 'bulk up' for the role of Jacob in the next to books, as he is supposed to grow and muscle up quite quickly? Have you already started making preparations for the sequel movies?

Here is a little list of questions and be sure to ask your question Denise! I too am curious about what will happen for possible sequels.

How did the twilight fans 1st take to you when you were cast as Jacob Black? (I.E Robert Pattinson got bags of hate mail when he was 1st cast)

How did you 1st hear about the Twilight-cast auditions?

What is your favourite book in the Saga and why?

I think it's great your getting the opportunity to be the guy to play one of Twilight's most beloved characters enjoy your acting career (the 3-D was horrible for a home tv but i enjoyed your acting in 'Shark boy and lava girl' very much!)

Nicole -13 from Ontario Canada

Do you visit the Taylor Lautner fan site often?

Hey Taylor,
I was just wondering if you think that you martial arts training will help you in the later films when you have to be all wolfie? Thanks and have a wonderful time promoting your movie.

I have to ask. It's obligatory for all facets of the fandom. Team Edward? Jacob? Or are you the ever-compromising Team Switzerland? (& as a Team Jacob, I'll try to not let your decision influence how much I like you...!)

And/Or: In any upcoming movies, what scene are you the most excited about filming or anticipate the most?

And/Or: If you've read Breaking Dawn, what did you think of it?

Have you had any funny fan moments since you finished Twilight or when it was released that you were starring as Jacob?

The Soundtrack Premier could have been better. I wished I had the playlist. I guess I thought it would be posted. The store was crowded and buzy & it was hard to hear alot of it. We weren't able to identify "Never Think" which really disappointed us. When the soundtrack ended, they didn't say anything, they just threw in a new CD. Those of us trying to stay out of the way in the back of the store heard two 'after premier' songs before we found out it was actually over.

Hey there Taylor, It's a 3 part question for your role in Twilight and My Own Worst Enemy. My 1st question is What kind of challenges do you look forward to for Jacob that he has to face in the upcoming sequels of Twilight? Do you think he will make it more difficult for Edward to get to Bella? And Your character Jack is very blue chip athlete. Do you think Jack Spivey will figure out that his dad has a split personality? And how do you think he will deal with it?

Hi Taylor!
I was just wondering, with you becoming a really big hearthrob, would you even consider dating a fan? And also, do you sing? :]

Anjeline,15, California!!

Tra -- Awww, sorry to hear that! I won't be able to get down there myself tonight and will have to wait until November 4 to get my copy. Hoepfully, when you can hear better, the music will be worth the trouble.

Do you have any pet peeves that just drive you crazy?

Have you ever had a 'Bella' in your life?

Possibly even an Edward to take her away?


what is the craziest fan encounter that you've had so far?

(The question for Taylor Lautner) Understanding that you are not really mentioned in book one of the twilight series, how much screen time do you really get to have during the making of first twilight movie?

After Twilight can you see yourself revising the role of Jacob for part 2, New Moon? "Jacob" will be one of the main characters for this film, are you up for that challenge?

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