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Facebook commenting system debuts on Dodgers blog today

Fbook Later today, the Dodgers blog will switch to the Facebook comments system. Once we’ve made the conversion, the only way you’ll be able to comment on the Dodgers blog will be by using your Facebook account.

Jimmy Orr, the managing editor, online, has posted the reasoning for the decision on the Readers Representative journal here. In a nutshell, we’re hoping this change brings more consistency to the commenting process. It will allow your comments to be posted immediately, without the sometimes lengthy delays that we currently experience while comments are moderated.

Of course, change always brings positive and negative reactions, and we want to know what you think of this one. If you want to tell us, comment on this post, e-mail me by clicking here, or e-mail Martin Beck, the Times' reader engagement and social media editor, by clicking here.

All Things Lakers, the Times' interactive database on the Los Angeles Lakers, and Fabulous Forum, our main sports blog, are already using the system.

--Houston Mitchell

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Two thoughts:

Since less than half of the US population has facebook accounts, why are you excluding the majority?

The predictions are that as facebook is now losing members it will be as irrelevant as myspace in the not too distant future. So why make this decision now?

All of your reasons for changing can be accomplished without requiring a facebook account if you would only make the effort. Since I do not have a facebook account and I will not be able to comment, I guess I'll stop reading your blogs.

Though the dudger blog mob imagines themselves a proprietary angst yet could not defeat me, 'progress'? just might. Well, only the good die young.

As 'The Prisoner', be seeing you... no more.

16 type like you have a speach impedement.

you make no sense. you jumble words together and think they make a senetence...

I, like others, do not facebook and shant be making any further comments (and a cheer rings out from the gallery.) Fortunately being a Dodgers fan, I've learned how to live with disappointment.

Well, been nice commenting here. Facebook sucks and is an invasion of privacy.

Won't be participating in this blog any longer, then.

Steve, please pass on to ThePowersThatBe that their conversion to a facebook commenting system is not approved of by this loyal reader/commenter.

Take care, and FIRE COLLETTI.

I have enjoyed the blog, but I do not Facebook.

Another joy taken from me ... sigh ... tis life as a Dodgers fan.

Best wishes to all.

LAT, keep up the good work staying after frank. Steve Dilbeck, all the best to you.

@jeff (but certainly not the 'jefe')

"16 type like you have a speach impedement."

- your lack of comprehension skill be evidential self-indictment... alas, YOUR 'speach impedement' (jeff was searching his limited capacity for 'speech impediment', actually) is exceeded only by your narrative impotence...

I do not use Facebook and have no intention of opening an account to comment here. Best wishes and goodbye!

Ditto many others...I don't use the evil Facebook and never will.

It's been fun commenting, and reading the comments of others. I will miss that.

Hang in there fellow Dodger fans. At least there seems to be some light at the end of the McCourt tunnel.

The conversion to Facebook conversation is unfair to those who choose not to be illuminated by Facebook.

ESPN has converted to the format without having to be a Facebook account. You will end up losing your most important clients and the advertising draw will drop significantly... you should reconsider this action of cutting off an arm.

*sigh* Well, there goes that. I don't comment here, but have so enjoyed reading the varied and often heated comments from my fellow Dodger fans (yes, even those by 16blows--ok, maybe especially those by 16blows).

For the record, I think this is a bunk move and just another way that Dodger fans are getting the shaft.

Ah yes, one last time to thank Bud Selig for dousing the fire that burnt the Dodgers into a pile of ashes.

How long will it take for the Dodger Blue to rebound into the force it once was before McCourts came to town?

So long Dodger blog it was fun until you converted to Facebook... tata!

we’re hoping this change brings more consistency to the commenting process. It will allow your comments to be posted immediately, without the sometimes lengthy delays that we currently experience while comments are moderated.

Personally, I don't see a delay in time to warrant elimination of a huge sector of fans who choose not to use Facebook... I hope your so called "hope" reverts back to what got you to this point in the first place.

Change is good but force feeding is hardly an appetite worth tasting.


It has been a pleasure to read your blog but even more so, the ability to easily interact with other Dodger fans has been great. Even 16blows. LOL. But this move is a killer for me. Did anyone ever consider that the workplace absolutely frowns on these social media sites and literally blocks all access to them? Well, mine does and I'm sure many more as well. If you need to log in to Facebook to comment, then I will be no longer able to comment. Really, Steve, from reading the comments already posted, you will lose a lot of your regular posters. Did the powers that be also consider that your over 40 crowd don't even have a Facebook account? Well, I guess the Times really just does not give a damn about its readers before even making a decision like this. Couldn't a survey or something have been done before committing to something like this?

I am trying to squeeze in one last post before departing for good!

Please don't sabotage the Lakers Blog with Facebook prerequisite, it's a dangerous avenue to travel...

It's no fun driving around the internet on one lane only... downward!


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