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The CW is getting watchdog Parents Television Council hot and bothered

Cotown_logo2The Parents Television Council is trying to ground the CW television network by encouraging advertisers to boycott CW shows because of a scene in the opening segment of its newest hit, "90210."

But so far it looks like the council has only played into CW's marketing hands.

Within hours of CW's highly rated premiere of the drama about spoiled and precocious kids in Beverly Hills, the watchdog group lodged a complaint.

"The CW Network has openly, wantonly and eagerly violated every business tenet of the broadcast industry. They shocked viewers during the family hour by depicting high school children engaged in oral sex in their car," said the council's president, Tim Winter.  "It's such a sucker punch to viewers and a lot of families. No one tuned into '90210' thinking, "Hey, maybe I will get to see [oral sex]."

The scene shows a boy sitting in a car and then a girl's head rising.

The council suggested that CW duped advertisers by withholding advance copies of the pilot and that it directed the show's producers to include the suggestive scene in the 8 p.m. show. The network denies both charges.   

"For the record, '90210' was screened in advance of broadcast through the customary advertiser screening service," CW said in a statement.  "In addition, the suggestion that we edited controversial material into the show at the last minute is as ridiculous as it is inaccurate."

This isn't the council's first tangle with CW, a joint venture of Warner Bros. and CBS Corp.  Sexually provocative magazine ads and billboards for the network's show "Gossip Girl" has also left the group fuming. The council calls the ads "smutty." Winter contends that instead of targeting its core demographic group of 18- to 34-year-olds, CW is reaching out to a much younger audience of teenagers and preteens with slogans such as "Every Parent's Nightmare," which Winter says particularly resonates with teens who live at home.

But the council appears to have handed CW a marketing gift with a ribbon. CW has grabbed the council's criticism and turned it into an endorsement. One ad for "Gossip Girl" features two teenagers in bed under the headline:  "Mind-blowingly inappropriate" -- a quote that came from the Parents Television Council.

Just like parents, CW knows that if you want kids to watch something, tell them it's off limits.

-- Meg James

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Well I wasn't going to watch that show - but if the bible beating idiots hate it I guess I will warm up the TIVO.

This can't shock anyone with the amount of garbage there is on TV. I've been a teacher in Korea for five years. When I came home for a visit last year I tuned into the show "Life as We Know it". Two students ditched campus to have sex in a movie theater, the music teacher was sleeping with a student, and the math teacher was sleeping with a parent. This was on a weekday at 8pm when kids are still awake.The sad thing is that junk like this gets ratings because people watch it. Nothing shocks us any more. Networks like Fox that push the envelope get people to watch it. Then when that gets old, they step it up. Sex and the City used to be only a cable TV show. Now it's on prime time on regular TV. When Jerry Springer got violent and had fighting, it was at 11pm at night. Now it's on in the middle of the day. People also watch Maury Povich to see the shocking results of "Who is the Father?" When the current reality shows get old, guess what will happen. Something more shocking will become mainstream.

Wake up America! If you have children be very careful what you let them watch. 80% of it is crap!

I just read this and I feel that it is rediculous that as teens you know what goes on in the real world, you know that things like that actually happen and as much as parents and adults dont want you to "know" you learn about it in health and you have seen it in movies, if you have a younger child and you dont want them to see it turn on Nick at night, that would be the reason it is on at 8:00 so that it is later and they can watch their cartoons or disney shows. I believe that people in this time period as over reacting about alot of things, as far as trying to protect your children. I hate to be the one to tell everyone, but your kids will do whatever they want to do whether you say Go ahead, or you tell them no. Dont try to take away things, dont try to restrict them, just tell them them what can happen, tell them the consiquenses and let them make mistakes, you can not protect them forever. So stop trying to make a big deal about a show. It is not like the people that are watching it dont already know all that stuff, and if they are to young to know that, they probly should not be watching the CW at night, 90210 and Gossip Girl are 2 very good shows that alot of people enjoy watching alot.

The Parents Television Council was offended by "90210." Therefore the Parents Television Council believes it has the right to suppress the program.

I am offended by the Parents Television Council. Do I have the right to supress the council?

I urge publishers, broadcasters, and the like to always remember: Just because someone's upset doesn't mean anything is wrong.

Hey here's a thought, if you don't like something on TV or you deem it not suitable for younger viewers, then change the channel. Plain and simple. Quit putting your personal views out in public. It's not up to the Parents television council to decide what the rest of the country watches. It's up to individual parents to monitor the shows their kids watch. END OF STORY. Quit shoving your personal agendas down our throats.

If members of The Parents Television Council are upset about sex, I wish they'd stop practicing it. Eventually there'd be a lot fewer of them around to bother the rest of us.

It's real simple. Be a parent... don't tune in. We live in America. The CW has every right to air what it wants and I have every right not to allow my children to watch it. If every parent who had kids would be plugged in to what their kids were watching, they obviously would not tune in, 90210 would not get the ratings and CW would not think it's so great to corrupt our children. If anyone at that network does have kids, they should be ashamed of themselves. A perfect example is Madonna. She was all for "pushing the envelope" when I was growing up, but now that she has kids America is too "vulgar" for them to be brought up here and she raises them in the more "proper" England. The media should wake up, there is a change coming. My generation that grew up with Madonna, etc that now have kids are not as easily fooled as our parents' generation. We do realize the hard sell and we will turn off the television and find other forms of entertainment.

Who cares! What sensible person watches such a show looking for healthy life lessons anyway?! Its about spoiled rich kids in LA! Get a life! Maybe turn off the tv and read a book!?

Sounds like the "parents television council needs boycotting. I guess burning books got boring.

#1 solution is to turn off your television and go to the library.

#2 solution is to boycott the program AND the advertisers. They don't care about your opinion, but they do care about their budget.

I personally wouldn't let my kids watch Gossip Girl but that is my right as a parent. That being said, I definetly don't want someone dictating what we as a country watch either. I believe Gossip Girl is aimed at 20 and 30 somethings anyway. I am 30 and I love the show! I am a married mother of 3 so I need a little escape sometimes and I have a feeling I am not the only one out there!

The PTC really need to stop this. Your children are eventually going to find it all out anyway. The PTC will be offended by anything, American Idol, Mtv, anything. stop monotiring the shows and start monitoring the children. Congrats CW for turning their sill rants into an advertising campain,truly genius thinking.

I wasn't going to watch these shows.....but now I think I will. it's ENTERTAINMENT, it's not meant to be real! why would we want to watch a show where everyone is sitting around being good anyway?


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