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Where 'Step Brothers' got its wacky T's


For costume designer Susan Matheson, finding inspiration for the vintage T-shirts Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly wear throughout "Step Brothers" wasn't hard; the challenge was picking the right ones. "We wanted to distinguish their characters as being 40 years old stuck in childhood without making them look insane." Luckily, she had a wide selection to choose from -- the South African-born Matheson has long harbored an obsession with Americana, collecting enough vintage T-shirts over the years to fill a 400-square-foot private storage space. For many of her selections, it was a matter of digging into the archives and hand-making several copies. To find the 15 T-shirts seen throughout the movie, she started out with somewhere between 100 and 200 T-shirts and whittled it down from there. One personal favorite -- Reilly's black T with Converse sneakers hanging around the neck -- was not a favorite of the filmmakers. "The director thought it was too childish. Everyone thought it was hideous. But I was like a tenacious dog with a bone with that T-shirt." It was debated for months. Finally, she won. "From the screenings I've gone to, people tell me that's the T-shirt they want."

--Patrick Kevin Day

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where can i find his shirt?

i saw one on ebay, but its not the same

I'm trying to find this shirt for my boyfriend can someone please tell me where I can get it?

im looking for the same t shirt with the chuck taylors around the neck! if anyone knows where to find the exact t shirt PLEASE email me asap!

Has anyone found where to buy that sneaker tshirt? I as well wanted to get it for my boyfriend..email with any suggestions pleaseee

where can i find the trainers shirt? anyone find out?

Can some 1 please please tell me where to buy this t shirt! my bf is goin crazy for it wanna surprise him

My bf is crazy about this shirt also, did anyone find out where to buy it? thanx

has anybody found the tshirt with the chuck taylors around the neck?

omg! i would do anything for this shirt pllz email me if u find out where to get one

Make this shirt already. Please.

i want any of these shirts please send me a link where they can be found

where can I find the converse tee? I want to send it to my boyfriend in iraq..

Has anyone found this t-shirt????? email me if you found it pleaseeeee!

Where can I get the black converse tee shirt? I looked all over the internet.

dang no one has founf it yet plz email me i want it :'/

i found it a a Target store

Can someone please tell me where to get the converse tee? My boyfriend would love it!

did anyone find any of the shirts...i no i cant find the converse one anywhere how about anyothers?

Where can I get "the judds" t-shirt

If anyone has the answer as to where to find the sneaker shirt...I found one but it doesn't have the laces....PLEASE get back to me

i have the mountain dew one will ferrell wears its up for grabs

Where can I get the black converse tee shirt that Dale is wearing? I looked all over the internet. I someone has any idea where to fing this shirt please drop my an email.

Hey There, This is Ben Cator Ownr of Plenty Soul Apparel. We were so inspired by the tee that we made our own, if anybody is interested in checking it out or purchasing one, let me know by e-mail, it gotten more positive feedback that even the original, Thanks.

Plenty Soul.

Susan did some of her vintage t-shirt shopping for this film with us!


Ben Cator, whats your email?

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