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So, the former CEO of the Dodgers walks into a bar ...

October 17, 2011 |  2:29 pm


Ho, ho, ho. I can’t stop laughing. So hard to type with the tears in my eyes.

Jamie McCourt said she settled her divorce from Frank McCourt and relinquished her claim to half the team because it was in the best interest of the Dodgers.

Oh, stop it, you’re killing me. Ha, ha, ha. No, really, my side is in serious pain.

We’ve known Jamie to be a lot of things around here — self-proclaimed face of the team, famous backyard swimmer, UCLA visiting professor, future presidential candidate — but comedian breaks new ground.

Guess Jamie was channeling her inner Daniel Tosh with her announcement Monday she had finally reached a divorce agreement with Frank in "the best interests of her family and the Dodgers' fans, players and organization."

Coming next: Jamie does stand-up!

Now it’s in the team’s best interest? After all those personal revelations about her and Frank have been dragged through the courts and media? After Major League Baseball came to seize the team? After the team floundered the past two seasons in fourth and third place? After attendance fell to an embarrassing level? After the McCourts became baseball’s prime examples of greed and mismanagement?

Now she’s going to reach an agreement for the good of the team and its fans?

That Jamie, such a kidder. This has always been primarily about two things — money and ego. The unhappy couple didn’t have enough of the former and couldn’t recognize they had way too much of the latter.

So, in the best interest of the team, we’re down one McCourt.


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— Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Frank and Jamie McCourt. Credit: Los Angeles Times