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'Twilight': What does the 'Breaking Dawn' backlash bode for the movie?

Twilight1 The word is out on "Breaking Dawn," the final book in Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" saga. And it’s not all good.

Of the 1,237 reviews on Amazon.com this morning, 364 give it one star, and another 145 give it just two. That suggests about 42% of "Twilight's" audience was ultimately disappointed in the series ender, which gave Bella and Edward –- spoilers ahead –- their happy ending.

The majority of Amazon users labeled the following one-star critique from a reviewer named Eventide as "helpful." (It’s listed first on the book’s page):

I loved the first three books. I have always been a fan of Bella and Edward, but I liked how Meyer introduced the Jacob/Bella dynamic to show the complexity of relationships, and that love means SACRIFICE and making a CHOICE…Now I don’t know what message the author wanted to say or what she was thinking.

The second and third most "helpful" reviews also give the book one star. The latter, written by Sonja Scheffer "scrapprincess," went so far as to say:

It did not feel like Stephenie Meyer was writing the story…I honestly would have stopped reading this book except I was curious to see how much more bizarre it could get.

Here on the Los Angeles Times' Entertainment News & Buzz blog, where the comments are about 50-50 good and bad, Dawn wrote: "This was a horrible ending to a wonderful series. As I do every Monday, I took the garbage out and returned my book!" Marrisa followed up: "It really was like a crappy movie ending."

How this fan backlash might affect the upcoming movie, due out Dec. 12, is anyone’s guess. The reception at last month's Comic-Con was insane, and “Breaking Dawn” sold a big 1.3 million copies on Saturday alone, according to USA Today. The first three books also have already sold 7.5 million copies in the United States alone.

But even "Twilight" devotees are taking issue. The predominant thinking seems to be that the love story triangle of Bella, Edward and Jacob is wrapped up too early, the succeeding plotline –- about the child of Edward and Bella -– isn’t satisfying, and everything is tied up a little too neatly. (Even Bella’s lonely father is paired with a lady friend in a throwaway line near the end). 

In one of the Twilight Lexicon discussions forums -- the biggest of the "Twilight" fan sites and one endorsed by Meyer herself -- more than a third of the comments are lukewarm. A fifth are flat-out negative. "I felt like I was reading a poorly written fan-fiction," commenter takemybreathaway wrote.

Another, identified as Raccontareunabellastoria was even more dramatically affected: "My world has imploded. I'm probably being dramatic, but really. I invested my heart and soul into these books. I feel tremendously betrayed."

Thoughts? Will you still see the movie? (For the record, I'm still going to see the movie.)

-- Denise Martin

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omg OMG OMG or OME as i should say
what are u guys complaining about ?! hands down that was the best book she has ever written! You guys are focusing too much on what you thought wa going to happen in you little dream worlds to take any notice of how great it is!
This book gives a Brilliant ending! and if you think the love and romance between Bella and Edward is gone than i have no idea what you were reading but it certainly wasnt bd.
what about all those times he looks at her and thiinks shes the most beautiful thing on the planet, and when she looks at him and is stunned to silence....sigh, thats real love right there ppl if you need any more evidence read the last two pages!
And this book had what most of the other books were mostly missing PASSION, If you have ever experienced love without passion than i feel sorry for you , and Bella and Edwards Passion is somthing to be envyed of anyone.
Yes this book is incredibly different from the otherones but thats because its set in the grownup world rather than the naieve teen world that the other books were ruled by .

And Renesme was the most beautiful thing in the world, she filled me with joy whenever she was on the page, do you realise that she provided the whole family a happy ending .
and the relationship between Jacob and her is not pedifile like in any way, she explained it perfectly that the imprint is not a sexual thing at all just an overwhelming need to make that imprinted person happy, indeed even if renesme fell in love with somone else he would let her go just so she would be happy.

the ending was perfectly climactic , not phisicaly like a big fight but mentaly and emotionaly, imagine if you had a perfect family a perfect life and all that was dear to you was about to be killed right before youe eyes! i think thats realy climactic!

i will definately see the movie and no matter what anyone else says Breaking Dawn is the best book i have ever read!

I loved the book. The ending could have been better, but I still loved it.
Even if i hated the book i would be at the release of the movie! =]

Well geez...I really loved it. I think people are just expecting the last book to be exactly like the first three and that's just not true. Bella is older and in a new phase of her life. She does't pine after Edward anymore and act "high school-ish". She is more grown up and has a new outlook on life. I'm crushed...I thought it was perfect.

that's what happens when people even write fan fiction in the first place- they expect too much out of an ending that is what is. stephenie is the only one who should have had her hands on these characters, their futures and their pasts- so no one has the right to judge the book.

(sorry. as a writer i DESPISE fan fiction! please, think of your own characters and plots... We all felt gipped by the Potter ending only because we set our expectations above what the real plan was. If you feel gipped now, boo hoo! Stephenie wrote TWILIGHT knowing this is how Bella's story would end.)

and if you don't see the movie because you know that bella will some day be a vampire mommy who loves having sex (as most married people ought to.) and choses the love of her life over her best friend who didn't hold her love the same way than you're going to miss a GREAT movie representation of a book that could have stood on its own anyway.

LMAO I wrote the same thing as Malomar :) you're funny.

Robert Pattinson has EVERYTHING to do with me seeing the film in December. Probably a good few times infact.

Can I join the bandwagon of people who thinks the producers have probably been too reverential of Meyer's book even for the first film. So I hope the flack from BD will indeed mean they'll feel braver about making changes that make the films more cinematic. A good example would be to focus on Edward when he's away from Bella and spend less time on the mundane scenes between Bella and Jacob. I agree about those endless motorbike fixing scenes in New Moon.

Meyer tried to bang the drum to say Jacob was as popular as Edward with readers which was clearly rubbish. Even the feedback from the Barnes and Noble events said fans of Edward's character outnumbered Jacob's hugely. Meyer just used this ploy as a crafty way of creating hysteria amongst fans of the books and as a general tool for creating publicity for the book. She should have gone into marketing. Thats clearly her forte.

Building up Jacob's character actually skewed the books so much that it destroyed what made Twilight so special. It was a huge mistake in not finishing at Eclipse as her editors wanted her too. I think her considerable ego needs deflating. Her editors seem to in awe of her to rein her in. Even to the extent of clearly not editing her work based on all the grammer and punctuation errors.

I'm glad in a way she's been found out with Breaking Dawn. Actually there were indications from New Moon onwards that she was no JK Rowling.

The Twilight films could be a huge franchise but I do think they need to keep Meyer at arms length and start stressing the films are only based on Meyer's outlines. A lot of readers will have been turned off by BD so the producers should keep fans on their toes by saying a lot of new scenes will be added to New Moon when its made.

Actually have you seen this humerous review of the book from Edward's perspective. Hilarious and better than the book.


I personally hated Breaking Dawn. I'm not sure if Meyer picked random fanfictions, pasted them together, wrote some of her own fanfiction crap and then submitted it. Where the publishers didn't care because they knew all of us were devoted and loyal Stephenie fans. She could have put three sentences and the rest blank pages and it would have still sold. I don't like being given crap from a series I've devoted my time and money on. So disappointing. Call me a b*tch but thats how it is.

Well i loved the book and I know for sure you will be seeing me at the theater...either way we have to support this movie! They put alot into it for it to be as close to the book so therefore we need to suport and not let Stephenie and the cast down!

People will go and see Twilight the movie as Pattinson is stunningly gorgeous and from the clips so far has created a memorable character. People are curious to see what he's done with the role. The producers shouldnt be lazy and just rely on readers of the books to ensure success. They need to draw in more customers than that.

The film franchise needs stands on its own two feet and advertise accordingly.

I'm only going to see the film so I can enjoy Rob Pattinson's performance and pretend I'm Bella.

For the record, and the defense of Stephenie, I LOVED Breaking Dawn! Not that I loved EVERYTHING about it... but guess what... I didn't love everything about New Moon either! Or Eclipse! I mean common guys! Calm down for a second! Think about it. The story isn't great because everything turned out the way YOU wanted it to. If it had turned out the way I wanted it to... well there probably wouldn't have been need for a series because B&E would have been together forever, happily from day one! No Edward leaving... no Jake being a teenage antagonistic boy (I actually do like Jake... just not in the NM, or Eclipse... ok, I like little kid jake from Twilight ::shurgs::) POINT is... Stephenie created all of this. Be thankful she let you know what happened. Everyone's happy... that's a good thing! Stop your complaining. And shame on whoever took their book back!

Wow. I'm surprised Breaking Dawn is affecting whether or not people choose to go see Twilight in theatres.

OF COURSE I am still going, and of course I would go see all the other movies, INCLUDING Breaking Dawn if they were picked up to be made into a movie. I will admitt Breaking Dawn wasn't my favorite of the saga but it's still a good book. It definetely threw me for a loop, but the more I let the book soak in, the more I like it. I have also heard re-reading the is key for those people who don't particulary like the book.

It was a terrible book but nothing will stop me from seeing Twilight in the cinemas. Why would I want to miss out on seeing the delectable and talented Rob Pattinson.

i happened to like Breaking Dawn. In the beggining it was kind of odd, but then it just got better, and all IMPORTANT questions were answered in the end, so im good. My opinion on why some people didnt like the book was because it wasnt what they EXPECTED. Im pretty sure everyone [including myself] expected something completely different, and were taken by suprise by how the story went. But just because you didnt like Breaking Dawn doesnt mean you shouldnt be less excited about the movie Twilight. Now thats just stupid. If Summit does decide to continue with making all the books into movies, see all of
them except the last. DUH! I am still really looking forward to the movie Twilight.

Personally, I loved the book! Not my favorite in the series because Twilight will always be my favorite. But I loved the wedding scene and the ending couldn't have been better. I love the last line in the book. Breaking Dawn was just FANTASTIC!

I'm more than halfway through and I don't like Breaking Dawn. It seemed like the pressure on Stephenie Meyer was too big and so she decided to give every fan exactly what they want, whether it is right to do that or not. The plot doesn't make any sense (sure, Edward is frozen at 17, without growing hair or nails but he can get a girl pregnant?), the characters are not themselves anymore and they change their minds every 5 seconds and so seems Stephenie. Like someone already said it's reading like a fan fiction rather than Stephenie. I'm also one of those people, who read the whole book just to see how much more bizarre this can get. As much as I dislike it, I know Stephenie just wanted to make everyone happy, so I still think she's great and we all had three good books, so we should be glad about that.

I don't think this is going to destroy the movie, though. I mean it's the Twilight movie, not the Breaking Dawn movie. I personally hope there will never be a Breaking Dawn movie. If Twilight is good, they should just make the other two and be glad if they turn out to be successes rather than shooting BD. That would be better for the fans, the actors and all other people involved. Then it's not only the Twilight storyline that will make the Twilight movie a success. As much as they always doubt it, the actor all have fans already and this fans would watch the movie anyway, just because of those actors in.

I will watch the movie because I like the actors and the whole Twilight saga execpt for BD. If Stephenie should ever read this, which I doubt: Please don't give the fans what they want in books ever again. The more we don't get what we want, which is a too easy and predictable happy ending, the more people will like it. Get the character's hearts broken now and again. Romeo and Juliet wouldn't be that much a perfect love story, if they would survive, marry and get vampire children ^^

ok for all those people who saying it's filled with pedophilia, get a grip. its clearly stated that all jacob feels for nessie is like love between a brother and a sister. he has absolutley no romantic feelings for her whatsoever as of now. and he's not thinking of how he wants to have sex with her one day, if he did im pretty sure edward wouldnt let him anyway near her. and the anti-feminism is wrong too. bella never really wanted to go to college. edward was the one who wanted her to go. and also, edward never forced her to marry him at 18. he said they had to be married before he changed her. which he wanted to be in a few years anyway, so the choice of getting married at 18 was technically bella's. and one more thing, where the hell is racism in the book?

I am so disappointed in the book. I will still see the movie because I feel it is the only hope at this point. Breaking Dawn took these characters that millions love and obsess over and just destroyed them. It really was like reading bad fan fic. I feel betrayed by Stephenie Meyer and I will never read the book again.

I just want to say I can't believe how many people are down on this last book in the Twilight Saga. So many people wanted Bella and Edward married, Bella and Edward to have a 'honeymoon' with all that that implies, more people wanted to see Bella as a vampire, they wanted to see Bella get over Jacob and for Jacob to get over Bella......I'd heard all of these wants and expectations for Breaking Dawn. Then the book is finally released, and wow! All of those things happen! Plus a twist! Expect the unexpected when dealing with mythical creatures, in my opinion. But, after getting what they wanted...now they say they wanted even MORE. Greedy much? Just because you don't understand how something happened, IE-the pregnancy, doesn't mean you should hate everything about it. It's a work of fiction...did it keep you interested in the story? Did you want to find out what happened in the end? Then, it served it's purpose...

Sorry...I get bent out of shape at people hating this book, when it was a great story and journey.

As for the article's question...I don't think BD will effect the movie Twilight negatively at all. If anything, people who hated the book would want to see the movie and get BD out of their minds...and people who loved BD are true fans who will support the Saga in any form.

(Oh, and one more thing...people are feeling betrayed by Stephenie Meyer? Seriously? Did she contact each and every one of you who feel betrayed and promise specifically you something that she failed to follow through with? I thought she said BD was the ending that SHE had always wanted......and that by publishing it, she was just being nice to share it with us.)

Ok, I'm done!

I feel like Breaking Dawn was suppost to be an episode of TWILIGHT ZONE not the last book in the Twilight Saga. It was very disappointing. The first three books I have read over and over. Breaking Dawn I will not.

didn't these readers know they were reading fan fiction as they read this trash?

seems like some of the readers grew brains!

I really liked the book. And even if I didn't, I don't think it would tarnish my views on Twilight. So I will of course still be going to see Twilight, and I think that people who won't, just because they didn't like Breaking Dawn are kind of idiots.

And although people may dislike the fact that everything was tied up so neatly, I think people would have been disappointed if people had of died...if Jacob had of been left broken hearted still. Bella had said before she wished he was part of her family. And I don't see why Charlie's not allowed happiness. What's that about?

I maintain that Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer and she can do with it what she likes.

Miss out on Rob Pattinson. No way! Cant wait to see him as Edward.

Meyer coudl have written garbage and it wouldnt spoil Twilight for me. I would love to have seen Rob's face when he read BD though and when he heard Edward's kid was named after the Loch Ness Monster.

okay, it bothered me a bit that the volturi didnt do anything. i was expecting the HUGE fight scene. but i guess not. i was a little weirded out that the book got a maternal twist to it, when before it was more of a "young love" type of book. BUT, there was stuff i LOVED. i loved how after everything that happened to bella, Edward was still her main priority [:

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