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Hey, Dodgers, I've got your bobblehead

December 18, 2011 | 12:42 pm

Now that the Clippers have Chris Paul and have discovered the great wonder of running full-page ads in The Times that actually feature their own players, I am so thrilled to learn the Dodgers are stepping into this great advertising void.

The Dodgers are just as likely to run an ad trying to lure you back to Dodger Stadium with the likes of Matt Kemp as they are of Sandy Koufax. Of course, it’s been 46 seasons since Koufax actually pitched at Dodger Stadium, but I applaud the idea.

Koufax is the centerpiece of their "Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead Series," and on Thursday they announced six more dolls in the giveaway program. Included is the Mike Scioscia bobblehead on June 12 when the Dodgers host Scioscia and the Angels.

If you don’t want to come watch our mediocre team play, come for the bobblehead featuring a manager or player from the other team! It’s pure marketing genius.

The Dodgers still have to announce three more bobbleheads, which means three more opportunities to pick up memorabilia featuring someone from the opposing team.

Two are scheduled for games against the Diamondbacks, and tell me that doesn’t scream out for a Kirk Gibson model. Hit his head and it looks like he’s limping around the bases.

There’s also a June 28 date against the Mets. [Corrected: No current ex-Dodgers, but new manager Terry Collins was a former minor-league manager in the Dodgers' system.]

That still leaves an extra date against the Diamondbacks, who are otherwise devoid of ex-Dodgers, but then they did just win the National League West. Only check out who’s their president and CEO -- former Dodgers VP of communications Derrick Hall, the one executive who saw what was coming when the McCourts purchased the team and exited the organization of his own volition. They’d have to figure out a way to rig the bobblehead so you tap it and he shakes his head "no" to the McCourts.

The one bobblehead fans would love but that’s not coming is of Vin Scully, who has nixed the idea. If they still want to add media greats they could always do a Jim Murray model. Or maybe T.J. Simers, taking a bite out of some over-important player’s, uh, ego. Or if they really want to fill up the ravine, a smug Steve Dilbeck bobblehead. I have a very large family.

The 10 bobblehead games are offered in their own ticket package. Just check out our latest Sandy Koufax ad. I’m telling you, marketing genius. This is only the most money Koufax has made for the Dodgers since 1966.


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-- Steve Dilbeck