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Dodgers have a support issue with Hiroki Kuroda

Kuroda_640 Hiroki Kuroda is frustrated.

I have little actual evidence to base that comment on, other than I know Kuroda is very human. And if he’s not frustrated, then the only alternative is that he’s not a member of the human race.

Kuroda is very respectful, very careful in his translated comments, so this is not the guy who’s suddenly going off on a I-cannot-believe-these-slugs-can’t-score-me-few-runs rant.

But they can’t.

Kuroda suffered his fifth consecutive loss Monday night, making this a career-long losing streak.

It’s not like he’s been making a Cy Young statement the last five games, but he has mostly pitched well. The Dodgers, however, have given him only 1.57 runs of support per start. They can’t score for him.

"We don’t seem to be able to,’’ said manager Don Mattingly. "It seems there’s always a guy like that on every staff, somebody who doesn’t get runs.

"Hero seems like he’s been snakebit a little bit.’’

Monday night against the Reds, Kuroda surrendered two earned runs in his 6-1/3 innings, allowing six hits, no walks and striking out six. And, of course, lost.

He was hit hard in the first two starts of his losing streak, but in his last three games has a 2.55 ERA. Kuroda has made nine quality starts this season, not that his 5-8 record reflects it.

"I’ve probably been too careful,’’ Kuroda said. "Unfortunately, I don’t get much run support, so I don’t want to give up any runs.’’

Kuroda being too fine, making one mistake and losing, having no margin for error, has to leave him frustrated. Which he agreed to, kind of.

"You’re probably right,’’ he said. "That’s one of the reasons I’ve been too careful.’’

Too careful, and a tad too frustrated.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Hiroki Kuroda. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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I've got a solution to Kuroda's lack of run support - trade him to a contender for a couple of good prospects. Problem solved.

Consistency - thy name be kuroda

Fate accompli - la's one-man army

hiroki gets the most out of his talent even at age 36, his team best era 3.31 (this compared the overhyped kershaw 3.44, inconsistent billingsley 4.13 and 3.98 the gypsy lilly.)

As with Kyu Sakamoto's 'Ue wo muite arukou' (Sukiyaki), look up while you walk 'Hero'... look up so you don't see how far down a dudgers life be.

Dodger fans have been snakebit.

kuroda was clearly upset when he gave up the HR to Heisey (sp?). one run and he was beside himself. it's unfortunate for him but he has to fight through it. guerrier really blew it last night. first by walking philips and then throwing that inexcusable low and in pitch to votto. lefties just love that pitch. either guerrier or navarro completely messed up on that one. and then what the heck was donnie thinking in the last inning? navarro and his .150 avg. had no business being up there with 2 outs in the ninth? thames or blake had to be up there in that situation. come on donnie. you need to manage until the last out of the game is made. navarro was not the guy in that situation.

Saw this quote on the Yahoo Dodger Team Report: “We’re getting more guys involved. Our little mighty mites have been unbelievable. We’re becoming a pretty athletic club. We’ve got speed in the outfield. We’re a club that bunts a bit and makes some things happen. We’re probably getting to be a club that when we get guys on base, we’re a pain to manage against because we do a lot of little stuff. It’s been fun to watch.”—Manager Don Mattingly, whose group of “mighty mites” has expanded from Jamey Carroll (5-foot-9) and Aaron Miles (5-8) to Tony Gwynn Jr. (5-11) and Dee Gordon (5-11 and 150 pounds).

What's Donnie talking about? To be a pain like he says, these guys have to start running. How about some more hit and run? straight steals? taking the extra base? Play baseball the Mike Scioscia way and then you can talk. But Donnie is not doing that at all.

Hate to say it since Kuroda is absolutely my favorite Dodger but Labeldude is right; he is the only Starter we should shop and get something decent in return. We could get Matt Gammel from Mil. at the least. He's a stud who has been ML ready since last year. Rangers have a bunch of good young arms. Cards have alot of good kids. Freese on the DL could be a minor coup. Maybe package him with someone and bring the local slugger Boesch home from Detroit?

After this year I would expect Kuroda to go back to Japan to finish up there, per his previous comments last year. Perhaps there he can pitch in front of his family and get the run support that he no doubt deserves. Hiroki Kuroda has been a consistent pitcher who has earned his pay. How many other guys on the current roster can have that stated about them.

To the Yankees, for Russell Martin and Andruw Jones!

Kuroda is not going anywhere. He has a no trade clause in his contract. He is one of the core guys on this team, one of the few players who delivers what is expected of him on a day in, day out basis. He stays healthy, he gets into the late innings of every game, and he keeps the game close.

As for Kershaw being over-hyped, that's probably the dumbest comment I've read today. Pitchers like Tim Lincecum, Jon Lester, David Price, Felix Hernandez, Ubaldo Jimenez, and even Steven Strasberg have gotten way more ink than Kershaw, especially in the national press. I sure as hell don't see Kershaw on any SI or ESPN magazine covers. When the sports writers and talk show hosts speak or write about the Dodgers, it's never about Kershaw, Kemp, or Ethier, instead it's always about Frank McCourt.

Kershaw is a damn good pitcher and I'm thrilled that he is the Dodgers' #1 pitcher.

Speaking of asinine statements...

"I'm thrilled that he (kershaw) is the Dodgers' #1 pitcher. "

- despite the fact he would be the #2, 3 or even 4 on the Phillies/other clubs.

In an insane world, a sane man must appear insane...

Well, "the Dodgers #1 pitcher" was at it again tonight. Winless for half a month entering the game, he's now... winless for half a month and a day.

He's now allowed 13 earned runs in his last 3 starts, good for a 'not so very' 5.95 era - this is trend rather exception. To wit, his era has climbed from a 2.79 in 2009, to 2.91 in 2010 and now at 3.28 aft tonight, hits per innings also on the rise. He'll be lucky to match the 13 wins he had 2010, let alone more; he's not getting older so much as treading water if not getting worse.

Yes I know - "yeah buts", "if only's" and the like ad nauseam - different cities same tune sung the mournful wail every team's fandom; 'potential' unrequited is just (over)hype.

We all have our preferences, but frankly there isn't much difference between any of the dudgers current starters: #1 pitches like #2 (double entendre), #5 is #3 or #4 is # whatever on any given game day, flip a coin. All good enough to get you beat after keeping you in a game 6 innings or so, give or take; none be a Roy Halladay, for example.

kershaw? I hate to beg but... s'il vous plaît. He'll become Roy or Cy or Sandy just as soon as slappy 'e' becomes MVP & Triple Crown & HOF.


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