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Just try and get along without me

July 1, 2011 |  6:21 am

Lm1kmfnc That’s right, I am so outta here. So out the door.

Even on an off day, there’s not much bad Dodgers news. Bounced checks to their security force and ushers. Major League Baseball being caught by surprise over the bankruptcy. The judge scheduling hearing dates that could push the proceedings into 2012.

It’s all enough to finally send a guy off -- to vacation.

Yep, the timing is not the best, coming in the middle of the season. But when you have three teenage boys, your only vacation option is the summer. And in truth, I’m running out of chances to take the family on vacation.

So see ya in -- ah, why spoil the surprise? Nah, I’ll return during the All-Star break, although much tanner. Think Greek God, only bronze.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers Blog will be ably manned by my Times compatriots. It’ll purr right along.

By the time I return, please have the entire Dodgers mess cleaned up.

As it is, the embarrassed Dodgers -- anyway, I hope they were embarrassed -- ultimately covered the bounced paychecks and any penalties. MLB thinks its current position is just fine. And all those hearing dates were mostly formality.

The Dodgers return home Monday on the Fourth of July to start a seven-game homestand prior to the All-Star break. A perfect time to set records for no-shows. Your empty seat is being heard.

Remember, you’re not boycotting the players, but owner Frank McCourt, whose ultimate legacy is now secured -- the man who took the Dodgers into bankruptcy.

My immediate legacy concerns rum-based fruity drinks, palm trees, Ray-Bans and several days without a keyboard.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: General view of "Think Blue" sign outside of Dodger Stadium. Credit: Kirby Lee / US Presswire