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'Spider-Man 4' aiming for May 2011 release


Peter Parker is swinging back into the muliplex—but not for a while.

Spider-Man” producer Laura Ziskin said the fourth installment in the web-slinging superhero series is tentatively scheduled to arrive in May 2011.

In remarks Thursday to theater owners from California and Nevada, Ziskin said there was no finished screenplay, but that she and Sony Pictures were hopeful “Spider-Man 4” could be ready in three years’ time.

The first three movies comprise one of the most successful franchises in modern Hollywood history, grossing a combined $2.5 billion worldwide. Neither star Tobey Maguire nor director Sam Raimi is yet committed to work on the next installment. But Sony has paid Marvel to renew its rights.

Before  she tackles the next “Spider-Man,” Ziskin is producing a one-hour fundraiser for cancer research that will be shown commercial-free on ABC, NBC and CBS on Sept. 5.

Ziskin, a cancer survivor, showed the several hundred exhibitors a new theatrical public service announcement directed by David Fincher (“Fight Club”) that promotes Ziskin’s cancer cause, Stand Up to Cancer.

--John Horn

Image: Courtesy Columbia Pictures

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I'm looking forward to Spider-man 4... I wonder what'd be the story.

I guess this is a winning concept, but you just have to wonder how many variations of this they can make money on. I don't know. But I'm sure it will sell tickets.

This is great news!

this is great news!

How come we all have to wait that long for Spiderman 4.... I love Tobey!!!!
Spiderman is one of the best movie ever..
I want Spiderman Earlier.... not till 2011
What about if I die and never got to see the movie...
They better start on it soon, and I'll expect to see it no later than 2010 Summer time.. Not 2011...

Wouldn't this put it in direct competition with Captain America? If not it would be wedged between Cap and the Avengers...somehow I don't think Marvel would want anying to detract from The Avengers movie. I think this will get pushed back if not altogether shelved which would likely be better after SM3!

i can't wait to watch spider man 4. I guess his next enemy is the lizard doctor :D

Spiderman is my favorite movie.. it is really great....i like this movie bcoz it is a movie includes action, comedy, romantic, thrillar. .....and everything.....Sstar Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst is really director Sam Raimi is really very good for the spiderman movie...so plz bring them for next movie...i love them all..............................

spiderman 4 is one of my favorite movies. i mean 2011 is kind of pushing the series. the people want spiderman 4. we need to see what happen to spiderman. and if it does come out in 2011 i hope it is good. and hopefully venom will return, carnage will be born, and dr. connors finally transforms into the lizard


i love the franchise and i really hope they dont kill it with lizard and carnage or black cat cuz they killed venom really bad in 3. but 2011 is too long wat happened to may 2010

2011??! What a joke. That is waaaay too long to wait for a sequel. From 2002 to 2004 they dramatically improved the franchise between Spider-man and Spider-man 2. The second was near perfect.

Then it took 3 years between 2004 to 2007 to give us an average (at best) Spider-man 3. They took a mighty leap backwards if you ask me. It just wasn't very good.

Now you want fans to wait 4 years?? How much would anyone want to wager 2007 to 2011 will bring nothing but a stinker when it finally gets released.

please o please let the next villians turn out to be lizard and carnage along with blackcat. i sincerly hope that they do the maximun carnage storyline with lizard as carnage's cohort and spidey teaming with blackcat and take them both on. please.

i just hope that tobey maguire comes back to play spider man 4 and all the other spider mans to come and not hire some random actor to play it. NO ONE CAN PLAY THE WEBHEAD BETTER THEN TOBIAS VINCENT MAGUIRE AND THATS A FACT.

I agree..I wish that Tobey Maguire reprise his role..Seriously, you cant blame the actors for the failure of SM3..They got a new writer, now they need a new director..Sam Raimi could be the producer..BTW, Captain America will be release in 2011 so I say that the perfect time to release the movie is in 2010..

Toby Maguire is truly THE BEST PERSON to play the webhead, PERIOD!!!!!! If they use Carnage and Lizard for the villains, Spider-Man 4 will be QUITE the adventure!!!!! It's about time they had Spider-Man battling BRUTAL, INSANE KILLING MACHINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will make this film UTTERLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, it's really nice they're bringing Black Cat in. She is HHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! This is gonna be the best combination of elements of any Spidey film so far!! Spidey RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello I’m Adnan Ronie I’m a great spidy-lover & Spiderman is my favorite movie. Spiderman 1, 2, & 3 were really one of the greatest movies. I like it because it is Action, Romantic, Thriller, Comedy and Sci-Fi. I’d very much like to see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in next Spider-Man movie as he is perfect for this and proved so in first 3 films. I don’t want replacement of Tobey Maguire and also Kirsten Dunst for Mary Jane Watson. Has everybody forgotten James Franco as Harry Osborn? I thanked him very much for acting in Spiderman movies. He was really perfect in supporting role as he did. He may not come in next Spiderman movies because it showed that he (Harry Osborn) died in Spiderman 3 movies. We will miss him. I think it will be good if Venom come back again in Spiderman 5 or 6, not in Spiderman 4. I’m saying that for a gap after Spiderman 3. As because Venom has came in Spiderman 3, he should come back in 5th or 6th installment rather than 4th film, so that everyone can say that “Venom is back!”. Another thing, in Spiderman 3 Venom has been showed in a very short time that is when Eddie Brock is converted into Venom and the duration of Venom is too short. So I wanted to see only Venom as only one villain and want to see him for full time duration in next Spiderman. I hope it will be great. I expecting to come more Spiderman movies come next times and it will be best film and place in top position in Hollywood. I want Tobey, Kirsten, Raimi, and others to come back to make it a worth movies. So, Please bring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, director Sam Raimi and all characters who acted in previous Spiderman movies. I’m waiting for next Spiderman movies...

Just please whatever PLEASE keep his mask on when he is SpiderMan and DON'T take it off 13 million times and don't have the villain beat it off of him at the end!! WE KNOW WHAT TOBEY MAGUIRE LOOKS LIKE!!!

Spider man 3 was garbage ... sorry guys the guy who played venom was WEAK ,, freaking George Foreman ???? ROFL .. i couldn't believe it .. if you remember in the comic book Venom , or eddy brock was a blonde haired , buff photographer .... man that really pissed me off......

BUT YES I WANT CARNAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think carrot top should play him ... hahah, just kidding.. maybe Jim carey ?? ummm who else..........

please put spiderman4 earlier we cant wait till 2011 imagine all the fans that are going to have to wait that long there all probably dissapointed i cant wait to see how great the movie is going to be spiderman rocks! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone nearly hated spiderman 3 or where at least dissapointed. Heres why. Venom. They put him into a allready two hour and a half film. It ruined it because there wasnt enough character development for him and no one cared what happend to him. If they put carnage in its gonna be the same. No one wants a repeat of spidy 3. So heres what i say. Kraven and lizard ad blackcat. It makes the most sense and anyone whose a comic book fan can see this. Now i love carnage and he is actually my second favourite villain. no lie. But i want the movie to work and putting him in it might stuff it up. So lets all pray they dont stuff it up again or i might loose faith in spiderman 5 and 6.

i AGREE SM4 shouldn't take 4 YEARS it took 3 years FOR SM3 AND IT wasn't THAT GOOD and really foreman what the heck was he doing as venom really he had TO WEAR A BODY SUIT TO LOOK EVEN a little like venom it was dumb the need a funny skinny guy to play carnage not venom AND foreman wasn't even that funny i ALSO want to see black CAT IN SM4 she IS hot AND dr. lizard needs to show up in SM4 and agree about the venom situation bring him back in 5 or 6 not 4 leave 4 up to carnage there's not room for two of them plus you guys need time TO find a new venom i think the most reasonable date for SM4 is some time early 2010 they need to find some one really hot to play black CAT maybe jessica alba or guys help me out who else do you think can pull off the gray hair as for carnage find some one funny BUT some one who CAN play A great psycho PATH

wow i hope spiderman 4 wont take that long :| but im sure it would be a great movie since no other actor is gonna play spider man but TOBEY MAGUIRE!

When i was searching in the computer on spider man 4 they said carnage is ganna come out on the movie but carnage looks stronger than venom and scary. i want that movie to come out on 2009 not on 2011!!!!!!!!

i think if they are taking that long to make it,then when it comes out it better bethe best spidey film yet and there better be alot of fighting scenes

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