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This time, it's the Scott Elbert as advertised


And now a quick moment to tip the cap to left-hander Scott Elbert (pictured above).

Elbert’s rise to the majors has been an unexpectedly rough ride. In parts of three previous seasons, the former No.1 draft pick had a 6.84 career earned-run average. He was so discouraged, or stressed, he left triple-A Albuquerque for personal reasons the last half of the 2010 season.

When called up last month -- ironically to replace Hong-Chih Kuo, who had gone on the disabled list with anxiety disorder -- he was hardly tearing up Albuquerque (5.02 ERA, 1.53 WHIP).

Yet Elbert, 25, clearly has been a different pitcher thus far with the Dodgers. In 10 appearances, he has yet to allow a run.

And it’s not like he’s facing banjo hitters. Saturday after the Dodgers had stunned the Reds by rallying to tie the game with five runs in the top of the eighth, he came on in the bottom of the inning and struck out Joey Votto, got Scott Rolen on a fly to center and Jay Bruce on a groundout.

Friday he also struck out Votto, the National League’s reigning MVP, and got Bruce, the N.L.’s current player of the month, to pop up.

His confidence has swelled. He prefers use in one-inning situations, and that’s the only way Don Mattingly has used him.

In his 6 1/3 innings, he has allowed three hits, three walks and struck out seven. It’s only 10 appearances -- but 10 extremely encouraging appearances. The kind that make a young pitcher finally stick.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

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Some of the young arms have offered a ray of hope that all is not lost for the future.
That is until Ned trades it away for Dotel or Pathednik.

Don't rub your eyes... it/he might be a mirage.

The mediocre lilly aside, aft the less than rousing success young dudger LH's recent memory (chih kuo's on again/off again health, variously), curious departure the 'better than the meager southpaw rest' eric stults, flameouts greg miller & chuck tiffany, young master elbert offers some semblance hope.

You can't always get what you want.... but if you try sometime.... you get what you need. Just give the guy a chance. He has certainly paid his dues.


If you're bashing Ned for some of his Free Agent signings, I'm with you. If you're bashing him for giving away "Prospects" in some of his mid-season deadline trades, I have one question to ask you:

"Whch prospect has Ned traded away that you think the Dodgers are regretting not having on their roster right now?"

- Casey Blake was acquired for Carlos Santana (owner of a .228 AVG with the Indians)
- Octovio Dotel was acquired for James McDonald (owner of a 3-3 W/L and 4.85 ERA with the Pirates) and the marijuana loving Andrew Lambo (.204 AVG in AAA)
- Scott Podsednik was acquired for Lucas May (owner of a .193 AVG in AAA who the Royals already gave up on since they traded him to the D-Backs earlier this year).
- George Sherrill was acquired for Josh Bell (who's in AAA with a .251 AVG)
- Ted Lilly was acquired for Blake Dewitt (big deal), Kyle Smit (owner of a 6.86 ERA in AA) and Brett Wallach (owner of a 4.96 ERA in high A).

If kuo can get right the Dodgers may have a chance to have a real mlb pen with to hard throwing lefties.

Yes Dud, and those illustrious pick-ups have really turned the tide haven't they? Get real. If you're serious that 18 innings of Dotel was worth McDonald and Lambo and that Santana (and I believe there was also a pitcher Ned included) for half a season of Blake, you must be Ned himself. Just because the prospects may or may not have panned out doesn't mean any of them were good trades. And where are the illustrious pick-ups we received? Three you mentioned aren't on the team. Blake is toast, but then, Ned couldn't help himself signing an over-the-hill 3Bman to a three year contract. And Lilly after leading us to the playoffs last year, oh that's right, he didn't, is at best a 4th starter and frankly, I'd rather have McDonald who at least still may project some upside. What's Lilly going to be next year and the year after? I'd pray on another team, but that's not likely seeing as how Ned's paying him $10+ mil each season. PUH-LEASE.

I beg Ned and Donnie to NOT RUSH guys back from the DL - namely Broxton, Furcal and Padilla. You can't rush Kuo even if you wanted to. I would plan on having them healthy and READY by the All-Star break, and not sooner. I know it kills Furcal to not play, but the man has a glass body. Plus if the Dodgers can fight back to .500 by then, it will be great to get three proven vets back on the squad for a second half playoff push.

pitchers, especially southpaws, often requite PATIENCE, & Elbert still a mere babe @ only 25.....some positive news from this season, at last?????

The Dodgers need to start designating on assignment some of these players who get hurt a lot. They need to somehow clear more roster room for minor leaguers to take over for these occupied roster spots.

At this point in time, I'd rather have pulled the trigger on the Blake deal since the Dodgers almost made the World Series in '08 and '09 and his bat was needed at the time.

Santana so far has been much more hype that actual results. The pitcher included in the Blake/Santana deal was Jonathan Meloan. Who has been such a disappointment that he's gone through three organizations since he was traded to the Indians (Rays, Pirates, Athletics) and is currently stinking it up in AA with the Athletics.

As for the Dotel deal, I believe it was a case of addition by subtraction since James McDonald and Andrew Lambo were both problem childs (McDonald had make up issues and Lambo has substance issues) and needed to move on.

At the end of the day, the Dodgers, while not having one of the league's best, still have a decent farm system loaded with pitchers in particular. Getting rid of McDonald isn't the end of the world.


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