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Rally falls short after Matt Kemp pinch-hit home run as Dodgers fall, 6-5, to Rockies


Outhit, outpitched, outfielded. Give the Dodgers this Friday night, at least they were consistent.

Things started going the wrong way even before first pitch, when the Dodgers scratched Matt Kemp -- the lone dangerous bat in their lineup -- from the starting lineup as a precautionary measure because of a tight left hamstring.

Without him, a weak Dodgers’ offense went completely limp.

The Dodgers had only three hits through eight innings and might have been shut out for the second time in three days, save for Kemp pinch hitting in the ninth, blasting another monstrous home run and igniting a belated five-run comeback.

As it was, the Dodgers’ rally fell a run shy, the Rockies holding on for a 6-5 victory that marked the Dodgers’ third consecutive defeat and fourth in five games.

Right-hander Chad Billingsley needed to be nearly perfect to compete against the Rockies’ Jhoulys Chacin, and he was a long way from that.

After holding the Rockies to a Troy Tulowitzki solo home run through four innings, Billingsley suffered a complete meltdown in the fifth. He surrendered five runs on seven singles a pair of Dodgers’ errors. The Dodgers entered the game having made the fewest errors (27) in the majors.

The Rockies batted around in the inning, chasing Billingsley (5-5), who gave up a career-high 13 hits in his 4 2/3 innings. He gave up all six runs.

In his last three starts, Billingsley has surrendered 32 hits in 17 2/3 innings. Otherwise, he’s been on top of his game.

Billingsley is now 1-5 with a 7.88 earned-run average in seven games at Coors Field.

Kemp had easily been the Dodgers’ hottest hitter, and was allowed to pinch hit in the ninth largely to keep alive his major-league high streak of having played in 269 consecutive games.

There was zero doubt about his latest home run. It landed beyond the left-field bleachers and onto the concourse. It was his seventh home run in his last 10 games.

Without Kemp through eight innings, the Dodgers hardly made a sound. They had only three hits, all singles. Two were by Dee Gordon and one by Trent Oeltjen, a pair who last week were playing for triple-A Albuquerque.

Chacin (7-4) threw eight scoreless innings, holding the Dodgers to the three hits while walking three and striking out nine.

But Kemp’s league-leading 19th home run must have inspired, or a least awakened, the Dodgers’ offense. For the only time all night, the Dodgers started spraying hits.

A James Loney single, an error and a Tony Gwynn Jr. double scored one. At which point the Rockies went to closer Houston Street.

Except Aaron Miles greeted him with a two-run single. Pinch-hitter Rod Barajas’ single scored Miles, and suddenly the Dodgers were within a run.

Street ended the rally by striking out Oeltjen for his 19th save.


Dodgers-Rockies box score

Ned Colletti not sure how to assess this team

Hong-Chih Kuo trying to get a grip on anxiety disorder

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly replaces starting pitcher Chad Billingsley, who last only 4 2/3 innings against the Rockies on Friday night in Colorado. Credit: Jack Dempsey / Associated Press

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can the blue take up a collection to bail out lenny dykstra ? can hit
now better than most doyers......he would be a free agent !!
Azul brings true meaning to the mendoza line

I can't believe Ned and Frank put together such a great team.

First the good news (let's call it a moment of silence)...

Thank you


OK, moving on (let's call it a dudger post mortem) -

* 7 games south of mediocrity now, 7 [ and counting] too astern the 1st place SF Giants, but, as ned says, hope springs eternal ("if we can just get everyone healthy...")

* The calm before the storm? dee gordon has now played 5 E6-less games at much for his documented errant ways. Too, this word to dee - do not hang with/emulate that teammate yours who never met a moment his where a chest thump didn't deserve a sky point; don't want you to become a prima donna too; keep your head on straight.

* Speaking of 'k'donna, another 'so what' home run tonight... and yet one more 'what the hey' assault upon the orbs good sportsmanship; if ever he does something memorable that truly allows for a lack of restraint other choreographed 'act' his ad nauseam, what'll he do for an encore?

65 down now and only 97 more of these object lessons to go in 2011...

a) Billingsley sucks b) FIRE NED NOW

What a season... I listened to the whole game while navigating the So Cal freeways home following a long week. Pulling up to my driveway with the Dodgers down 6 - Zip... I was able to hear Matt Kemp announced, thus keeping his streak alive. I am happy for him and the team. It is a nice accomplishment. Now, here I am at home after a three and one-half hour commute (don't ask... this is not an everyday drive) and I have to use the bathroom ala Steve Lyons rambling about Kemp.... And, yes I had a "tinkle" moment... A rather long moment... In fact I was spared the disappointment of hearing the Boys in Blue falling a buck short.... What a season....

Kemp for MVP...he's not white, so he gets no love from Dodger fans...a damn shame. I don't see Simers or Plachke writing any recent blogs praising Mat on his great year so far...

and how his Sands the "great white" hope doing? oh yeah, is in AA or AAA...LOL

how come there is absolutely no questioning of donnie letting oeltjen hit at that point in the game? i don't care how badly thames is doing, he's a better option than oeltjen in that situation. a decent fly ball and we're ahead. other than kemp, the only guy with legitimate power is thames. jeez, to come all the way back like that and then for donnie to have a brain fart and fail to pinch hit for oeltjen is just ridiculous. and putting carroll in to pinch-run? he's your only legitimate hitter outside of kemp and ethier and you put him in to pinch run? come on! frank....ned.....donnie.... the three stooges.


and poor.....we've covered this ground before....but this is some of who we are

go get 'em today boys

We may have fallen into a tie for last place, but not to worry. I will continue to troll Gnats blogs. They may be the defending World Champions and the Dodgers may be going on three decades without a pennant, but I will still troll. It's all I have left, people. Trolling forever!

I have never liked Billingsley as a pitcher. Since that good first-half start a few years ago, he has done virtually nothing except eat up some innings. He rarely pitches a good game; he only wins a few when he gets a lot of runs. Either his stuff is not nearly what it is touted to be, or he is a head case who doesn't know how to win. But of course the Dodgers had to sign him to a long-term contract, rather than trading him a couple of years ago for good value.

Most of us are hoping and hoping that McCourt is forced to sell the team very soon. But it is wishful thinking to believe that this suddenly would make the Dodgers a top franchise again. McCourt and the absolutely pathetic Colletti have filled this roster with retreads, over the hill players and a few not so promising young players. The only really good talents on this team are Kemp and Kershaw, and there's no guarantee at all that one or both won't leave for another more prestigious and better paying club. And any club with Billingsley as a #2 starter is not going to see the postseason for years.

We not only need McCourt to go immediately, we need a great baseball owner, one who will spend, knows front office talent, can hire a great GM and assistants. End up with someone like Steve Garvey or that guy who owns the Brewers, and we will be in the doldrums for decades perhaps.

Bilzzzzz is just such a TOTAL dooooooooooosh, & to think he's a former numero uno draft pick -- what a "waste"!!! (same as looonie-loney!!!!).....

& Bilz' "waist"-line too just more glaring, obvious evidence as to what a poorly conditioned team the duds are, & how their trainer remains employed is perhaps the greatest mystery of all????

(2 other "pitchers" (using that term loosely) presently on DL, too, are both FAR too phat, i.e., broX-the-TON & mr.-yips!!!!)

After sitting for 8 innings ,Kemp hits a home run to ignite a rally.Kemp has definitely reached a higher level this season.....Credit to the other Dodgers that kept fighting....It's too bad the positives fell a run short.....So,here's an okie doke,a finger snap , a high in the sky and a toodle loo for the young and seasoned Dodgers to follow.

Well. Matt Kemp has raised his game to a new level. I see another Mike Piazza moment coming. The Dodgers can't afford him, so lets trade him for prospects.
More than likely he is going to be a Red Sox next year or God forbid , A Yankee.

Matt Kemp.....triple crown & no MVP ? ....... handele` puess
the splendid splinter did it


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