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Dodgers use all their parts to survive 11-7 victory over Rockies


Team work, ain’t it grand?

The Dodgers defeated the Colorado Rockies, 11-7, on Saturday night, and they had little heroes all over the place.

Ten Dodgers had hits, seven Dodgers scored, seven Dodgers drove in a run, starter Ted Lilly pitched five effective innings and Tony Gwynn Jr. made a game-saving, diving catch in the ninth inning. If the bullpen had only performed well, it would have been a complete effort.

As it was, the Dodgers built a 7-1 lead, hung on after the Rockies scored five times in the eighth to pull within one, and then scored four insurance runs in the ninth.

By the time it was over, the Dodgers had snapped their three-game losing streak by collecting 18 hits, four apiece by Aaron Miles and Jamey Carroll.

The only starter who did not collect a hit was shortstop Dee Gordon, and all he did was contribute the second-best defensive play of the game in the eighth inning after the Rockies had scored five times to make it a 7-6 game.

With one out and a runner on first, Gordon made a diving stop up the middle to take a hit away from catcher Chris Iannetta, and while sprawled on the infield dirt, flipped the ball to Miles at second base for the force out.

Matt Guerrier then struck out Jonathan Herrera to end the rally.

Matt Kemp returned to the lineup after missing one start with quadriceps tightness, and if he ran the bases somewhat gingerly and played the outfield almost unnaturally, he still managed to double in a run and score.

This being the Dodgers, of course, another starter was scratched. This time third baseman Casey Blake was held out with a stiff neck.

That did not stop him from pinch hitting in the third inning and doubling in three runs in the fifth to break a deadlocked 1-1 game. The Dodgers never would relinquish the lead.

The Dodgers added three more in the seventh -- two on a double by Miles -- survived the Colorado five-run eighth, and then added four insurance runs in the top of the ninth, two on a single by Carroll.

Rookie Javy Guerra pitched the shakiest one-run ninth (allowing four hits and a walk) the Dodgers ever want to see, but survived to nail down the victory when Gwynn made his diving catch with the bases loaded for the final out.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp is congratulated in the dugout after scoring a run in the seventh inning against the Rockies on Saturday night in Colorado. Credit: Jack Dempsey / Associated Press

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Better lucky than good - eh Ned?

I root for the Angels now.

Cannot believe how low the Dodgers have fallen.

Wow, Elbert, Guerrier and Guerra really gave me the fits, that was awful. I don't know when I'll regain any confidence in them. They better straighten out or we're doomed. I wonder how MacDougal would've faired tonight. There's nothing worse than not having faith in your bullpen. No lead is safe. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed.
Not unusually the offense finally comes around for this team when some part of the pitching breaks down. Why is this. First we're worrying about lack of runs and as soon as they come the pitchers give it back.
A big win tonight if it only gives a chance to break even on this road trip, if we win tomorrow. Kudos to Miles, Carroll, Gordon and Gwynn Jr. for the hitting and fielding help. Lilly did a fine job. A great job by the rest of the guys too.

Not sure whether it was the Fosbury Flop base running blunder or the Pryor as Wally Karue 'See No Evil' playing CF impersonation, all I know is that a game without chest thumping & sky pointing is an wonderful way to celebrate a dudger win.

Tonight's oh so humble heroes:

aaron miles 4 for 4, 2 plated & 2 more scored - and not one sternum splitting slug upon his person...

jamie carroll 4 for 5 and 2 more plated - and nary a single appendage his was aimed airward...

casey blake was called and answered, delivering a mighty swing & 3 ribbie game-changer - the dignity his repose sufficient his success.

lilly was good too (fortunately, as the dudger bullpen was not); the southpaw also had an better night at the plate even than another lefty, slappy 'e', who was his usual inconsequential self at the dish.

elbert was shaky & so too guerrier yet TEAM prevailed over individual ups & downs, one man after another picking up those could not this night- TEAM FIRST, not 'I I I ME ME ME' demonstrations.

On a night when the teams 'usual suspect' was busy being captured off 2nd base like a beached whale & later appearing like an amateur in need a Tom Emanski 'How To Play CF Defense' instructional video, was almost like old times (as in earlier Saturday while watching that guy that goes D'OH!)

No chest thumping or finger pointing from the dudgers on field hr hitter or off field reluctant pix subject. Closest thing to said came from this blog quarter... a silly ear to ear simper mine sufficed.

Nice win 'TEAM'.

still think this wusspen showing is more likely than anything else, night to night...unfortunate, but evidence is there

but winning is wonderful, glad we did ... pick up the momentum, win another today


Typical from a shipjumper. Shouldn't your name be flip-flop?

*rolls eyes*

comment, comment, More unreadable comments from 16 blows, comment, comment. I guess your all smart and stuff but since you post all the time why not try something readable so I/We don`t have to guess what your trying to say..P.S. I do get that your not a fan of "Slappy E". Fair enough. Ive read your posts ad nauseum, I get what your saying. I don`t totally agree but I get it. However, Matt Kemp is finally becoming the player we all dreamed of and your complaining about chest bumping and finger pointing?? How about this..When you hit a home run for our beloved DODGERS (That is how you spell it in case your spell check isn`t working) feel free to round the bases at a quick pace and head right to the dugout. There is so much to be dissapointed by this season.. Matt Kemp and his chest bumping are not even close to being one of them.


Why don't you start off with all the things you like about the Dodgers? It'd save you a lot of typing.

Interesting that 16blows inane self absorbed blowharding here is very much like Kemps chest bump and skyward pointing.

Oh Danny B(oy), your lack of culture's calling
Paragraph breaks - and wit forsakes you too
'k'emp's good as gone & slappy 'e' will follow
Adieu adieu - don't go way mad, just... skidoo.

"comment, comment"

- internet pen, I can rhyme a quip faster than 'you' can... (sung in 'Patty Cake Patty Cake' duple time)


- Encore Encore! Author Author!

"unreadable comments"

- I leave you to your area of expertise...


"from 16 blows, comment, comment."

- a rapier tongue gifts artful riposte...

"I guess your all smart and stuff"

- very... (you're?)


- [drumroll] yes?

"since you post all the time"

- are you making a scrapbook?


"why not try something"

- I hardly know you & we've just met...

"readable so"

- comprehension skills? Who needs 'em.

"I/We don`t have to guess what your trying to say."

- who's that looking over your shoulder... are you & your (other) brother Daryl having a party?



- forget something?

"I do get that your not a fan of "Slappy E". Fair enough."

- oh, you've seen him play the banjo too...

"Ive read your posts ad nauseum"

- such veneration (that's 'admiration' for the uninitiated.)


"I get what your saying."

- well... make up your mind(s). Oh, and I don't own a 'saying' by the way. I drive a '70 Dodge Challenger RT.

"I don`t totally agree but I get it."

- (fascinating) Cue Jane Morgan, alternate mix: "It was vacillation he knew, and it might have ended right then, at the start..."


- [cue drumroll, take two]...

"Matt Kemp is finally becoming the player we all dreamed of and your complaining about chest bumping and finger pointing??"

- I've never dreamed of him... I also don't own a 'complaining'.


"How about this.."

- tell you what, take some time to get your thoughts together & then get back to me when you figure out what it is exactly you're trying to say. I'll go get a sandwich while you work out the kinks...


- take your time...

"you hit a home run for our beloved DODGERS"

- no, but I did get a hit off Orel Hershiser once in Albuquerque in the early 1980's when he, his roommate Dave Moore and I were having some fun on an off day (I worked in the media/covered the AAA Dukes then.)

"(That is how you spell it in case your spell check isn`t working)"

- we haven't had that spirit here since 1969- sorry, that was the Eagles - since 1988...

"feel free to round the bases at a quick pace and head right to the dugout."

- I don't wish to make a spectacle of myself/draw attention or anything. How about instead I just deliver a couple of sharp strikes to my chest & then point up in the sky at nothing in particular?


"There is so much to be dissapointed by this season.."

- no more so than the other 23 years since '88... in reality, it has become the rigor of a rite as it were.

"Matt Kemp"

- prima donna.


- his over-size cap.

"his chest bumping are not even"

- I know... and not even at correct 90° angles...

"close to being one of them."

- like this dudger season gone askew, no, not really...


*UPDATE* - He did it again today, indicated via yet another choreographed two-fingered salute to himself following the ' I I ME ME' bosom taps.

The face of the dudgers is a clown - take your pick from among a cornucopia player, owner and GM...

Come and read one, come and read all!

Yes ye followers this Pied Piper of dudger blogdom... isn't the 'irony' the juxtaposition interesting?

Wonder? if I like 'k' donna will be traded at the July deadline (I to another blog), an AL team his case... to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim perhaps?!

hey 16blows, kemp's chest pump and fingers to the sky is his homage to his younger brother who died when he was just a child. i think it was in one of that "before the big leagues" show about dodgers players.

"hey 16blows"

- yes, what is it now?

"kemp's chest pump and fingers to the sky is his homage to his younger brother who died when he was just a child."

- is it? Here's something to consider - I've watched him since he arrived MLB with the dudgers, saw his 1st home run (as well his last yesterday) & too most every other hr in between, whether in person, video, etc. Upshot: this 'I I ME ME' routine as I call his act is more recent vintage; that it might be attributed homage someone is a secondary aside at best and a convenient alibi at worst, my opine.

He can claim it is 'what it is' (whatever)... you/others may believe it as you related re: the 'show'... I/others may not believe it is so. To each their own. Personally, I don't buy it reference your 'show' info, least not as reason #1; my prerogative.


The guy did NOT do anything before or after he crossed home plate upon his very first hr on June 1 2006 in LA vs the Phillies - other than touching plate & returning to the dugout (I was there as I have been for other hrs his LA.)

So why the routine he nowadays unfurls every time a hr departs? What if anything is different or has changed? A few possibilities/likelihoods:

* Maybe he forgot to thump & point in all the excitement hr #1 2006?

* Maybe tap -tap point-point was added some point later in homage/tribute?

* Maybe it was conceived/is -

a) a calculated/choreographed display to draw attention oneself

- and/or -

b) to replicate what certain other players (a small faction, fortunately) do/have done (some of them) ad nauseam?


Place & timing is or should be everything/dictate. I used to hate it when the all-time 'legit' hr leader MLB Hank Aaron did that thump/point thing...the guy was just constantly at his own chest and casting limbs skyward. Oh, he wasn't? My mistake... must have been Babe Ruth? Frank Robinson maybe? Sadaharu Oh? SNAP - now I remember: it was guys like bonds* & ramirez-oids*, among a few others...

When watching the Harlem Globetrotters for example, one doesn't expect a Presidential debate to break out. When watching an MLB game one doesn't expect to see a beach ball (or several) intrude on the crowd let alone players/field... oh wait, forgot - we're in LA.

Whether for sibling, God or himself, I note 'k'emp never does the 'homage thing' except when 'he' succeeds. What about when a teammate(s) succeed? Does God turn a deaf ear/blind eye? Would not a sibling of 'kemp also be a fan of the team he plays for? Or is it just a matter of a 'we are family' thing, albeit one unlike the 1979 PITT Pirates 'team' theme?


Who can prove the raison said is occurs for MLB types who act out as such?

If (insert generic chest thumper/sky pointer whomever) says he does it due (insert raison) - does that 'validate' it? No more so than it invalidates.

Back to 'k'emp...

I remember being impressed by his professionalism aft the tape measure hr his 1st finally came down (was a high blast down the lf line that affirmed the media talking heads 'light tower power' re: his power.)

Make no mistake - it WAS impressive. Even moreso for a young 21 year old kid was likely in the biggest spotlight of his life. How'd he respond? No slow trotting round the bases nor admiring glances at the ball's majestic flight, no chest thumping & sky pointing: just hit it, touched em all, reentered dugout.

No fuss, no muss.

In fact, if anything THAT was a moment when he might have 'genuinely' let his true emotions get the better of him & celebrate as it were. Sometimes, a rookie will do something considered 'bush' with no malice aforethought just due to immaturity/inexperience. Not kemp, not then.

He hit all 7 of his hrs that year within a very small number of at bats/games (the number escapes me this moment but it was impressive.) Appeared as if there was no stopping him... but of course then they did. He ended up going back down to the minors sometime after he hit his 7th and last hr that year vs the Padres on June 14th; I never saw his 'act' a single time that summer.


"i think it was in one of that "before the big leagues" show about dodgers players."

- I 'think' opinions vary...

Legit sports drama is built up over time - glory is not a faucet to be turned on & off as we please - unless it is all about 'individual' glory. Game 7 the regular season is not as game 7 World Series, and a pre-season exhibition game is not Superbowl... nor is hitting a home run the 9th inning when your team is down 6-0 & reveling in the moment spontaneous as much as it is specious.


Who are the usual suspects around MLB that I have noted like to 'perform' for the crowd after hrs?

Our man 'k'emp of course, but he is merely a follower and not creator. That prima donna of the first rank in STL, pujols? He has been chest drumming & stretching his limbs before 'k'emp played in his first MLB game. That matter, pujols too is but a copycat, as were the ones afore him some, etc. etc.

Limited internet paper & a lack of interest penning 'War & Peace' MLB good sportsmanship dissuades me from writing more now. Suffice to say, whether the *** clowns 'perform' their 'antics' in the NBA, NFL or MLB, the diminish the game and themselves, though they are unaware/care not, most of them.

'Showboating' has been around long enough now that some accept it as ok, part of the game, nothing to worry about. It never has been nor will it ever be 'ok' by me. As such, I'll deride said & those who embrace said - forever.

In summary, had either my childhood heroes Willie Davis & Sandy Koufax (or any other Dodger/dudger) presented the 'I I ME ME' tack(iness) post strikeout - Sandy an opposing batter - or Willie aft a home run, stolen base or defensive save - they would have ceased to be heroes mine.

How I long for those crowning days when the game was King, rather than the Jack's today that tip their own size 12 hats ad nauseam (and for in essence an minor event - say a hr that leaves their team down only 10-1 rather 10-0.)

Believe it was that Bill Shakespeare feller referenced said as "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Shakey could've just as well replaced the words 'a tale told' with 'an act demonstrated'...


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