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Dodgers Web musings: The all-Frank McCourt and bankruptcy edition (videos)

June 29, 2011 | 12:36 pm

And before getting underway, I don’t want to scare you or anything, but the Los Angeles Times' parent company, the Tribune Co., filed for bankruptcy in December 2008, and it’s still in court.

-- The Times’ Michael Oneal, Carol J. Williams and Kim Christensen review Tuesday’s results, and experts claim that Frank McCourt may be in a better position than we would like.

-- The Times’ Bill Shaikin and Oneal write that Major League Baseball may ask the court to strip McCourt of team control during bankruptcy proceedings.

-- The Times’ Tim Rutten writes, "If litigation were a competitive sport, Frank McCourt would have a trophy case filled with silver."

-- The Times’ Bill Plaschke says McCourt has ignored his strongest base, season-ticket holders.

-- Yahoo Sports’ Tim Brown said MLB was happy with Tuesday’s results.

-- ESPN’s Jayson Stark writes the Dodgers have gone from an elite franchise to a bad reality show.

-- ESPN’s J.A. Adande said people desperately want McCourt out, but there's no guarantee the next owner will be an improvement.

-- In a video, ESPN’s Buster Olney -- who calls the Dodgers’ bankruptcy one of the 10 most embarrassing moments in MLB history -- says it could take four or more years for the Dodgers to recover from the McCourt fiasco to become competitive again.

-- ESPN/LA’s Ramona Shelburne said McCourt had taken the Dodgers’ name in vain.

-- USA Today’s Mike Lopresti offers 10 reasons why MLB should allow Mark Cuban to purchase the Dodgers.

-- Paul Oberjuerge loves the quote in the L.A. Times from ex-Dodgers CEO Robert Daly, whose name we unfortunately misspelled: "The sooner he gets the hell out of town, the better off we’ll all be as Dodger fans.’’

-- In a video on the Fox business show "Bulls & Bears," with Brenda Buttner, radio host Chris Dimino said the bankruptcy filing only delayed the inevitable ousting of McCourt.

-- Sports Illustrated’s Dan Shaughnessy, also the longtime columnist for the Boston Globe, writes that the Boston-bred McCourt was doomed to fail from the start.

-- CBS Sports' Scott Miller thinks the initial courtroom proceeding went in favor of MLB.

-- Sons of Steve Garvey’s anonymous Steve Sax offers a humorous take on how McCourt might respond to my (and others’) open letter to him.

-- In a video, Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman says McCourt’s filing is just another stall tactic, though it could prolong it for an unforeseen time.

-- Steve Dilbeck