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What changes would you make if you owned the Dodgers?

Really, all this talk about someone buying the Dodgers and it seems a pretty basic question.

Everybody and his Aunt Grace seems to be lining up, waving their arms and proclaiming they’d be interested in buying "the team that is not for sale" if only, you know, they were actually for sale.

Now Orel Hershiser has joined Steve Garvey’s group, which puts them in the same company as Larry King, Joe Torre, Peter O’Malley, Dennis Gilbert, Magic Johnson, Ron Burkle, Mark Cuban, Lew Wolff, Alysa Milano, Alec Gores, Oscar De La Hoya (as soon as he finishes with that other thing), Tom Werner Mark Attanasio and -- the people’s favorite -- the Dilbeck Investment Group (keep donating those bicycles, these things do add up).

Some have denied interest, for whatever that’s worth, but the pool is amazing considering Fox couldn’t find anyone interested in purchasing the team back in 2003 except for a couple who owned a Boston parking lot.

Now all this moaning about the McCourt ownership, but what would your priorities be if you suddenly owned the Dodgers? What would be your first changes?

Commenter First Baseman listed his ideas -- emphasis on the farm system, $5 bleacher seats for Fridays, $5 parking -- when the Hershiser post went up.

So what would you realistically do? Besides bring back elderly ushers in straw hats.

What differences would be important to you? Let’s hear it.

And all those other would-be owners should know ... I have an Aunt Grace.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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All music that is not played by Nancy Bea Hefley on her organ will be banned from the stadium. Period. No exceptions.

Fire Collins & Lyons

Build a stadium right outside San Quentin and move the team there.

That way most of their fans can attend the games.

I would lower parking prices, add a Dodgers fan fest at the beginning of the season or bring back the autograph sessions with current players/coaches before games.

I second Elliot's suggestion. Start with "Kickstart my heart" first and foremost. I like the Crue, but why nightly at Dodger Stadium, stressing "kicking ass" at a family venue?

Clean the bathrooms. The loge level facility I used last week smelled like a bus depot, and that was before the game even started.

The first steps a new owner should take are as follows:

1) Reduce parking fees at the stadium to 8$ which is still in line with most other cities and high enough to make a profit.

2) Lower all food and beverage prices by 1$
3) Make a deal to bring in a power hitting first or third baseman (all star caliber) and a top flight relief ace to close games. Let Furcal and Blake (too high priced for their value) go next year and bring in some young talented players to fill those roles. Ship Loney off to another team and add a starting pitcher in that deal.

The fans would return in groves if these things were done along with the assumption that security would still be priority #1.

Fire Ned Colletti

- Lower Parking Prices
- Reorganize the parking lot so everyone could get in and out faster.
- Add an escalator from top deck to lower deck inside the stadium
- Trade for or sign Prince Fielder
- Make more entrances into the ballpark so people can be searched more throughly for weapons without backing up the line into the stadium
- Add metal detectors.

Considering the fact that I am apparently speaking for Steve Soboroff these days, I'll have to give this a lot more thought before I get too deeply in, but I think the first thing I'd do tell the players they simply cannot be injured... period. I can't help but think if you stop the players from being injured, you have a fairly decent team. Either that or Matt Kemp will simply have to play more than one position. Obviously... it may require a little work with the league and players association to actually get these things done.... but I am willing to bet I have a better chance of accomplishing these things than $5.00 tickets in the gang sections on Friday nights.

1) Fire Ned Colletti and Bill Mueller (if he is still part of the front office).
2) Fire Stan Conte
3) Place a significant amount of dollars on international scouting and farm system overhaul and commitment
4) Complete a study on replacing Dodger Stadium with a 45,000 seat fan friendly ball park--folks it's the third oldest stadium in the majors and does not have the panache that Wrigley or Fenway has.
5) reach out the fans and do focus groups on what they want and see if some of it,within reason, can be accomplished.

Without putting too much thought into it, I'd love to revitalize the whole stadium/parking lot situation. I think the McCourt's plan to introduce shopping centers and restaurants, etc. was a great idea. There should be a sort of Grove atmosphere at Dodger stadium to bring in business for hours before and after games. A few mega parking structures should clear up some square footage. Of course, you couldn't destroy the "Think Blue" view from the stadium. Also, a nice grassy area would be great for kids to play catch. We should beef up the trams into the stadium from downtown and other areas. Security is an obvious issue that needs work. Since funding is always an issue, here's an off-the-wall idea: Any purchased unused tickets will be forfeited after the third inning (including season tickets) and be made available for half price to the general public. We need butts in seats. That'll increase stadium sales and get us closer in appearance to the "number of people in attendance". Who knows, maybe it'll improve the outlook of the players to see people in the stands. By the way, those forfeited tickets are non-refundable.

1. Hire Mike Scoscia as manager.

2. Build a new stadium in downtown L.A. next to Staples Center. Make it smaller than Dodger Stadium and raise ticket prices. Higher ticket prices will help keep out the "fans" who are there to get drunk, fight, and yell obscenities.

3. Fire Collins and Lyons. Bring back Ross Porter. Hire Eric Karros.

4. Lower food prices.

5. Expand the Dugout Club and make it cheaper.

6. Play more mid-week day games.

7. Fire Ned Colletti and bring in Kim Ng as GM.

8. As assistant GMs, hire the DodgerBlues guy and the DodgerGM guy.

9. No other music except organ music should be played.

So many things need attention, but I would do these right away:

1. More efficient concession handling - no need to stand in line for 2 innings for a hot dog!

2. Lower parking prices

3. Zero tolerance for abusive fans - get'em out the first time they get out of line!

4. Spend like a large market team, but more importantly, make free agents WANT to come to LA. It used to be that way!

5. Run the club responsibly! Keep your kids off the payroll unless they actually for for the club - duh!

OK, that's 5 - but they all apply. Can't wait for the next chapter to Dodger baseball to begin.

Lower parking to $8. Hire a major fast food industry consultant firm to evaluate and redesign the concession areas and service. There's no excuse for 20 booths selling the same items to do it so slowly. Hire Envirosell to evaluate the effectiveness of in stadium advertising, signage, seating and customer satisfaction. There are major flaws in service areas such as restrooms and the retail shops that Envirosell could easily evaluate and fix. Hire Logan White or Kim Ng as General Manager. Add full scale metal detectors to all entrances to fall in line with standard security procedures at major venues such as staples center and six flags. Install full scale video monitoring systems inside the stadium as well as in the parking lot. Demolish and rebuild the left and right field pavilion bleacher areas. Free shuttle service from LAX to the stadium for each home game.

First, I agree with Rob. Collins and Lyons have to be the worst "team" of any franchise.

With attendance so low, they need to reinvent the Marketing Department. The "social media" aspects are minimal, to say the least. They need to reconnect to the area and put people back into the the stadium.

They need to follow through with McCourt's promises of renovating all stadium areas...but start inside and work out. We don't need a fancy pavilion outside when inside drastically needs attention.

And, lastly, find a closer.

My list is pretty short:
1) Fire Colletti;
2) Pour money into international scouting and signing;
3) Spend on minor league development, including signing all draft picks;
4) Continue with the security visiablity;
5) a general lowering of ticket prices but keep parking at the same level:
6) Make it the organizational mission statement that winning on the field is the only goal.

1. Fire Colletti

2. Fire Colletti

3. Lower parkign to $8.00 and food prices anywhere (depending on the item) from $0.50-$1.50.

4. Sing kemp and Either to long term contracts.

5. Wait until Free Agent season and sign a 3B and a middle infielder, hopefully guys that can hiot and stay healthy.

6. Trade Uribe and Lill, even if you have ot eat some contract costs.

7. DO not trade any of the rookies.

Reinvest in player development and scouting, particularly in the international market but also here in SoCal. McCourt gutted this when he became owner. We need to go back to the Dodgers way of running a baseball organization and it all starts with scouting and fundamentals.

Also, close Vin Scully.

1) Raise payroll
2) Lobby the city to install a light rail to Dodger Stadium (The Vin Scully Line)
3) Fire Ned
4) Try to pry Mike Scioscia away from the Anaheim Angels
5) Kick McCourt in the nads

1) I would add WiFi to the stadium and have an integrated mobile device app that can show you re-plays as plays happen. Similar to MLB at Bat but specialized for Dodger Stadium.

2) Lower parking prices

3) Revamp the concession stands and build new bathrooms at all levels.

First would be to return to the original Dodgertown--Vero Beach for spring training.

Bring back "Dodger Baseball" as pronounced by Davey Lopes back in spring training:
-priority should be on the team, not luxury lifestyles of the "want to be rich and famous"
-focus on minor league/player draft and development
-lower prices across the board
review alcohol policy regardless of profit it brings to team/vendors
-better security
-target marketing to families/kids/build future fan base
-better TV deal than what Mcourt is attempting to do
-improve stadium grounds
Have a great day!

6) Lower the price of admission and beer
7) Update security system in the parking lot
8) Enforce a No Cholo Rule
9) Kick McCourt in the nads

Lower ticket/parking/concession prices, reduce the authoritarian police presence at each game, fire Ned Colleti, trade the overpaid and aging NOW! That means bye bye Furcal, Blake, Garland, Uribe, Guerrier...and trade the ineffective Loney already, I'd rather see what Jerry Sands can do.

"Some have denied interest, for whatever that’s worth, but the pool is amazing considering Fox couldn’t find anyone interested in purchasing the team back in 2003 except for a couple who owned a Boston parking lot."

Is this a facetious comment, Steve? I hope so, because if nothing else, all this interest now shows how full of --it Selig was by saying that somehow, back in 2003, this one couple from Boston just so happened to be the only couple interested in this marquis West-coast franchise. Did every rich person just suddenly discover the Dodgers in 7 or 8 years? Doubtful.

Most important - goal to win the World Series within 3 years and to develop a team to compete against the elite teams.

1. Hire new GM
2. Hire new Manager
3. Hire Steve Dilbeck as VP Media Relations & PR
4. Roll-back prices to pre-McCourt days
5. Increase Stadium security
6. Negotiate new TV & Radio contracts
7. Stress re-development of farm system.
8. Rehire Larry Bowa for a coaching position, if he's interested.

Develop some of the parking lot so that people come earlier and leave later because of the other attractions in the area. This will make traffic many times smoother.

Focus on the farm system, especially internationally.

Raise payroll immediately.

Renovate the loge, reserved, top deck, and put some real seats in the bleachers.

Fix the PA system. Install speakers throughout the stadium.

Lower ticket and seating prices and food and drink prices.

Install more concession stands so lines are shorter and more sales can be had.

Fix the parking lot lights.
Lower parking. Carpool $5 all other $10
Happy hour 5pm-6:45pm $2 dogs and $3 beers
Lower all prices on seats.
Fire Ned Colletti and Donnie baseball.
New hires GM Logan White, coach Wallach, pitching coach Greg Maddoxs, hitting coach Shawn Green, 3b coach ?


Make a capital investment in the parking lots. For after the games improve lighting, increase after game security presence, and keep parking lot attendants around to help move things along. Bring in a traffic engineer to redesign lots to make getting out easier. Less of a chance for people to get into trouble if they don't have to spend an hour in a parking lot after 4-3 loss to Arizona.

Start spending a little bit of money on the Reserved level concourses. try to make the rest of the stadium look like the new field level stuff.

Make it easier for people to move back and forth between levels. Is it just me or is Dodger stadium one of the few places left where you can't walk the whole stadium? That is the first thing I do at any new park I visit.

Work up some more fun in game promotions for fans to participate in. Make the game a fun event.

Lose Ned, see if we can hire Kim Ng back for the GM spot.

Less realistic:

Bring back the straw hats with white shirts and navy slacks.

More organ music

More dixieland jazz outside the stadium.

Issue BB guns to ushers to shoot beach balls.

1) Take Hershieser and Garvey up on it. Make them play. They're younger than Ted Lily anyway.
2) Kick McCourt in the Nads. Give the Dodgers to Peter O'Malley.
3) Have Vin Scully be the bench coach after the 4th inning.
4) Encase Lasorda in carbonite. Save him for when we're all old timers and we want to remember what the baseball was all about.
5) Make Loney take steroids until he can hit for power.

Hire my all-time favorite player Ron Cey as my advisor alongside Tommy Lasorda - who must be retained. Contract for life to Vin Scully, including his right to name his successor when and should he so choose.

Then three hires - 1) a trustworthy and reputable baseball man to run the baseball on the field side of the organization overseeing all from GM to front office to MLB roster to farm system; 2) a trustworthy and reputable business associate to oversee big picture of all finances and value of the club and all of its assets; 3) a trustworthy and reputable business associate to run the other franchise obligations, overseeing all from community involvement to PR to everything outside of on the field operations and finances.

None of these hires will be family members.

You get the right people from the top down, the rest - and that means winning World Series (plural) - will take care of itself.

You have to fire Colletti, because he makes terrible personnel decisions. They just don't work out.

You have to fire Stan Conte, because the players have been riddled with injuries since he came in.

You have to fire the batting coach, because the hitters have no idea what they're doing at the plate.

And you have to make the entire stadium a pleasant place to be.

Re-building the team would require too much space here so I wil focus on the "stadium experience." 1) Build bars/restaurants in and around Chavez Ravine (the time prior to and after the game should also be an experience). 2) REPLACE the 1970's era technology speakers that blare out the terrible music with state-of-the-art sound systems and more hip tunes selections. 3) Beer vendors that walk the stands (and God forbid) even pour your beer... (some of us can handle our alcohol...) 4) Install a grassy "hilly" area in center field (where the flag poles currently are), and place a replica Hollywood sign out there. Whenever the home team hits a HR, (which let's face it probably won't be too often, so it shouldn't cost that much to maintain) the Hollywood sign breaks apart as if there were an earthquake. Hell if NY can have that Big (dumb) Apple we are already known for our earthquakes... 5) REPLACE, BLOW-UP EVEN LEAVE AN EMPTY SPOT where that hideous right field, orange-colored scoreboard is (Sheesh!!). GRILLED Dodger Dogs for all!!...

bring back Russ Porter

Lotsa really good suggestions here, but in my mind, the first priority HAS to be the product on the field. If you field a winning team, the fans will show up. Otherwise, why own a professional sports franchise of any kind in the first place?

The only thing that matters is winning, so my first series of moves would be to that end.

* Fire Colletti and offer Kim Ng the job. If she declined, offer it to Logan White.
* Replace Donnie Baseball with Tim Wallach. Wallach would have had the job in the first place if the "Mattingly Clause" had never existed.
* With Wallach in the dugout, rehire Larry Bowa as 3rd base coach, if he'll come back.
* Ax Honeycutt and replace him with Orel Hershiser or Greg Maddux.
* Sign Kemp, Ethier and Kershaw and probably also Billingsley to long-term contracts.
* Find an actual closer.
* Unload Uribe, Lilly and most of the other washed-up, eternally banged-up vets for whatever I can get for them, including prospects to restock the farm system.
* Only organ music played by Nancy Bea would be allowed. And the volume would be low enough so that fans sitting next to each other can carry on a conversation without yelling.
* Apologize profusely to Ross Porter and then ask him to come back. I actually like Steve Lyons, but if I had Porter, I wouldn't need a second guy in the booth. Eric Collins is gone.
* Vin Scully would live forever.

I have enough here already, so I'm not gonna get in to the stuff I'd do to Dodger Stadium. Maybe some other time.

Tier the ticket pricing. Reduce costs for tickets and parking for non-premium games. No tolerance policy for profanity and unsportsmanlike behavior. Bring back family friendly activities like the weekly Sunday autograph days, Hollywood Stars Night (with actual stars people would want to see). I wouldn't necessarily refuse to trade younger players, but at least get a good return on them. Sign Ethier and Kemp to long term deals.

The first thing I'd do is make sure I can keep Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw, Billingsley and Loney. I'd have time to watch the younger players grow and then I'll always make sure I can keep the cream of the crop from them.
I'd make sure I wouldn't have our best players go at the trading deadline and try to sign them when they become free agents.
But before all this I would want to be very rich and try to put as much money as possible back into the team.
I'd do my best when it comes to seating prices and the parking fees.
I'd also like to see if I can get an Amtrak station next to the ballpark.

If I was lucky enough to buy and own the Dodgers, I would offer $5 bleacher seats for Friday games (Dodgers Blue night) and anyone who purchased season tickets, $5 parking. I would also allow the players to mingle with the fans before and after games to sign autographs. As an owner, I would personally greet and welcome the fans as they entered Dodgers Stadium for the games and sit in the stands with the fans, whether it was the upperdecks or behind the plate or the bleacher seats. I would hire a manager who had the same baseball philosphy as me (i.e. forget about hitting home runs if you are not a home run hitting team. But instead, bunt, hit and run, run and hit, steal bases, and execute the suicide squeeze). This was Dodgers baseball at one time, and I would rather win a 2-1 game than a 11-7 game. I would also move the Dodgers spring training facility back to Vera Beach, Florida and develope the players through the minors. I would also pay myself a small salary of $75,000 per year and reinvest the revenue back into the club. My committment for the team to bring the team up to the standards as the Yankees and Phillies. In other words, winning the World Series is the only thing and not just getting in the playoffs.


I would definitely renovate the stadium.

Replace Broxton and get a new closer.

Build a new parking garage relatively close so Frank looses more money.

Stop waiting for Furcal to get healthy.

Bring a slugging all-star infielder to the team. Either at first or third base.

Strengthen the bullpen.

Make employees that work the registers go through a training that makes them be more time efficient for fans, instead of having a fan miss three innings if they leave their seat to get food or drinks.

One final note: Los Angeles Dodgers baseball would be on the same line as the Los Angeles Lakers of the 1980s, SHOWTIME.

Lots of Ross Porter sentiments, and I agree. Remember when he said he'd never come back to Dodger Stadium as long as the current ownership was in place? If he were to come back, WIN - WIN.

West Coast Mets

The Giants already have a stadium near San Quinton.

Pursue Carlos Beltran (or some other veteran left fielder with an expiring contract that wont block Jerry Sands in 2012)

He's making 9 million from July-Oct. Rumor has it the Mets would pick up three million. That's six million for the rest of the year. He can be had for a prospect. Pick one. Anyone. (well not Sands, Gordon, De La Rosa, or Lee).
Sands can have the job back next year. Or he can fight it out with Loney for first. Carlos Beltran - 9/34/.284/.367/.522

Pursue a solid veteran arm for the bullpen. One that is battle tested. A trio of Guerrier, McDougal, and a solid veteran middle reliever puts us in pretty good shape. Again, trade a prospect. (well not Sands, Gordon, De La Rosa, or Lee)

David Wright and Jose Reyes are intriguing options.

Jose Reyes is not worth a seven year contract. But five years. Maybe. Build a package of prospects around Dee Gordon and Ivan DeJseus (maybe throw in Robinson). We wont need them with Reyes and Uribe on board. And its not as if DeJesus is the next Roberto Alomar. And the Mets have their future shortstop and our top prospect. Hopefully thats enough for the New Yorkers.

David Wright's contract expires after 2012 and has a $16 million option that can be bought out for $1 million. You can build a similar package around Gordon and Robinson.

Basically, we need to patch up our bullpen and a big stick behind Ethier and Kemp. Our starting piching is fine.

Oh and yes, re-deploy every available Southland Wal-Mart greeter to the Straw-Hat squad.

I would pay Clayton Kershaw more money!

Fire Ned and Stan Conte!!!
Fire Ned and Stan Conte again!!!
Replace Mattingly and Honeycutt!!!
Unload Loweeney!!
Stop the Dumpster Diving!! Quit signing washed up, over the hill players trying to catch lightning in a bottle.
Dump Uribe, Badajas, and Lilly for whatever you can get!!
Reduce Parking price to 8 or 10 bucks!!
Reduce ticket and concession prices by 10 to 20%!!


like some of these ideas. also hate some of these ideas.

1) A new will probably get a ton of people back to the stadium but i would still reduce the price of some seats.
2) 15 dollars for parking unless you car pool then its 10.
3) finish the field level renovations around the stadium
4) mccourts plan for the parking lot was a good idea too so i would try to finish that.
5) all day games would be half price food and drinks and select seats for the children.
6) eliminate the premium games and implement the dynamic pricing some teams have started using.
7) on the field i would keep logan white at all costs and start spending more in the international areas.
8) lock up kershaw kemp and ethier.

Dump Colletti and his ilk. Send Eric Collins back to Womans Softball.
His hyperbole will do the gals wonders.

Send Steve Lyons back to Fox where he can call Nascar...

Send Donnie Osmond back to NY!!

And get we can some bathrooms that resemble the 21st Century at Dodger Stadium. I don't think McDork has a pair so he has never had to drop trou in the ballpark.

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