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Frank McCourt finds religion in his desperate bid for support

Mcourt There are those Henry David Thoreau folks who lead lives of quiet desperation, and then there is Frank McCourt.

McCourt is going down, but as is his way, not without a very nasty public fight. Desperate men will reach out anywhere and McCourt is flailing in all directions.

He is currently -- I promise you I’m not making this up -- trying to create an image that he is supported by the Los Angeles minorities.

That’s right, it’s Frank McCourt, man of the people, of all L.A. people. The white, opulent, rich guy from Boston.

Very curious since his price increases in tickets, concessions and parking have nearly wiped out the middle-class’ ability to even attend a Dodgers game, let alone the working class.

But last week came word that a group of 20 primarily black ministers from Los Angeles churches, mostly Baptist and Methodist, had come out in support of McCourt and wanted Commissioner Bud Selig to give him a second chance.

Wrote Gene Maddus of LA Weekly: "If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then religion is a close second. The much-loathed Dodger (co-?)owner, Frank McCourt, has already wrapped himself in the flag, trotting out "God Bless America" for the 7th inning stretch. That hasn't gotten people off his case, so now it's time to come to Jesus."

The 20 ministers wrote a June 3 letter to Selig, that among other out-of-touch comments, said:

"In our communities and churches we attempt to teach our thousands of congregants about fairness, dignity and equity. That is why we must speak up in support of Frank McCourt and the Los Angeles Dodgers."

Dignity and equity, regular McCourt staples. Not sure what’s been dignified about accusing your wife of adultery or equitable of battling to prevent her from receiving half the marital estate.

That’s not to mention pulling out over $100 million from the team to feed an extravagant lifestyle, not paying taxes on it, slashing team payroll, paying their kids for not working and leveraging the franchise over $500 million, to the point where he can’t make payroll without going even further into debt.

Help me ministers, what was it the Bible said about money being the root of all evil?

McCourt is not just reaching out to blacks but the Hispanic community as well. And why do I sense the hand of team public-affairs honcho Howard Sunkin all over this?

The William C. Velasquez Institute released a statement last week in support of McCourt that questioned Selig’s intentions and painted poor McCourt as a … victim.

"Rather than focus his attention on understanding why at least nine major league baseball teams have financial issues, it appears that Selig's very personal mission is the ousting of McCourt in a very public and insensitive manner," said Angela Sanbrano, president of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities. "Frankly, it seems that the recent financial issues with the Dodgers are more of Selig's making than Dodger owner McCourt.  Maybe its time that people begin to ask questions about Selig's motivations."

And here you thought McCourt had figured out it was unwise to attack Selig while he’s determining the future ownership of the Dodgers. Turns out, he’s being unfairly picked on!

If you’re as completely clueless about what has dragged the Dodgers into this financial abyss, it’s best to keep quiet about it and not expose your ignorance. Thinking baseball is not really their area of expertise.

Hard to believe these church leaders and minority organizations can be so out of touch with their own people. OK, no it’s not. McCourt has built 12 baseball fields in largely minority areas, which is commendable but hardly reason to be turned into a puppet.

McCourt’s self-created quagmire should not also smirch those who say they represent their communities. Stay tuned, though, there are still those who will claim to represent Asian, gay, short people, feminists, the elderly and Justin Bieber fans, yet to be heard from.

Desperation knows no limits.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: The Rev. John J. Hunter of First AME Church says Frank McCourt’s “inner circle” reached out to clergy. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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Absolutely amazing! McCourt is a real piece of work. He must have promised those religious leaders as well as that Hispanic organization a bunch of freebies. I see that he'll be able to make the June 15 payroll (while getting further and further in debt). I wonder how he'll manage to make the June 30th he also has to pay Manny $8.33 by June 30...part of the deferred money owed from that $42-million contract.

The Good Lord will forgive McCourt once he is removed from the premises.

McCourt-how low can you go? Going to the church? Seriously, how many of these ministers even attend Dodgers games or follow the team. If they did, they would know they would being sold a bag of crap. McCourt, please go away.

What a disgrace. I really, really can't wait until this nonsense ends.

Frank, you and your "management team" need to look in the mirror and see what we all see: desparate, misguided fools. No one is buying this stuff.

Just go away already

This chump has no shame, no scruples, no morals, no clue. When will this nightmare end??!?!

Not even Jesus can save Frank.

To be fair the, Times carried an acrticle in this weekend's business section claiming Selig was treating McCourt unfairly, especially compared to Fred Wilpon. While that article was flat wrong and ignored many of the distinctions between the Mets and Dodgers, an argument can be made if you isolate enough facts.

Well said Steve and here is what the LA Times said a few years ago about one of the churches leaders who now is supporting Frank McCourt...

LA Times – 11/30/08

The pastor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, one of the oldest and most prominent black congregations in Los Angeles, used church credit cards to pay for at least $122,000 in personal expenses over a three-year period, including jewelry, family vacations, clothing and auto supplies, according to documents and church sources.

The spending came to light during the course of an independent audit and Internal Revenue Service investigation into the financial affairs of the pastor, John J. Hunter; his wife, Denise Brown Hunter; and the church, according to people connected with the church, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared retaliation.

Dilbeck, the Scriptures also says money makes the world go round.

And what would you do if your wife was riding the chauffer?

Try reading the Bible before you make your readers think you know what you're talking about .

The ungodly duo of Frank McCourt and Rev. John J. Hunter. Two guys who like to use their organizations as personal ATMs. Hunter pulls away, however, with a lawsuit accusing him of sexual harasment.

McCourt is a big joke

What a mess of a man.


His justice cometh and that right soon...

What a joke!!! Talk about desperate!!! There's no telling how low this guy(McBroke) will go........ Hopefully this nightmare will end soon & the Dodgers will be taken over by a "FINANCIALLY QUALIFIED" individual!

I have it on good authority that 4 out of every 5 supreme dieties prefer Frank go to hell.

It is perfectly understandable that someone in the baseball business would invoke religion for help and/or guidance.

Right there in the first book of the bible, we learn that baseball has been around forever:

"In the big inning, ..."

Frank doesn't know Jesus!


"McCourt-how low can you go?"

- oh, that frank can limbo/go even lower than that... the icy waters the Atlantic not withstanding, if he were going down on the Titanic (dudgers) he would be one of those 'men' dressed up as a woman to save himself/grab a seat lifeboat.

Mr. McVictimized, being bullied and shamed by that mean old Mr. Selig.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap Mr. McVictimized!

And now we cast you out of California!



Damn McCourt to HELL!

As they say, "nobody finds Jesus on prom night"

The Bible actually says that its the 'love of money that is the root of evil'.
Either way, you can choose which is appropriate for Mr. Mc Court.

The only god that could save this reprehensible person is if the one they called "The Left hand of God"was 28,29 or 30, was still pitching and pitching for the Dodgers. If buddie falls for this crap and he might. Because with buddie it is always about one thing and one thing only, $$$$$$$$$$. mccourt and buddie are cut from the same cloth, $$$$$$$. If they can find a way to get the fans to come back, neither would care one iota about winning, just the bottom line$$$$$$, frankie please GO.

Throughout history...Religion has been and still is the crutch for the weak and the tools for which the elitists use for political gain. Frank is weak and he is trying to find any support he can so turning to the church is not a surprise. Most hypocrites ride behind the cape of the lord at their darkest hour when there is nothing left. I think it's time we write a letter to Selig and get Jesus to sign it...


Frankie is really desperate. Too bad for him he can't get letters of support from people who really matter, Dodger fans.

McDork has already sold his soul to the devil. Joe Hardy will be collecting any day now...And yes, Lola is Jamie McCrook. Yes, desperate men do desperate things so McDork is kneeling down to the local religious leaders for begging for their support. Expect a Bobble Head night in the future with the figurine of Saint Jude, the Saint of lost causes, as payback for the clergy's support....Collection baskets at Dodger Stadium can't be far behind!

I just do not understand how people are still going to the games at all, I know we have done a great job on the boycott, but damn I want it to drop even more. Come on LA wake up and quit paying this man money. All you are doing is prolonging the misery that is Frank McCourt!

This is another view of what sad shape the Dodgers are under the McCourts. I do not see anything he can do to repair his image.

I am a short people and we will never support him...

The massive ignorance of the situation from, no coincidence, these believers in the Ultimate Imaginary Friend, is exactly what McCourt needs: Blind faith, in him, from preachers who carry some public weight, tho unfortunately for him only on a p.r. level, and so will not help him meet his more supernatural need to create a miracle and get MLB to grant him his bad Fox deal.

Pray as hard as you like, Frank, you're only talking to yourself. It's inevitable, Frank, give up, and keep the money you've scraped together, you'll need it. Let MLB meet payroll and sell the team. As pennance for your crimes, you get to go to a service at each one of these churches and preach a sermon on vanity and greed, from first-hand knowledge.

Yet another reason Atheism makes sense.

as Karl MarX once so aptly stated, religion is an opiate for the masses.....
only fools, e.g., McCourt, embrace religion

It is time to turn up the heat Dodger fans. We need thousands of fans to stage rallies and protests outside stadium entrances. And shuttle bus departure locations prior to all Dodger games. We need to put pressure on fans still attending games or at least make them aware of the boycott. Better yet we need thousands of fans to lay down and block entrances. Or perhaps several vehicles all get flat tires on the entrance roads. Lets create such gridlock and delays that thousands of fans will think twice about attending another game. perhaps a few motorhomes break down while changing lanes blocking 3 or 4 lanes with 1 vehicle. We need to show all Dodger fans that this is serious and it matters. A mass boycott is something that could greatly influence Selig if he has any ideas about not seizing the team.

If for any reason MLB does not oust McCrook the Dodgers will be down for as long as he owns them. Could be decades.

We need to create a situiation where MLB can use it to help seize the team and impose the best interest of baseball clause.

It wont take much people. Even a few dozen die hard Dodger fans with a clever plan could easily make it very hard for that parking lot and stadium to get populated.

Lets use our power in numbers here. We have a lot of pull and power in numbers.

Lets act and get attendance down to less than 10 k per game.
That would be a statement.

Jesus wept...looking at the financials.

Jamie McCourt.

McCourt and Rev. John J. Hunter if First AME are cut from the same cloth. They both have a history of using their respective organizations as personal ATMs.

Just when you think McCourtHouse can't sink any lower, he aligns himself with someone who has been stealing money from the poor as a way of life. Yeah, Frank, you fit right in with this faith healer. When you think of it, you and that "pastor" have a lot in common. You took advantage of a group of people who had a love for the Dodgers in my case, or God in the congregation's case. You exploited them, took their money, demanded more, all the while living a frivolous lifestyle, buying mansions, stealing from charity, not paying your $300/day hairdresser, and cheating on your taxes.

Stand strong Bud Selig, and do not allow this man to further mortgage the future of the Dodgers by borrowing against future television revenue. We need, nay demand, the McCourts out of Dodgertown.

The Bible says THE LOVE OF money is the root of ALL KINDS OF evil. Popular culture commonly misquotes Timothy on this. But money itself is not the cause, and it isn't the source of all evil, rather many kinds it.

I would advise the leaders of the African-American churches that put their names on the letter to Bud Selig to focus on what called them to be pastors in the first place. Instead of teaching, "fairness, dignity and equity," why not try Biblical principals, submission to Christ and love as Christ loved?

There are many lessons in the Bible that life in this fallen world is not fair. Dignity comes from living with Christ and I can only guess what they mean by 'equity' but one will only find equity in Heaven.

With the high amount of fatherless homes, gang violence and drug use in Los Angeles don't these men have better things to do than to offer support to someone is just pandering to their communities?

What next? a Jerry lewis type telethon to help the Dodgers raise funds? Just roll out the physically challeneged children in their wheelchairs with Dodger caps on....

Poor poor poor virus McCourt, everyones picking on the poor guy. Soboroff was right, we need more men like Frank jail! What a low life, Cmon Bud make it right and boot this bum.

First the psychic and now god, what's next McCourt, Satan?

what a joke. mccourt grew up in boston in an era where black players were treated fine as long as they new their place. go ask reggie smith, bill russell, or any other black player what it was like to play in boston. this guy makes me sick. keep the boycott up.

I have to love Angela Sanbrano's ridiculous comment - it's Selig's fault the Dodgers are in financial trouble - right, Angela. Good thinking.

I also puzzled over " president of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities". I have always thought this was California, and Latin American communities are in Latin America, while Caribbean communities are in the Caribbean. Did ALL the communities in Latin America and the Caribbean REALLY vote for Angela as president? Probably not. It's truly amazing the different ways some people can think of to get out of actually working for a living (including some of the more infamous "pastors" above), but they should also try to avoid calling attention to themselves.

I see this more as a statement on how the power brokers of the poor operate to enhance themselves than anything that telling about McCourt.

I guess everyone has his price and perhaps these were the only cronies McCourt had the cash to afford.

Peter Ubaroh offered each church who signed up 5 to 10 thousand dollars worth of donationations from the Dodgers organization. I spoke to a friend of Pastor K.W. Tullis or Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church who said he received that donation from the Dodgers for signing that letter. Shame on you Religous leaders for selling out LA.I bet your not even Dodgers fan!

The hispanic organizations have no bearing in the community. Wondering how much money they were given by Howard Sunkin and wondering if they are giving money to the Dream Foundation so that he can collect his salary which is illegal

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