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Dee Gordon will be the regular shortstop, plus other Dodgers pregame notes

Dee-gordon_300 Dee Gordon will be the Dodgers’ regular shortstop in Rafael Furcal’s absence, Manager Don Mattingly said.

“I’m going to use him, play him,” Mattingly said. “I don’t think we can bring him and sit him.”

The son of former major-league pitcher Tom "Flash" Gordon, Dee Gordon was batting .315 in 50 games with triple-A Albuquerque.

“He’s got tools right now that play to the big-league level,” General Manager Ned Colletti said. “Losing Raffy for another extended period of time -- two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, whatever it turns out to be -- we needed to add somebody who could play a lot of shortstop. Jamey Carroll has been great, [Aaron] Miles has been great, to run them out every day for the next few weeks, we thought we would be a better club with the added talents and versatility of Dee.”

Gordon will wear No. 9.

He will presumably make his major-league debut over the next three days at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, where his father used to pitch.

“I know this place we’re at right now like the back of my hand,” Gordon said.

In other news:

--With Cliff Lee pitching for the Phillies, Andre Ethier is out of the lineup for Monday's game. With the Dodgers playing in intense heat and humidity in their recently concluded series in Cincinnati, Mattingly said he wanted to rest his left-handed hitters on a day when a left-hander pitched for the Phillies. Ethier said nothing is wrong with him physically. "Good to go," Ethier said.

--Marcus Thames, who was activated, is batting third. Mattingly offered some reasons. Thames is “hit or miss” against Lee. He has hit three home runs and struck out 15 times in 36 career at-bats against Lee. Mattingly said he hopes that by batting Thames in front of Matt Kemp, he will see better pitches to hit. Also, if Lee is pulled, Mattingly can put Ethier into the game in his usual No. 3 spot.

--First base coach Davey Lopes said he was emotional returning to Philadelphia, where he coached the previous four seasons. He said that with the Dodgers playing their home games in a half-empty stadium, he misses the intensity of Phillies fans. He said a difference of opinion of how he should be compensated was “part of” his decision to leave the Phillies, but that, “it wasn’t just that.” But he said he had nothing bad to say about the Phillies, adding, “They treated me great.”

-- Dylan Hernandez in Philadelphia

Photo: Dee Gordon during his spring training photo shoot. Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

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River Thames dry gulches first at bat by hitting into double play and killing the first inning momentum. Nice gut hunch Donnie Osmond "I'm A Little Bit Torre" Mattingly. Eric Collins with the call "Thames showing off his guad healed with a running catch. Way to call 'em like you see 'em, Collins. I guess now that Vanderbilt from F Troop Gibbons has been exiled we can count on Collins to be our Mr. Magoo of the airwaves and give us words that don't match our pictures.
Let's hear it for the Isotopes from LA!!!!!

Davy Lopes is a great coach, thats why Philadelphia fans have great respect for him. LA can only hope, If Don Mattingly can't make it with LA as a coach, hopefully, Davy Lopes will be next..

Gordon gives the Dodgers a different look. I hope this is the start of a brilliant career. I don't expect to see much more of Raffy. I think this kid will replace Furcal and this could be the start of a new era..

I'm waiting to see how many pieces gordon breaks into after Ryan Howard or Prince Fielder come barreling into him at 2nd base on the pivot.

: O

5'11 150? I'm guessing he's more like 5'9 7/8 and about 140 - he makes Juan Pierre look bulky...

I thought they should have stayed with Ivan DeJesus Jr. Although he struggled when he was up, you have to give these kids a little time to mature.Plus,he at least has more of a major league physique than Dee Gordan....The future infield might be DeJesus Jr and Gordan ,so let's start grooming.

37 errors. Gimme a break.

I'm cool with Gordon getting his shot. Loved seeing him dash from first to third tonight.

"Dee Gordon will be the regular shortstop"

translation; "we're rebuilding this year"

Great move bringing up Gordon. Now they better let him play every day like they say they will. Even if he struggles all year they will be more interesting to watch. With Gordon and Sands in the lineup now there is hope of getting better this year or next.

With as many empty seats as there are in Dodger Stadium, and with as much apathy as Dodger fans have shown, the organization can make any fakakta move they want, anytime they want, and no one can say a darned thing about it, cause there ain't no one to say nothing to to no one, if you catch my meanin.


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