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'Speed Racer': PETA alleges chimpanzee abuse on set

May 15, 2008 |  4:18 pm

PETA Germany is up in arms today, over the alleged mistreatment of a chimpanzee on the set of the Warner Bros. film, "Speed Racer."  According to a report from PETA, a representative for the American Humane Association (AHA) witnessed the abuse firsthand. The AHA states that a chimp bit one of the actors, leading animal trainer Greg Lille to, "in an uncontrolled impulse, hit" one of the other chimpanzees. German PETA is filing charges against the trainer.

"No matter where great apes and other animals are used as 'actors,'  you'll find abuse," said PETA Director Debbie Leahy.  "We're urging anyone involved in any facet of film production to contact PETA immediately if they witness or suspect animal abuse."

-- Stephanie Lysaght