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What changes would you make if you owned the Dodgers?

June 6, 2011 | 10:50 am

Really, all this talk about someone buying the Dodgers and it seems a pretty basic question.

Everybody and his Aunt Grace seems to be lining up, waving their arms and proclaiming they’d be interested in buying "the team that is not for sale" if only, you know, they were actually for sale.

Now Orel Hershiser has joined Steve Garvey’s group, which puts them in the same company as Larry King, Joe Torre, Peter O’Malley, Dennis Gilbert, Magic Johnson, Ron Burkle, Mark Cuban, Lew Wolff, Alysa Milano, Alec Gores, Oscar De La Hoya (as soon as he finishes with that other thing), Tom Werner Mark Attanasio and -- the people’s favorite -- the Dilbeck Investment Group (keep donating those bicycles, these things do add up).

Some have denied interest, for whatever that’s worth, but the pool is amazing considering Fox couldn’t find anyone interested in purchasing the team back in 2003 except for a couple who owned a Boston parking lot.

Now all this moaning about the McCourt ownership, but what would your priorities be if you suddenly owned the Dodgers? What would be your first changes?

Commenter First Baseman listed his ideas -- emphasis on the farm system, $5 bleacher seats for Fridays, $5 parking -- when the Hershiser post went up.

So what would you realistically do? Besides bring back elderly ushers in straw hats.

What differences would be important to you? Let’s hear it.

And all those other would-be owners should know ... I have an Aunt Grace.

-- Steve Dilbeck