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Flashback to a miracle comeback, and you're welcome

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Ah, yes, I remember the day well. A day much like today. An off-day following another Dodgers’ loss.

The team eight games under .500 and 7½ games back. Absolute toast, I was certain. So certain I wrote a column declaring the Dodgers’ season over. It was July 26, 2006.

The Los Angeles Daily News so loved the column, they didn’t run it in the sports section, but stripped it across the top of A-1. Their very own little rabble rouser. It was just so cute.

Of course, as you all know by now, it was simply a ploy to inspire the disheartened Boys in Blue. Their manhood all challenged, they proceeded to win. And win some more. And then win like it was all they knew.

After that column, the Dodgers came back to win 11 consecutive games and 17 of their next 18. They ended up in a tie for the National League West with the Padres and advanced into the postseason as the wild card.

And to this day, not a word of thanks from the Dodgers for turning their season around.

Alas, here the Dodgers are again, eight games under for the first time since that day in 2006. Albeit, nine games back this time.

Can they pull off another amazing comeback? Absolutely. Is it likely? Absolutely not.

Before 2006, the last time the Dodgers had won 17 of 18 was in 1899. Halley’s Comet has come by twice since then.

At least this time the Dodgers have an almost extra six weeks to work with. And there are some other similarities to that season.

Like that year, the Dodgers were hit hard by injury and were forced to use several rookies who blossomed -- Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, Russell Martin, James Loney, Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton.

Desperate for a closer, at the break they turned to Takashi Saito, who proceeded to save 24 games. Still waiting for that guy to emerge, but you know, it could happen.

Perhaps the faithful among you are hoping I’ll write them off again, inspiring another extraordinary comeback. Nah, not yet. Another painful month of losing, though, and no shtick is off limits.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Haley's comet will again appear before this team is significant. Frank & Furter have seen to that.

"Alas, here the Dodgers are again, eight games under for the first time since that day in 2006. Albeit, nine games back this time."

- and 10 back in the all-important L column; the 1st place 'World Champion' Giants have also played 2 fewer games, so an couple SF losses could cut the dudger deficit to just 8 games - conversely, City by the Bay wins the pair and the margin increases to 10 games back any way you cut it.


The 2011 dudgers stand 31-39 through 70 games. Other seasons results:

The good: 1981's World Champion Dodgers were 43-27, finishing 63-47 in an abbreviated 110 game season. The '88 Champions 40-30, finished 94-67; 1966 pennant winners 40-30, finished 95-67.

The bad: the 1992 club finished 63-99; aft 70 games they were 30-40.

The ugly: the 1967 Dodgers were 31-39 through 70 (finished 73-89) and the '68 club was 35-35 (finished 76-86).


Eastwood, Van Cleef & Wallach; my opine, Eli's comin' hide your hearts boys & girls.


Bad as they are, could the '11 dudgers actually go 32-60 rest of the way to match the '92 boo hoo crew?

Never say never.

the past is not prelude to either future, or present.....

these duds are toast, & have been ever since March, b4 the season even began

When pigs fly this team will be good. Maybe not after all McCourt likes this team and we all know what a good judge of character and talent he is.

Problem is, Steve, that '06 team had some rookies that manager knew to play. This current cipher does not have that clue. That team was not saddled with the multitudes it currently boasts of the likes of Thames, Navarro and Gwynn, who may as well approach the plate with the donut in place of the bat.

Realistically, which you may not have been 5 years ago, .443 this year gets you 72-90. Not the worst, but better only than the Padres, Cubs and Astros, who the '11 Dodgers fight it out this weekend in the most recent version of baseball's Toilet Bowl (don't go and let's see if we can hit rock-bottom with fewer than 85,000 fannies for the weekend). Inasmuch as Ned is faithful to McCourt and so is not asking Schieffer for any reinforcements, which he could, but is too stupid, we are left with the leftovers Ned's assembled, a mere handful of guys who are capable, and some untested rookies.

This is not our year on the field, Steve, but may be our year in the courtroom, as in court-ordered auction. By the end of the process, we may yet be celebrating as tho we won the Series.


It's nice to see a columnist a) admitting he was wrong, b) having a sense of humor about it, c) giving just a little hope to fanbase that doesn't have any at the moment. Thank you...

There are no comebacks for McCrap's bunch. He has completely desimated this enitre organization beyond belief. There are no real Dodgers until McCrap & his creeps are gone which may never happen. You have great Dodger memories & that's all you have.


I have hope. Its just complicated.

And when's that dang comet coming by? Hurry it up!


No matter which way you slice baloney, it is still baloney.
If you are hoping the Dodgers are successful, then you are on the side of Ned and Frank regardless of any negative comments. You can't have it both ways in saying that Ned is a jerk of a GM, then rooting for them to be winners. He built this team, so if you want the Dodgers to be winners with this current team, and they become winners, what will you say about Ned, then?
There will be two sure responses to my comment:
They are not going to be winners and I only support the team.
The first is valid and the second is pure bullcrap. The team and Frank and Ned can't be separated. They are the reason I don't care how the Dodgers do, anymore
Attendance is down right now, but there are thousands in the LA area that probably don't give a tinkers damn about the McCourt situation. If the Dodgers start moving up and challenging SF, these people will start to go to the stadium and negate the boycotters.

Have we seen the best this year's edition of the Dodgers has to offer?
Goodness, can it get worse?
Will it get worse?

Hasn't Simers already taken credit for the 2006 turnaround?

If the Dodger offense can give some more run support for our pitchers both the starters and relievers and if the pitchers both starters and relievers would stop giving the runs back to the opposition when the team does score, maybe , just maybe, there'll be comeback.


With all due respect, you are just wrong.

You do not know anything about me, or any other fan of the Dodgers. And your reasoning does not speak to a true fan of the team.

Sorry, but you're wrong. And that isn't bullcrap. Its just the way it is.


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