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Frustration level swells as losses mount for Dodgers

Rod Barajas Heads down, team lifeless, looking defeated. A beaten dog of a team.

The signs are all there, and Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly can see them as clearly as anyone.

Which is why after the Dodgers suffered a fifth consecutive loss Saturday, he held a quick team meeting.

He could sense their frustration in every movement, or non-movement.

"That’s for sure, but you know what? We don’t have time to be frustrated,’’ Mattingly said. "I don’t mean to dismiss this game, but we don’t have time to be frustrated. We have to be ready to play" on Sunday.

"I just want to make sure that we get that message," he said, "that we can’t back off now. We can’t back down and start the woe-is-me or anything else right now. It’s time to buckle up, get ready to play.

"We can’t afford to come out here say, 'Oh it’s a day game, we’ve lost five in a row.' It’s not a good start to our homestand, that’s for sure. But there ain’t nothing we can do about it now, the first five. We have to be ready to go."

Matt Kemp, about the only Dodger having an all-star-caliber season, admitted the frustration level was rising with the mounting losses and affecting team play.

"There have probably been guys who haven’t played the way they want to play," Kemp said. "We all felt frustrated and down a little bit.’’

Saturday’s 7-0 loss to the lowly Houston Astros left the Dodgers 10 games under .500 for the first time all season.

"I don’t know what to say. We just have to keep fighting,’’ Mattingly said. "There’s going to be another game [Sunday] at 1 o’clock. We have to turn that page and be ready to play.

"We’re at that stage, we can’t feel sorry for ourselves. It would be easy to, you can make a lot of excuses. But we just can’t do that right now.’’

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers catcher Rod Barajas reacts after suffering a sprained right ankle in the 5th inning against the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium, June 18, 2011. Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea / US Presswire

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Dodger frustration is turning to desperation. Can't fire the team. Fire the manager. Nothing to lose.

And the Giants dynasty continues.

Just remember McCrap, the head of this rotting, stinking, embarrassment of an organization/team, when he said even if the Dodgers weren't in financial chaos, he'd have the same players/coaches, "This is a very, very good team."

can anyone see the bottom yet?!

To paraphrase what Trautman says to Rambo in First Blood: "It's over, Donnie."

When a team is playing very poorly consistently as the Dodgers are,
it's not unusual for the manger to be canned.
Time for a scapegoat?

I dont understand why Fox is so in love with McCheap.If he stays as owner he will not go after big name free agents and that is the only way he will get fans to start watching and going to games again.I would think Fox would want someone that is willing to spend money.It will be a big mistake if McCourt stays as owner.

It's gonna keep getting crappier and crappier until we are finally rid of McCourt, Colletti and Mattingly, then this roster of losers is addressed somehow.

This franchise needs to be shaken up from top to bottom, but this never-ending morass that the team is perpetually stuck in is just ridiculous.

There are NO excuses for a team filled with D and C grade talent when you need solid B and A grade talent.


"And the Giants dynasty continues.

Posted by: First Baseman | 06/19/2011 at 09:58 AM"

So hows Buster doing? Still crying about getting hurt while playing CATCHER? Still trying to change the rules because he is a weak @## vato?

I hate to say this but I'm beyond caring about the day to day games anymore. Once the ownership is settled I will know whether to care or not. If frank gets the Dodgers then I'm gone....When hopefully MLB grabs it... I'll have my baseball summer back. 34 years as a fan and I've never felt like this....

"We can’t back down and start the woe-is-me or anything else right now."

- 'right now' infers there will be time enough to come (maybe starting next week when Bud caves & genuflects to Frank & Fox?)


"It’s time to buckle up, get ready to play."

- mr. baseball has been reading from the book of Gump again, appears... game 72 would be past time. What's next, a passage from 'Gipp' Reagan: "c'mon - let's win just one for the 'Skipper'!"


"I don’t know what to say."

- lemme help... spring training when the dudgers weren't hitting, like now:

Q: 'Mr. baseball, are you worried?'

A: "Not really. Not at all, actually. It just doesn't matter."


"We just have to keep fighting,’’ Mattingly said."

- this is as close to an admission as you'll get (translation: we just ain't got the horses.)

Today's another day, another ball game, forget the past. In fact it's time for the Dodgers to enjoy themselves and each individual player should try to perform well on his own and forget about winning and getting to .500 or the postseasons. Let those other teams worry about those things and all we have to do is loosen up and enjoy the games. So the best we can do is be spoilers. I think this is the best way for things to turn around and if they don't they don't.


I agree, the only problem is that the last two days the thing the Dodgers have spoiled is the Astros chance of having the worst record in baseball.

Ah, Mattingly is a rah-rah type eh... A never-give-up modern incarnation of Tommy Lasorda but without the potty mouth. Good grief...

Face it, this team is going nowhere for 2011, and if McScum is allowed to keep it, it'll go nowhere for.......ever?? Remember, McScum did say that he likes this team the way it is.

Time to put the dead wood on the waiver wire, call up the kids, send Mattingly home and just let 'em play. They couldn't do any worse.

I would still like to know what McLoser has done with all the profits from 7 years of 3 million plus attendance of high priced tickets ,the sponsers, 20$ parking ,12 $ beers ,7$ hot dogs and it goes on and on.This is what MLB and all of us XDodger fans want to know. PS Frank if your able to get that FOX contract and keep the team get used to 10,000 to 20,000 confused fans to come to your games for a long ,long time

I think Tim wallach would be an awesome manager

Can't be the same donnie who all season has had no sense of urgency, not when we didn't hit in spring training, not when we didn't play well in April, not when ... oh, you get the picture.

Took a 72-game train wreck with accompanying DL listings - but he's finally getting the idea.

Of course, train's wheels were wobbly at the get-go (he didn't see it) and he never had enough to clear the slightest adversity hurdle (thanks frank and flanders). But he wanted the job, he's supposed to develop the chicken salad from chicken x&*%.

Start of the day, only team with a worse June than the Dodgers (5-11) was the Marlins (1-17) - and their manager resigned.

P.S. Contract-boy Kemp ought to know something about guys playing like "they want to play." Eh, eh, yeah, we remember your 2010. Too bad the rest of the team this year doesn't have the Rihanna excuse built in. Just as I said in March, I hope we get proper trade value for Kemp come July 31.

The Dodgers do all the right things a losing team needs to do to be a losing team.

Mattingly isn't THE scapegoat, he's one of the goats. For him to see this collection of swiss cheese bats in action, night after night, and still think he can will them to getting back to .500, then playing like he has never seen a team play, and win the division---with this bunch?? He is as delusional, and almost as bad at his job, as his owner.

Where's the inspiraton, Donnie? Arizona seems to see it goggle-eyed in Kirk Gibson. Mattingly just does not have what it takes---as a manager---as a rookie---never having undergone the minor league training required first. He never was a Kirk Gibson, who knows how to lead ragamuffins to championships. This record, 9 games under .500, is HIS, too.

Watch him start Navarro now, too often. And bench him immediately after he lucks into a multiple-hit game. He does the wrong thing very predictably.

For those that want to dump Mattingly, I just hope that the job you have provides you the tools needed to get the work done. How would you like all of your counterparts working with computers and your boss tells you he will supply all the paper and pencils you'll need.

This mess has nothing to do with Mattingly or any of the coaches. How much work is going to made Uribe a quality hitter or make Blake 30 again? Is any motivation going to make Barajas and Navarro solid frontline starters?

Come on people, direct your anger where it the suits in the organization.

* made = make

plenty has been shot at the suits, and deservedly so...they get the biggest and most shots in fact

but honest assessment? there's plenty of shameful blame to go around with this lot ... suits, coaches and players ... nobody gets a free pass on such a miserable showing ... once each is in place, they've got to perform.

win as a team, lose as a team ... there's a lot that adds up to both sides.

beat the tiggers (and how nice, we get to miss verlander!)


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