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'Twilight': What does the 'Breaking Dawn' backlash bode for the movie?

Twilight1 The word is out on "Breaking Dawn," the final book in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" saga. And it’s not all good.

Of the 1,237 reviews on Amazon.com this morning, 364 give it one star, and another 145 give it just two. That suggests about 42% of "Twilight's" audience was ultimately disappointed in the series ender, which gave Bella and Edward –- spoilers ahead –- their happy ending.

The majority of Amazon users labeled the following one-star critique from a reviewer named Eventide as "helpful." (It’s listed first on the book’s page):

I loved the first three books. I have always been a fan of Bella and Edward, but I liked how Meyer introduced the Jacob/Bella dynamic to show the complexity of relationships, and that love means SACRIFICE and making a CHOICE…Now I don’t know what message the author wanted to say or what she was thinking.

The second and third most "helpful" reviews also give the book one star. The latter, written by Sonja Scheffer "scrapprincess," went so far as to say:

It did not feel like Stephenie Meyer was writing the story…I honestly would have stopped reading this book except I was curious to see how much more bizarre it could get.

Here on the Los Angeles Times' Entertainment News & Buzz blog, where the comments are about 50-50 good and bad, Dawn wrote: "This was a horrible ending to a wonderful series. As I do every Monday, I took the garbage out and returned my book!" Marrisa followed up: "It really was like a crappy movie ending."

How this fan backlash might affect the upcoming movie, due out Dec. 12, is anyone’s guess. The reception at last month's Comic-Con was insane, and “Breaking Dawn” sold a big 1.3 million copies on Saturday alone, according to USA Today. The first three books also have already sold 7.5 million copies in the United States alone.

But even "Twilight" devotees are taking issue. The predominant thinking seems to be that the love story triangle of Bella, Edward and Jacob is wrapped up too early, the succeeding plotline –- about the child of Edward and Bella -– isn’t satisfying, and everything is tied up a little too neatly. (Even Bella’s lonely father is paired with a lady friend in a throwaway line near the end). 

In one of the Twilight Lexicon discussions forums -- the biggest of the "Twilight" fan sites and one endorsed by Meyer herself -- more than a third of the comments are lukewarm. A fifth are flat-out negative. "I felt like I was reading a poorly written fan-fiction," commenter takemybreathaway wrote.

Another, identified as Raccontareunabellastoria was even more dramatically affected: "My world has imploded. I'm probably being dramatic, but really. I invested my heart and soul into these books. I feel tremendously betrayed."

Thoughts? Will you still see the movie? (For the record, I'm still going to see the movie.)

-- Denise Martin

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ok wow...most of these comments really surprise and upset me!! I absolutely LOVED "Breaking Dawn" and everything that happened in it. Bella and Edward were made for each other and i am sooooooooooo happy that they get to be happy together "FOREVER." And for the last comment made from B.F. if u really didnt expect Bella to change after she became a vampire i dont know what books you have been reading. If you havent noticed, all vampires are gorgeous, and the most graceful people ever. You had to have know that that was going to happen...Anyway "Breaking Dawn" was amazing!!!!! Stephenie Meyer deserves nothing but praise...and even if u did not like the last book, it was only herself that Stephenie needed to please so u should not be calling her a horrible writter...i think she is an AMAZING author!!! and these books will be ones that i reread over and over again because i LOVE all FOUR of them!!!!!!!!! :)

wow...some of these comments have really disappointed me!! i cannot believe that some people did not like "breaking dawn." I absolutely LOVED the book and everything that happened in it!!!! Bella and Edward were always meant for each other, and they deserved to have the happy ending that they got, and the belong together FOREVER!! For the Comment by B.F. if you didnt expect bella to change when she turned into a vampire what books have you been reading??? you know that all vampires are gorgeous and are pretty much the most graceful people in the world. OF COURSE THAT WAS GOING 2 CHANGE!! she was the same bella in all other ways!! anyway i absolutely LOVED ALL FOUR books!!!! and Stephenie Meyer wrote these books to please herself and no one else so stop calling her a horrible writter. She is one of the most gifted writers that i know of and i will continue to read and reread ALL FOUR books from the twilight series and anything else that goes along with the series (including going 2 see the movie on November 21st!!!)

I enjoyed BD very much and I'm not sure what some people are really complaining about. I'm sure that everyone expected a happy ending for Bella & Edward. Even the Jacob lovers must've known she would end up w/ Edward. She'd already made her choice between them in "Eclipse". We knew that they were likely to get married, consummate their relationship, and that Bella would become a vampire. Most people might have also guessed that Bella would get pregnant somehow and that Jacob would finally imprint. That's what most readers wanted, and that's what we got. I don't understand why some people feel that Edward was acting out of character in the book. Perhaps it's because Bella was seeing him through new eyes, and because of Renesmee, he was no longer the center of her universe. Edward behaved the way he always has, he would've done anything to save his wife or to make her happy. The comments about hints of pedophilia are really disturbing. Jacob did not have those kinds of feelings for Renesmee. This was explained in the other books and made very clear in BD. At this point, he sees Renesmee as a little sister. He loves her and wants to keep her safe and happy. He only wants what's best for her, and she's just a child! Not to mention, Bella & Edward would never let him near their daughter if he was some sicko...I thought BD was a very satisfying conclusion to the series, and I liked the fact that their confrontation w/ the Volturi was a battle of the minds rather than a violent one. I also thought that the new characters Renesmee, Garrett, Kate, and the other vampires were wonderful.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the first THREE books, but Breaking Dawn? It was terrible.

Reason #1: The characters weren't themselves. Edward wasn't his usual charming, passionate self. He was so distant. Bella? She was all wrong. In the first book she just about passes out, because someone pricked their finger. Yet, she's drinking blood with no problem? That's not right. Charlie isn't himself, either. Jacob transforms into a wolf right in front of his eyes and his daughter has 'changed' and he just agrees to go with the flow? I don't think so. There were barely any emotions between Ed and Bella after the wedding scene. AND you see Edward so weak, while Bella is pregnant...that's not like Edward. Plus, asking Jacob to offer to impregnate Bella was so..beyond out of character.

Reason #2: Bella gets pregnant. That's impossible. Meyer repeatedly said that all fluids in a vampire's body are replaced with venom. This contradicts over half of the story right there. Nessie shouldn't exist. Which wasn't a great twist to begin with...and Jacob imprinting on her...say no more.

Reason #3: Talk about sugar coating it. What was Meyer's thinking? It wasn't a good ending. I don't have a problem with happy endings, but this one was an epic failure. Everything just ended happily ever after...no trial and error. Meyer was trying too hard to make everyone happy, and she shouldn't have done that. Plus, I really doubt the Volturi would have left so peacefully....

It just wasn't good, and if you thought it was... you weren't expecting much. I understand that the book isn't suppose to be 'realistic' but Breaking Dawn wasn't even true to the other three books.

Stephenie Meyer got it wrong, and I think that she should have stopped at Eclipse if she was going to end the series like this.

I really wished she was playing a joke on us all with BD, and that she's secretly off writing the REAL ending to the Twilight series.

I am more than disappointed.

OF COURSE the characters all changed since twilght! it wouldn´t be such a great story if they all stayed like they were in twilght! Breaking Dawn was maybe not what all of us expected but i still liked it very much!! and if you don´t like the end it´s not stephenie´s fault! but i´m really disappointed that she stopped writing midnight sun! she promised that it´s her next project and the she don´t write it because somebody published it without her permission?!? yeah of course it´s upsetting, but i REALLY wanted to have this book! and after reading the first 12 chapters on her website i want it only more, because it´s so great!
but we still have the movie=) my first thought when i heard that there will be a movie was OH NO! because in the most cases the movie is not as good as the book but then i saw the trailers and now i really want to see them!

Absolutely not! And its not only because I really didn't liked the book ( I still couldn't finished it) but because I love movies, good movies. Breaking down would be a crap, that kind of movie with a ridiculous argument, that even good performances and a good direction wouldn't save.
How could someone enjoy see a monster spaw baby eating her mother ribs and breaking her inside? Not even for a terror movie this would work out, it would be one of that bad terror movies that people wouldn't know if there's to laugh or to be scared. And the rest isn't better, passing through a ridiculous weeding, the most boring sex scene ever, a character who were in love with bella imprint with her daughter and other bizarre scenes. This is just too sick for me. Like I said, I love good movies and this would not be one of them.

Breaking Dawn was an amazing book. Stephenie Meyer couldn't have done a better job. Not only did she do what I expected of her, The marriage, Bella's vampirism. All of that was expected, but she went above and way beyond with this. Imprininting, Immortal Children, Voultri, Oh my! That book is exceptional, and anyone who dissaproved is surely a "Team Jacob" fan. CAN'T WAIT FOR MIDNIGHT SUN!

Personally, I felt flat out JIPPED the first time I read the book and I thought it was just because I was used to the Audio books rather then the book itself (Heh, I don't own the books. Only the audio...) but, now I see I was just the same as half the twilight world. I went to a midnight release with 3 other friends and they loved it all the way through, but I find that I read more in debth and I didn't like it.

Then, i read it anothr 3 times and It got better and better. You've just gotta give it a chance. It's like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; You either hate it or love it.. but it's nothing in between (Mind you, I hated HP 7 at first as well.. then I read it again. lol)

Try reading the book again. It's not quite so bad.

pff... i think you can wait VERY long for midnight sun=(((((((((

I don't get it. How did people want it to end? Did they want Bella to end up with Jacob, although, the Twilight saga is really a VAMPIRE story? I think Breaking Dawn was the PERFECT ending. I mean, they wouldn't have been anywhere close to normal if Bella & Edward didn't have a kid, and didn't Edward want Bella to go through all the human and normal life experiences (although, her experience of having a child was a little worse than most humans)?? I just don't get it. I hate it when people think they could have written a better story. YEAH RIGHT! It is very hard to make it as an author, especially one like Stephenie Meyer, who is world-known.

OH! And the whole "Meyer saying that vampires couldn't have kids" thing. Meyer had the ending of the story in her mind from the very beginning. THEREFORE, a vampire could impregnate a human. She only said an actual vampire couldn't become pregnant. She in no way contradicted herself since she knew what she was going to write from the beginning. People who say that humans couldn't become pregnant with a vampire's child piss me off. They aren't the author. They didn't know where the story was going to go. Twilight is really Stephenie Meyer's world. What she says there is the truth.

So yeah, Breaking Dawn was the perfect ending, and I loved it. Oh, and I love Renesmee.

omg stop whining Bella was always thinking on new moon how Edward was her prince and she was the princes i love the book i am so happy that they got their happly ever after even though i have to admit that i want to know what is going to happen to Reneesme and Jake

Oh, please people. What's all the fuss about? A LOT more people liked this book than they disliked it. I mean, seriously. I think the book was amazing, and when I hear people say that they disliked the perfect, happy ending with Edward and Bella( just as we wanted it!) I wonder if they even liked Twilight? I mean, Isn't that a crappy movie ending that too, then? If you think about it, If Breaking Dawn is bad in your eyes, then Twilight must be. And if you didn't like Twilight, why the hell are you posting your negative opinions here. Is that what Stephenie needs? Is that what anyone needs? MORE NEGATIVITY? I think people who are like that, are just totally negative people, and are now sulking that for once a book has a happy ending, and not making the world be more miserably than it is. Would you rather had Edward die, Jacob never found love, and Bella be stuck human single? Yes. I will see the movie, not only because I loved BD, but also because this is Twilight. It's not BD yet, so all the haters have no excuse to NOT see it. And also, I mean, who doesn't wanna see a bunch of hot vampires on screen?

I personally LOVED breaking dawn, but obviously there are a lot of people that didn't. I do think that at times the plot line got a little ridiculous with the whole getting pregnant and jacob imprinting on the baby, but i think that Stephenie was able to make it work with her style of writing. I mean, I've read fanfictions before where this kind of thing happens. The big difference is that the author was able to have this make SENSE. At some times, it WAS confusing, but I really think it ended well. I LOVED the way it ended. Maybe that's just because I love a happy ending, but I am happy with the book.

People can be so fickle when something doesn't go exactly the way they want. I know very few people who wanted the series to end with Eclipse, she gave fans what they wanted (another book) and now those same fans are about to tar and feather her. Sure, there were some things about Breaking Dawn I wasn’t crazy about. I thought it was ridiculous that Edward would give Bella a red Ferrari. He knows that something like that would be the last thing she would want to drive. The Edward was all have grown to know and love would have had her truck fixed up for her. However I loved that at the end Edward could finally peak into her mind and see how she really felt about him. That was one of the best ways the book could have ended!

There was no way to please everyone with this book, just like there was no way to please everyone with Harry Potter. However I think it is going way too far to say that Stephenie needs to be kept at arms length from all future movies and that the books should only be a reference. THE MOVIES ARE BASED ON THE BOOKS!!!!! If the Twilight movie comes out and it has nothing to do with what happens in the books people will be furious! She put in the effort to ensure we weren’t given a movie that would disappoint us. Does anyone else remember what happened when Christopher Paolini wasn’t given any say on the Eragon movie? It was terrible and made a sequel impossible. The first idea for the movie was to make Bella into a track star. A TRACK STAR!!! She can’t even play badminton. But Stephenie stepped in to make sure Bella stayed Bella and Edward stayed Edward and I’m grateful to her for that. I Pray she does the same for any future movies so that we can go and get lost in the story for two hours.

She created this series that we love and doesn’t deserve to be treated so poorly just because the book wasn’t exactly what you wanted it to be. And she definitely doesn’t deserve to be forbidden from the sets of the movies which are based on her books. She could very easily refuse to sell the rights and then we would have no movies to see at all. Cut the woman some slack, she is one of the few authors who really cares about her fans and goes out of her way to do things to make them happy (like trying to end the series in a way that would give everyone what they want)

I really liked Breaking Dawn. I loved how it ended the way no one would ever expect. I am however, upset with the way other fans have been taking the book. It was Stephenie Meyers world and she was kind enough to let us in on it. She had her vision of how it was going to be and we, as fans, really have no right to bash her book because we didn't like how it turned out. If anything we should be thanking her for writing this series.

I always knew that the books would have a happy ending and that is what happened. It all worked out fine.

I am really disappointed that Meyer has put Midnight Sun on hold. I read the exerpt and loved it. It was so much more informative than Twilight. I hate that she is punishing her fans for a bad deed someone else did. I do not think that is fair to the fans that made her book a number 1 seller. It is like punishing everybody for the act of one person. I think it is childish, although I do understand how upset she must be, I would be too, but I would not punish my fans for it. We didn't do it! So be a trooper Mrs. Meyers and go forward regardless, you owe it to your fans. I would like to see all 4 books written in Edwards perspective. It is so much more interesting. I think he was too cold in BD. And what happen to the big event of the first night on the honeymoon with Bella still human, I mean really, she built most of the book around him being afraid he would hurt her and the big wait until they were married, and then she dopped it like a hot potato. There didn't have to be any explicit sex, just the feelings would have worked. You know, like was Bella afraid, how did he control his urge to hurt her? Something! Not just one line saying he tore the bed up. Really. I mean she spent the the last book building up to this. I personally did not care for BD. I like to have never got though it, grant it Bella was different after she changed but Edward was practically nonexsistant. Maybe if she would have added more of Edwards feelings about it all instead of all of Bella's. I think BD would have been a good place for that. I have no problem with the way the book ended, it was just poorly written. And a real disappointment after the first 3 books.

tbh, I thought Breaking Dawn was horrible, straight out of the fanfics that those who've been around for a bit would roll our eyes at and keep scrolling for the good stuff.

The whole problem is that Smeyer was just stubborn and didn't let go of an ending and plot that no longer worked. She created new characters and plotlines in NM and E, that weren't there when it was just T and FD. What I find is even more funny, is that even the publishers didn't agree with two books (added NM and E) and thought it should end with E, only to end up saying that they thought the idea of BD was bad. Smeyer obviously threw some kind of tantrum.

About the movie: Yes, I will be seeing it. I believe that it will be hilarious, and who would pass up on getting new joke material?

"a female protagonist forced into marriage at age 18, who then gets pregnant and throws away all her dreams of college and a future"

When did she EVER dream of collge?? It was ALWAYS a plan B!

The book did have it's disappointments, but nothing major. I do wish that Edward had not been so meek towards the end. But the rest was great. If your ask me, people in this world are too obsessed with sad endings and can't handle when everything is GOOD!

As for whether or not people will see the movie, Breaking Dawn has NO affect on the movie. It's still Twilight and that never changed. Twilight and the script were written before BD was out, so if people were going to see it before BD, they will still see it after BD


I thought that ALL the books were fantastic! She did a great job of wrapping up all the story lines. She also left it open for more if she chooses to. I was satisfied how the book ends so if she doesnt write anymore I will not be disappointed. Kudos to Stephenie for writing a truly wonderful BEST SELLER series that any young reader (any age for that matter!!!) will enjoy. My 17 year old son has actually enjoyed all the books too!

alright really,
breaking dawn was AMAZING
i dont understand why all of you are bashing it.
She gave it a great ending and everything.
It was a flat out perfect ending to the seires.

We just can't be satisfied can we. We all want these perfect fairy tale endings but when someone gives us one everyone flips out saying it was crap. I thought that even though it may have seemed..choppy at some points that it was an amazing book. It wasn't all perfect there was conflict and a lot of potential sacrifices in play. Just because they didn't have to sacrifice things doesn't mean it was all a smooth ride to the end. I don't like that in real life everything seems so messed up, let me have my happy ending and leaver Stephenie and this book alone.

I do like all her books and i really enjoyed breaking dawn! it´s an amazing book, just like the other ones and i can not understand the people, saying they don´t like it! of course everybody has a right on his/her own opinion but if you don´t like it you schould not blame stephenie or at least come with some constructive critism!

I thought every single one of Stephenie's books were amazing! Stephenie Meyer wrote these books for herself, we're lucky Twilight was published at all, so i don't think people should be mad or disappointed, she ended the book the way she wanted to. I personally loved Breaking Dawn, Edward and Bella finally can just be together, nothing else is bothering them anymore, and they have a kid! I thought the happy ending was great. I loved all the books, not one did i not like. i can only dream there will be more on the way, but i will be just as happy with the four Meyer has given all of us.

reviews for Breaking Dawn are not stopping me for seeing the movie, i liked the book, why should it stop me? seeing Twilight come to life will be the highlight of my year, and seeing the actor's interpretations of Bella and Edward, and the whole Cullen family will be fun to watch.

just lay off of Stephenie, they're her books, she can write them how ever she wants to.

I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I wasn't disappointed in the character perspectives, their own personal development, which is what drew me to the books to begin with. I felt that she did an interesting job in taking Jacob's perspective for the pregnancy and then switching to Bella's perspective for the burning. Very vivid and emotional I felt. The emotional pull between Edward and Bella was what had pulled me to the books to begin with and I felt she kept that going just fine. I wasn't surprised by the ending of the book, and I wonder how much of the "happily ever after" is really grounded in Stephanie's own personal outlook on life. Eternal love and eternal families are a huge part of the LDS perspective and I could feel that throughout the entire series. Overcoming ones "natural" nature and making better choices is also a continued theme that is very LDS. I would consider the backlash more a reflection, not on Stephanie's writing, but on people's perspectives on just how happy one is allowed to be.

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