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MLB statement on Dodgers-Fox TV deal

Bud Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig issued the following statement Monday regarding the Dodgers’ proposed media rights deal with Fox.

“Pursuant to my authority as commissioner, I have informed Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt today in a detailed letter that I cannot approve the club’s proposed transaction with Fox. This decision was reached after a full and careful consideration of the terms of the proposed transaction and the club’s current circumstances. It is my conclusion that this proposed transaction with Fox would not be in the best interests of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise, the game of baseball and the millions of loyal fans of this historic club.

“Mr. McCourt has been provided with an expansive analysis of my reasons for rejecting this proposed transaction. Critically, the transaction is structured to facilitate the further diversion of Dodgers assets for the personal needs of Mr. McCourt. Given the magnitude of the transaction, such a diversion of assets would have the effect of mortgaging the future of the franchise to the long-term detriment of the club and its fans.

“As I have said before, we owe it to the legion of loyal Dodger fans to ensure that this club is being operated properly now and will be guided appropriately in the future. This transaction would not accomplish these goals.”


Bud Selig rejects Dodgers TV contract, nullifying McCourt divorce deal

Frank and Jamie McCourt talk Dodgers future, divorce settlement

PHOTOS: The Dodgers and the McCourts

--Bill Shaikin

Photo: Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. Credit: Brendan McDermid / Reuters

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A win for the Los Angeles Dodger fans.


thank you very much Bud, this has to be one of your best decisions EVER. Now it's time to seize the team and sell it to a owner who wants to take the dodgers back to the glory days

Alright Bud! The McCrap's: hit the road sleazebags!

Thank you Bud!!! You are on the path to redemption after having approved his ownership in the first place. When is the boycott over???

Kudos to the Commish! It appears to me, that he is getting ready to wage an all out war on Mc Court. The first step is insuring that Mc Court cannot make payroll on June 30th, the next step would be to pull the franchise from Mc Court and begin the process of selling the team. I would imagine Mc Court will sue the Commish and MLB, but my question is, with what money?
Any ways, this is a good day to be a Dodger fan. (Wow, this is what we've been reduced too)

And so the soap opera continues. While Selig states his decision is in the best interests of the fans, it is at the same these same fans who will continue to suffer while the McCourts return to square one. We already have had a season which has seen the team fall to ten games under .500, a despicable beating on opening day, fires in the stadium, and steadily dropping attendance. How much longer will Selig allow this franchise to exist in a free-fall state?

You hear that McBroke!!! No more swindling Money from the Dodgers for your personal gain!!!

Finally! I just hope this leads to new ownership which it should.

Thank You Frankie me use that wonderful phase from football...............punt!!

Hallelujah! Selig for President!

Great Move, Mr. Commissioner! I am not a fan of your! However, as Dodger Fan and Native Angelino!, the McCourts treated the Dodgers like a personal piggy bank! Charging more for parking than general admission! Separating the team from Stadium property! Cutting stadium security and endangering fans! Buying personal property at expense of Team earning! Cutting support staff while, putting family on payroll for doing nothing! They were not interested in our Baseball team but only what it could bring them financially! They need to take their welfare check and move on! (out of LA!) They were a embarrassment to the Dodgers, baseball and themselves!

The terms of the divorce settlement being published last week was the last straw for Frank McCrook. The fans were startled that the majority of the up-front money was going towards the divorce, where McCrook had vowed in the past that the money ($385000000), would only go only towards the Dodgers. I am so glad to see that Bud Selig did not allow this happen. His disapproval of the Fox deal will now force the team to be sold and the assets be split between the McCrooks, as community property, to settle their divorce.

Back the moving van up to Frankie's office.... cause he is on the way out!

This is great! Dodger fans deserve this! This is a real nightmare and we deserve better!

I fully support the ruling by the commissioner.
If I was home and it was 5:00 PM, I would raise a beer.

Three cheers for Bud!!!

Go, Bud!!!

Go, Bud!!!

Go, Bud!!!

Go, Frank and Jamie - just go... away - and take Ned with you

(White to move): Knight to queen's bishop-7, knight takes queen. Mate in two.

This is a nice start, but just remember - it ain't over til the fat Uribe sings.

Another step in the right direction. When will the boycott be over? For me, the boycott will be over the second after the new owner signs on the dotted line. I probably won't wait for the ink to dry. Mark my words: The first game under new ownership will be sold out. There will be 56,000 Dodger fans celebrating the end of the McGarbage era.

This is FAR from over. Only until there's a NEW owner (not MLB ownership) and only until there's a NEW owner who owns the parking lot AND the stadium and all the other Dodgers related entities that McCourt divided up will there be some sort of closure. At the very least, however, the ball is now rolling, be it up or down the hill.

wow freaking awesome.
Scumbag McCrook is going down. No more ATM card at the teams expense.
Let this loser sue, he has no chance, he can fool no one anymore, except that ridiculous divorce judge who said the deal was in the Dodgers best interest.

Their is no one who is more deserving of a slam in the face than McCrook.
He foolishly and greedily mortgaged the future of the Dodgers and it's now over, no more pilaging and plundering Frank, game over.

What a collosal mistake by this moron to have a franchise that is a goldmine and to be so foolish as to squander it away.

I love it. This is one battle McCrook loses bigtime.


Bud, now that you've cleaned up the Dodger mess, head down to San Diego and find out why a team with a ton of owners couldn't pony up enough money to keep one of the best hitters in baseball. Is it because he went to a team that has more "historic" value than the Padres? I suppose it's for the best interest of baseball and the Padres!NOT!

tick tock tick tock

time's running out, McCheap. We get OUR team back soon!

To Paraphrase Dickens He was the best of owners ,he is the worst of owners!! In a way frankie is the worst owner(probably in the history of all sports) and the best owner the Dodgers have ever had, We know why he was and still is the WORST. The reason he might be the best is the new owner following him along with buddie will know,at least they should, that we can stay away from the ballpark!!The new owner will have to improve this team beyond recognition. So buddie your cheap little excercise FAILED!!! You are now going to have to INSTALL an owner who wants to win or WE WILL STAY AWAY FROM THE BALLPARK!!!!! NO MORE frankies AND NO MORE jameys. It no longer is a night out in L.A. just to go to the ballpark. WE WANT AND NEED A WINNER!!!!!!! ARE YOU LISTENING MR. COMMI$$IONER???? NO MORE CRONIES!!! Keep that Milwaukee Brewers exec and the Chicago White Sox exec back in the midwest. GIVE US SOMEONE LIKE CUBAN!!!!!!!

O.K. where do we go from hear?


"Critically, the transaction is structured to facilitate the further diversion of Dodgers assets for the personal needs of Mr. McCourt."

Good point. Good luck dealing with this fact Frankie.

labeldude scores again - that's a good one!

and sadly, true ... but we have better hope tonight than before, that is for sure.

You screwed this up, Bud, by giving this over-leveraged loser the franchise to begin with, so thanks for starting to right the wrong..

Hi Ho-Hi Ho-No more Dodger money to blow! Goodbye to Frank & Jamie-Hi Ho-Hi Ho-Hi Ho-Hi Ho!!!

I hope your reading these comments Frankie boy...YOU ARE NOT LIKED OR WELCOMED BY LOS ANGELES AND TRUE-BLUE LOS ANGELES DODGERS FANS!!....this goes for your whole family too!....Beat it you loser/s!

You're next Selig!...In no-way are you clear of your part in the failure that is my beloved team presently. You gave the "okay" for McCrooks to buy the team in the first the boycott for your removal begins!

In the mean time, my true Dodgers faithful this is but a small victory...nevertheless a victory! Get out them wine glasses.......

Nice work, Bud! Now continue those good decisions and let Mark Cuban bring the glory back to us!

That was a pretty awesome statement from Bud.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Frank to Bud - "see you in McCourt!"

Thank you, Mr. Commissioner. We now await MLB taking full control of the team. McCourt has demonstrated beyond any doubt that he is morally and financially incapable of being a scrupulous owner. It's probably better for any possible court case to wait until the end of the month, but his tenure cannot end soon enough.

Thanks again, Bud!

The Boycott will end when the When the Dodgers start cleaning house,and ridding themselves of the FOX/ McCourt, era trash! This was a class organization, which other franchises used to try to emulate.Ever since Fox ?McCourt,took the Dodgers over ,they've been trying to pattern the Dodgers to look like Florida Marlins, or the (GASP!) San Francisco Giants.
Nothing says we care about our fans like putting a quality product out on the field and WINNING! nothing says we don't give a crap about the team like spending money on little league ball parks and pretending to be pillars of the community and fielding a worthless team!

Folks, think about it. We have a chance to influence the selection of the next owner. And the person we promote to MLB should not be Mark Cuban.

The Cuban bandwagon will go nowhere. We should not want him in here. He is not local. He lacks, like McCourt, any institutional memory of the Dodgers. He is a wheeler-dealer. He could sell youth and quality for what he may think is higher quality which doesn't pan out. He takes risks. We don't want to pull out what's left of our hair when one of his big deals goes bad and we go backward for 2 years. We need high-quality thinking, the best in baseball, in the GM's chair, and for it to be left alone by the owner. Cuban is too much of a risky thing. We need stability and solid thinking along with the money. I get no sense Cuban gives that.

The influence we may have with MLB is wasted on Cuban. MLB does not want him. They will turn a deaf ear to LA fans if that's the guy most of us get behind. He is not our candidate. We need to promote a local guy with deep pockets and a committment to spend it on the players and organization F***k let shrivel up. MLB will accept a big spender who will bring the organization back from the toilet the McCourts shat in; they NEED that public goodwill. If there are rival groups who introduce themselves publicly as suitors for our affections, we need to forget Cuban and dissect those individuals until we are satisfied one of the groups will be best for the Dodgers and for us, and support them publicly and in letters and polite and smart phone calls to MLB. Just not touting Cuban. He's a non-starter in LA. Let's do this smart.

Thank you for your consideration.


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