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A little Dodgers miracle: Ned Colletti still GM despite Frank McCourt's vote of confidence

July 14, 2011 |  5:10 am

And in today’s news upset, Ned Colletti remains general manager of the Dodgers. Hey, Mikee, get out the big type!

This is not news because Colletti has done a miserable job as the Dodgers general manager -- a discussion for another day -- but simply because earlier this week owner Frank McCourt gave him the dreaded vote of confidence.

Actually, McCourt didn’t utter a word about Colletti, but offered his support through his newest mouthpiece, Steve Sugerman.

This came, apparently, after the hot rumor of the day at the All-Star break in Phoenix was McCourt was about to can Colletti and promote one of his assistants, Logan White or DeJon Watson.

"Any rumors about Ned being replaced are inaccurate, false and utterly unfounded," said a statement issued by Sugerman. "He has Frank's support."

See, McCourt didn’t actually say it, but Sugerman. Just imagine how much better Colletti must have slept after that.

Origins of a rumor can be difficult to track down, particularly when it spreads like wildfire through a mass media gathering at the All-Star game. This one appeared multi-headed, which still leaves it at pure rumor.

Now, I don’t have to remind anyone McCourt has a healthy list of wacky things he’s done, but I tend to think this actually was rumor.

The All-Star break seems an odd time to determine your general manager is not up to snuff, particularly when you’ve left him semi-handcuffed by a shrinking payroll and taken the franchise into bankruptcy. Talk about your dream GM jobs.

Certainly, the Dodgers have been disappointing this season, but that’s largely disappointing because they are the Dodgers and not because anyone really looked at that roster in the spring and started visualizing a return to glory.

The only possible reason for axing Colletti now would be if McCourt figured he needed a scapegoat. And here’s a private word just for McCourt: At this point you’re light years beyond unearthing a scapegoat, although you do have to wonder what a spurned Vladimir Shpunt is capable of.

Still, nothing seems to portend Colletti’s time has come. Save for that vote of confidence, which is typically issued mere days or weeks before a manager or general manager is shown the door.

Pretty sure McCourt has enough going on in his life right now that he doesn’t need to shake things up further by canning his GM. Anyway, that’s the rumor.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Ned Colletti. Credit: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images