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Dodgers Web musings: Just how great is Clayton Kershaw? [Video]

Clayton Kershaw is good. I know, you must be bowled over by that news.

But here’s a twist -- could he be the best young pitcher ever?

OK, there’s no proving that one, and all kinds of crazy factors could come into play in testing such a slightly outlandish statement.

But ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian has a stat that should get your attention:

"Kershaw is in his fourth major league season. He has 32 victories, a 3.15 ERA and 593 strikeouts in 568 2/3 innings. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, no 23-year-old pitcher has ever had that many victories, an ERA that low and averaged more than one strikeout per inning in his career since ERA became an official statistic after 1910. No pitcher.’’

As in, never before in the history of the game.

Also on the Web:

--The Times’ Bill Shaikin writes that Frank McCourt’s financial troubles could not only force him to put the Dodgers up for sale, but the L.A. Marathon, too.

--Bad news for those hoping McCourt won’t meet payroll June 15, making it easier for Major League Baseball to put the team up for sale, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale claims he does have the money to meet payroll.

--Forbes’ Mike Ozanian writes that Bank of America has learned a lesson since lending McCourt more than half the money he needed to purchase the Dodgers.

--Ex-Dodgers manager and current MLB executive Joe Torre, in a Sports Illustrated video, below, on Commissioner Bud Selig seizing control of the Dodgers: "He just feels that L.A. deserves to have the type of franchise it’s had for years and he’s really looking into it. I really don’t know what the result will be.’’


--The Daily News’ Kevin Modesti profiles Dennis Gilbert, one of the names most frequently heard as a potential buyer of the Dodgers.

--The Times’ Dylan Hernandez says Manager Don Mattingly was second-guessing himself after Wednesday’s 2-0 loss to the Phillies.

--Hernandez also looks at the unofficial platoon of James Loney at first.

--ESPN’s Tony Jackson says the Dodgers need to demonstrate the ability to beat a top pitcher.

--Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness’ Mike Petriello sadly calls the Dodgers’ miserable seventh inning Wednesday a microcosm of their entire season.

--ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick profiles the Dodgers’ newest rookie, shortstop Dee Gordon.

--The Dodgers’ attendance problems have received the attention of the New York Times, though it oddly seems to place much of the problem as the result of an increased police presence.

--The LAPD has reassigned the Bryan Stow beating case to its elite robbery homicide division.

--Recaps of the Dodgers' draft are offered by MLB and TrueBlueL.A.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Clayton Kershaw is an awesome baseball player- and he is left-handed which makes him even better to this southpaw Dodgers fan!

The Times’ Dylan Hernandez says Manager Don Mattingly was second-guessing himself after Wednesday’s 2-0 loss to the Phillies.
Join the crowd Donnie.

"Just how great is Clayton kershaw?"

- depends on whom you ask... have you inquired of the caretaker ck shrine, NP Krohn?

: )


As for kershaw, will he become the next Koufax?

Did slappy 'e' become the next DiMaggio '56'?

Did Willie D become the next Mays?

Did Cedeno?

ck = cy?

No x5.

's ok.

ck has been good, albeit consistently inconsistent. One day an shutout vs the Marlins, the next outing 6 earned runs allowed in just 6+ innings suggests he has a ways to go. He as kemp may become great IF he becomes consistent... of course, that be the rub.


What passes for 'great' today (or 'superstar' - see slappy 'e' for example) be a far different animal twas back 'when it was a game.'

Stats of course tell many tales & can be seen various vantage points. For example, today's watered down MLB setup where teams proliferate and career minor leaguers become instead MLB team linchpins, results must necessarily be tempered, pitching as well hitting; modern 'creation' such Bonds* juxtaposed next the accomplishments Ruth, one example.

Speaking of Babe, not only a pretty fair hitter but also dabbled pitching; had he not merely dabbled, well... who can say.

Babe by age 23 won 80 and had a 2.61 era; so as not to appear avaricious as to wins, era, hrs, rbis, average and - well, you get the gist - he k'd a mere 456 so as to dispel the myth that he was in fact 'not' mortal.

Bob Feller by age 22 had 107 wins, an 3.54 era and 1233 strikeouts in 1448 1/3 innings (then he lost his 23rd, 24th &25th birthdays in the service; what might have been, even though what 'was' be memorable enough.)

Sam McDowell by age 23 won 42 games, had a 3.47 era and had struck out 856 in 789.3 innings (for the record, just 3 days after he turned 24 Sudden Sam tossed another 'W' courtesy a 4 hit shutout, striking out 9 more.) Was that time/over his next few seasons many said that not only was McDowell 'faster' than Koufax, but also 'better'.

Best, better, whatever - beauty is in the eye the beholder. For me, yesterday rules. Will measure what tomorrow brings thence rather try predict it now...

Hey fellers, I don't wanna say I told all ya alls so, but... timing is everything - reportage included. More that par for the course case of 'mr. inconsistent', kershaw; for a second straight start: 6 innings & 6 more earned runs.

Stevie (Dilbeck, not Wonder)... very superstitious?

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian turned his subject into a SI cover jinx via extolling the 'historicalness' (earlier this year Steve highlighted the success of dudger reliever guerrier...later that night, matt went out and laid an egg.)

Koufax part deux will just have to wait, more likely than not till the 12th of never. I will say that young kershaw has to be able to pitch beyond six innings (or be allowed to), otherwise mention of his name in the same sentence as Koufax will become a running joke.

That's a very encouraging stat, especially coming after such a sudden melt down he had last night. Thank you.

"-- could (Kershaw) be the best young pitcher ever?"

way to jinx Steve!


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