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Dodgers Web Musings: The numbers say it's over

The Dodgers are so done. The season is so over, the team is so finished it awaits only its final coup de grace.

If nothing else, baseball is about numbers. And alas, blue bleeders, it’s all there in bad digits.

It was troubling enough when the Wall Street Journal reported that, since the wild-card format was introduced in 1996, just 9% of teams that have had a losing record on June 1 have gone on to to win 90 games, the number typically considered the playoff minimum.

But now comes Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci, who writes that in that same period 96% of all teams that were both at least five games under .500 and at least five games out of first place failed to make the playoffs.

By the end of June 1, the Dodgers were left 26-31 and 5½ games out.

Verducci has the four teams that managed to buck the odds, including the 2005 Astros who were 13 games under .500 and ended up in the World Series.

The National League West, of course, continues to offer hope to all. No team has stood out, and its five teams are bunched up fairly closely.

Also on the Web:

--ESPN/L.A.’s Tony Jackson lunches with MLB trustee Tom Schieffer, who tells him: "I don't think there is any question there is a strain between the franchise and the community right now. And that isn't the community's fault.’’

--The Times’ Ben Bolch tries to figure out how Ubaldo Jimenez could do to the Dodgers Wednesday night what he couldn’t do to any other team in his first nine starts -- beat them.

--In a video, Fox Sports’ Kevin Kennedy says it would be foolish for the Dodgers to deal either Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier: "You have to give fans a reason to come to the park.’’

--The Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth has more on the story first reported by Vin Scully Is My Homeboy’s Roberto Baly, of the Vogue covering up Vin Scully’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: The Vogue is haunted.

--That new Jackie Robinson movie is a go, to be written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who penned the classic "L.A. Confidential.’’

--True Blue L.A.’s Brandon Lennox looks at players with Dodgers bloodlines who will be eligible for next Monday’s MLB draft.

--ESPN/L.A.’s Jon Weisman thinks it’s time the performances of the youngsters in the bullpen received more due.

--Fox Sports’ Jack Magruder writes that the Diamondbacks have bought into Kirk Gibson’s ultra-competitive style and it’s working.

--Yahoo Sports' Steve Henson has a terrific piece on why Sparky Anderson eschewed a funeral.

--Giovanni Ramirez, the suspect in the Bryan Stow beating, has taken a second polygraph test, according to his lawyer.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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They should have traded Loney when they could have got something for him. Now, they'd have to give him away, eat the money on his contract, and there would be few takers.

I think Loney will be worth keeping. A fine glove and accurate arm, and probably a .250 hitter. The play he made last night, snaring a line drive in the late innings was beautiful. When the Dodgers get a left fielder who can hit and field-same for a permanent 2nd baseman-then Loney will just be another solid piece in the puzzle. He's not an A plus, but he's a B to a B plus, and that's solid enough for an eventually successful Colletti infield.

On the fence on Loney. The team cannot have a vital middle of the order hitter go into a 4 month slump. As for the season, it's really over. There is no chance unless something dramatically changes on the owner situation. That turmoil is just draggin this team down. The question is whether they can stay respectable, i.e. 80 or so wins, and not sink into 90 loss territory.

I'll disagree with KK to side with former Dodger Branch Rickey who said it is better to 'trade a player a year too early rather than a year too late'. Losing a soon to be free agent for what at best is a roll of the dice (a draft pick) this mercenary age is not likely what Rickey meant.

And yes, I know it's hard to believe any current dudger would want to leave all this (a team in disarray, from ownership to fan support to 5 games under .500 performance and heading south from there), but I believe at minimum ethier (and almost as likely kemp) would test the market sooner than they'd sign on the dotted line for another tour of duty in lost angeles as it stands.

kemp is a keeper despite his boom or bust tack he alternates to on the field... traded, he would bring more in return than ethier, but likewise the dudgers would be losing more as kemp is not only more talented but younger (26) & also cheaper (as of 2011 at any); kemp's best is more likely than not still yet to come.

That's also what they said about ethier once upon a time.

slappy 'e' is already making almost $10 million for 2011 according to espn; and what does the dudger connoisseur get for their love offerings & shekel adoration? A glorified leadoff hitter - sans speed any - 0 stolen bases to go with all of 5 hrs & 26 rbis in 200 at bats. This from an 'MVP/Triple Crown' favorite according some (hold the guffaws) who turns the big 30 in 2012.

While good citizen kemp has largely replaced mr. moody of 2010, slappy 'e' - who reportedly wanted to be a leader - has moreso 'pointed' at others instead of acknowledging his own failure as a #3 hitter and shepherd of teammates... tandem use of middle fingers suggest he's in need remedial tutelage, both.

It all adds up to one guy who appears to have matured/turned the corner in kemp, and another guy who is a year older but no wiser appears/isn't worth the trouble... the dudgers should deal slappy 'e' post-haste.

it was over last winter

Maybe now the MBL will take the team from McVampire and sell it to someone who loves baseball and knows what it takes to make the players and the fans safe and happy.

We knew that this wouldn't be a good year, unless a miracle occurred. It was clearly a lackluster lineup apart from a few rare bright spots (the brightest of which, Matt Kemp, had question marks hanging over him from the previous season). Add to that an injury turnover that prompted Jon Weisman to start chronicling the explots of the Disabled Listers, a farm team of the Dodgers, and ... here we are.

There is still Vin, and there is still baseball, but this year, more than most, is a "wait til next year (or two)" season.

I still support these guys, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is only the ownership which has lost my patience.

We just want to point out that our comrades, the 2011 Dodgers, ain't no 2005 Astros.

The circus is leaving town on Sunday, does that mean Frank McCourt will be leading the parade?
Its getting to the point that Bud Selig is looking bad ! Frank McCourt is an idiot, graduated from idiot school Magna Cum Laude, and needs to be run out of LA on a rail !
This boycott is showing how much we love and die with this team !
Its killing me not to go to games, but Ill never give one more red cent to Frank McCourts lavish life style !
Come on Bud, show some nuggets, and not the ones from McDonalds! GET RID OF MCCOURT !

Tell us something we don't know. Okay, so the numbers are discrete entities that can't lie right? Okay then tell us what the probability was at the same time last year that the Giants were going to win it all, not the pennent but the whole enchilada. Or about how a team like the Yankees, or the Phillies, tell us their chances last year, and how they bucked their odds. Tell us the numbers on the 1988 Dodgers won, how they beat the Mets and the Atheletics, or how about the year of "the shot heard round the world," tell us the odds on that season, huh? Go ahead, you're so good with numbers, tell us, please, you good for nuthin' mathmetician!

this season was sooooo OVER a lonnnnnnng time ago, & anyone who thought otherwise merely suffering from a severe case of denial!!!!

So then you're saying: "the [Dodgers] is dead!" like Charlies Dressen said of the Giants who on August 10th 1951 had just been swept by the Dodgers and were 12 1/2 games behind? Dressen wasn't in denile either.

Because frankie doesn't have big booty full of cash, stick a fork in them. They're done! Get new ownership in here NOW - Bud!


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