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It's unbelievable! The Dodgers continue to waste the talents of two of their finest hitters

Getprev Here’s what I don’t get: The Dodgers have a pair of sluggers batting .308 and .294 and play them once every five games.

This offensive juggernaut can afford to sit these guys?

You’d think Don Mattingly would have them batting fifth and sixth in the order, but no, for four consecutive games they ride the bench.

It’s time to stop wasting the extraordinary hitting talents of Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw.

There is no real explaining their sudden offensive prowess. Don Mattingly can’t, Billingsley and Kershaw can’t, and I sure can’t.

I can read a stat line, though I still have trouble taking in Kershaw’s numbers. His 10 hits lead the majors for a pitcher and match his previous three seasons combined. He entered the season a career .076 hitter.

Billingsley was better but only by comparison. He was a career .129 hitter.

"I’m just trying to keep up with Bills," Kershaw said.

Kershaw has three RBIs this season, also matching his previous career total. All 10 of his hits have been singles.

Billingsley has the edge in the power department with three doubles, giving him a .538 slugging percentage -- better than every single Dodger not named Matt Kemp.

Hey, Mattingly, take a tip. Walt Alston used to pinch hit Don Drysdale all the time. And we’ve all seen your bench.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly (8) congratulates starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw (22) on his complete game victory against the Detroit Tigers at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Gary A. Vasquez / US Presswire

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Nice Idea Steve....perhaps I can bat Kersh and Bills 3-4 in the lineup when they aren't know, save some money there........

I'm also thinking about installing pay-toilets only in the know, generate some quick revenue.......maybe I can implement an "Escalator Tax" also for those not wanting to use the stairs............

Can't wait to start talking about baseball (such as this) again, instead of all the ownership crap.

Yes, Kershaw and Bills are trying to out-do each other with the bat and doing it quite well - love it.

2 consecutive shutouts now, great job guys.

If only Billingsly didn't have to pitch....

I guess this is what happens in the majors when you have not been scouted yet. Would teams waste scouts to pick up on the hitting habits of pitchers? Have these two guys become problematic enough for other teams? What if they pinch hit, then would it be enough of an issue?


But really, the burning question be: will slappy 'e' hit more home runs in 2011 than DD did in 1965 ?

Drysdale had not one but two seasons wherein he hit 'more' hrs than the dudgers (by designation only) #3 hitter, slappy has... 1965 in fact, the Dandy Don hit 7 hrs in only 130 at bats, and batted .300 for the season (this compared slap 'e's but 6 in 2011 already in 262 at bats... heh heh-larious!)

Don Newcombe too once had a greater hr season than the dudgers $9.5 mill fingerman in RF 2011.

Actually, at this point I'd rather see Tony Cloninger at the plate hitting than he who blows in RF... TC hit two home runs in a single game back in 1966 - BOTH of them GRAND-SLAMS!

When is the last time the great overhype & MVP/Triple Crown favorite the dudgers did that?


I nominate either kershaw or billingsley be elevated to starting RF'r for your as my lost angeles dudgers!

These are the things I hope will happen when the Dodgers are finally put up for sale. The new owner fires Don Mattingly and Ned Colletti. Tim Wallach should be made the new Manager. The change would show the players, and the fans, that the new ownership want a fresh beginning. With a new owner who cares about the team and the fans, he can go all out to try to sign Albert Pujols. Imagine him, and Matt Kemp batting together. Instead of Dodger money going for seven mansions (for the current owner), the new owner can use money for top free agents.

Really? Maybe Donnie should switch Kemp and Andre. Why not have Kemp get up in the first inning and thereby get a few more at bats over the course of the season. This team needs a shake up badly - but not Uribe batting second ?!?

"go all out to try to sign Albert Pujols. Imagine him, and Matt Kemp batting together."

- the chest thumping & sky pointing would be deafening...

in response to post on previous thread.

once again 16blows' lips are moving but the only thing coming out is hot air and nonsense.

"ClaYt'inconsistent' kershaw" & "he's no Ace now, or ever"...really? - 7-3, 3.01 era, 2 complete game shutouts, and leading the NL in strikeouts.....if thats inconsistant I and every team in the majors will take it. this was ck's 101st major league appearance. on his 100th appearance vin scully pointed out that since ck's 1st start in the majors he has the 2nd lowest batting avg. against and was 4th in strikeouts in the entire major leagues since that point. if 16blows is right i cant wait to see a what a consistent ck can do.

"My Dodgers are still dudgers" im sorry 16blows but they are not your dodgers anymore. no matter how long u have watched the dodgers of old you are not a true dodger fan anymore(especially if ur claiming the giants now like u have conveniently done for ur arguments). to boycott the dodgers because of mccourt is more than acceptable. to point out that this team isnt the quality that u want or are used to is also fine(though at some point it becomes beating a dead horse and that point was a long time ago for you). if u have watched and rooted for the dodgers as long as you claim you have definitely earned the right to do both. that being said.....goodbye! if ur going to switch allegiances to the giants the 1st time they win...good riddance! u stuck with the dodgers when we won and now that we've had some problems(90+% owner related) u jump ship(and to the giants of all teams)? good bye and good luck with the giants. if u need help getting rid of any dodger gear let me know. i've got a couple #'s u could call so u can donate it to some kids that still enjoy being a dodger fan.

Parting (World Championship, cough cough) be nee was such 'sweet' sorrow!

: )

Donnie B doth not have the imagination, let alone the cojones, to even bat Kersh or Bills 8th, let alone higher, where they should be, when they pitch.

Baseball is so stodgy, and Mattingly Exhibit A, Tony La Russa bats a pitcher 8th and the apocalypse is announced by all the old fart poohbahs.

If Mr Baseball had an ounce of guts in him, he'd bat Bills 5th and Kersh at least 7th. It would draw attention to the Dodgers' offensive plight, encouraging and embarrassing Ned to go to Schieffer with a plan for an up-grade. Which is to say, someone with an UPside to him. Not the usual pugs. Without trading away ANYone of value. We have too few of them to just switch one for another.

Mattingly would look imaginative. Outside the box. Willing to embarrass his GM (that's an easy one to risk, Ned is finished as soon as New Owner holds his first press conference) to win games without Marcus and Tony striking out instead. He'd look like, if he only had a good roster to work with, he might get that team to perform, and stick around himself longer than he's going to otherwise.

But there's no chance of that, whew. No imagination, nothing outside the box, and no cojones.

As for adding a new bat, not Pujols'. Please. Deep pocketed new owner can't start by pulling a Steinbrenner and bring in every expensive member of the over the hill gang to gradually, progressively, stink up the plate. No. Thank you. Leave Pujols to the Cubs.

@16blows - if only that ring got in the way of you posting. it would help u appear less foolish. then u'd be on to something.

P.S. admitting you're a frontrunner fan and then bragging about a championship just doesnt work like u might think. wow. so silly.

I love it when they beg... and they do it so well/so often!

: )


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