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Dodgers take Stanford closer with first-round pick

Chris-reed_350 Surprise, surprise, the Dodgers drafted a pitcher with their first-round pick Monday in the major league amateur draft.

They selected Stanford junior closer Chris Reed, a left-hander from Reseda’s Cleveland High.

The Dodgers selected the 6-foot-4, 190-pound Reed with the 16th overall selection, significantly hirer than anyone had Reed on their mock drafts.

This was, naturally, immediately attributed to the Dodgers’ shaky financial situation.

MLB writer Jonathan Mayo told MLB.TV that the Dodgers wanted a player who would fit the recommended signing bonus for a 16th pick. Mayo called Reed "a little bit of a reach" but a player they should be able to sign.

Reed is 6-2 with nine saves for Stanford this season, striking out 48 and walking 15 in 49-2/3 innings.

He reportedly throws an excellent changeup to go along with a fastball and slider. Scouts still think he may be a starter in professional ball.

Reed did not appear in the first-round mock drafts at Sports Illustrated, Baseball Prospectus, or FanGraphs, though he was slotted to 26th by ESPN (Insider status required).

Last year the Dodgers used a different approach. They drafted right-hander Zach Lee with the 28th pick, but signed him for $5.25 million over five years. Lee was committed to play quarterback at Louisiana State but the Dodgers went well over the allotted amount for a 28th pick to sign him.

With their last six first picks in the last five years they have selected a pitcher.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Stanford reliever Chris Reed work the seventh inning of a game against Fullerton on Saturday. Credit: Bret Hartman / Associated Press

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Why would they want to sign a hitter to the team? They have Dioner "Party" Navarro whiffing right after Rod Barajo (Spanish for cheap catcher compared to Russell Martin) to end the game and their minor threat. Put another inexpensive pitcher in the minors and maybe we will see him in five years. This organization is bankrupted from top to bottom. June 15...Are we there yet?

McCourt sucks.

Well, we do need a closer. (Kidding. Mostly.)

LOL, I heard this guy threw 23 innings total before this year. That means adding this year totals, he's thrown less than 100 innings in 3 years. For the 16th pick in the draft? LOL

I'll add that Keith Law had this guy rated 48th on his Top 100 board. LOL, yeah Dodgers signed Kuo's replacement. Great pick McBankrupt.

Obviously this team needs someone who can mash the ball. We don't need under the radar "signable" pitchers, unless they have can't miss potential. Time will tell, but we have been signing pitchers like crazy, while our hitting lags behind.

Another wasted pick, FML, Im not sure how much more of this I can take!

Why would the Dodgers sign a closer. A closer is only good if you the Dodgers are leading after 8 innings. Last I checked, the Dodgers are always losing going into the 9 th inning. The Giants dynasty continues.

Give this guy a chance. But I do wish the Dodgers had the financial ability and the baseball acumen to pick a better choice.

More evidence of the damage frank inflicts on the franchise which will be felt down the road. Even if he's gone, the affects will linger because we could not draft players who should be drafted in the slots we're taking them - we're drafting guys who would be lower, and thus are signable where we draft them. It is good we might have a chance to sign our picks, but it is not good that we are not getting the talent we should be getting.

Come to think of it, last couple of years at July 31 trading deadline, I have heard - rightly or wrongly - farm system didn't have the prospects to make deals. Perhaps we're already feeling the affect of frank in the draft.

More evidence is that our alleged top prospects brought forth this year, or yet to come up, in the wake of injuries are not exactly blow your sox off young -
mitchell 26, elbert 26 in aug., ely 25, lindlbom 24 next week, dejesus 24, sands 24 in sept., robinson 24 in sept, jansen 23, gordon 23, de la rosa 22.

we're far beyond those days when our farm had players pushing the everyday 8


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