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Dodgers hope Casey Blake returns to lineup Friday

The Dodgers hope veteran third baseman Casey Blake can return to the starting lineup Friday when the team opens a three-game series with the Houston Astros, Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly said Wednesday.

Blake Blake, 37, was not in the starting lineup Wednesday for the fifth consecutive game, this time as the Dodgers face the Cincinnati Reds in a day game at Dodger Stadium. He's been suffering from a sore neck that might involve a pinched nerve.

However, Blake has been able to pinch-hit in three of the Dodgers' last four games.

Asked if Blake would be ready to start Friday, after the Dodgers have a day off Thursday, Mattingly said "we're hoping" and that Blake was "going to get a cortisone injection [Wednesday night] after the game. We're hoping that's going to speed his recovery."

Mattingly said the Dodgers were not thinking about placing Blake on the disabled list if Blake doesn't quickly recover, noting that he can continue to pinch-hit and, if necessary, play first base because it doesn't require the long throws needed to play third.

"He can do it, he's just not feeling 100%," Mattingly said.

Here are the starting lineups for Wednesday's game, one of the Dodgers' "throwback games" in which the teams will wear uniforms from the 1940s:

Dee Gordon SS
Jamey Carroll 2B
Andre Ethier RF
Matt Kemp CF
Juan Uribe 3B
Marcus Thames LF
James Loney 1B
Rod Barajas C
Chad Billingsley P

Chris Heisey CF
Edgar Renteria SS
Joey Votto 1B
Brandon Phillips 2B
Scott Rolen 3B
Jonny Gomes LF
Fred Lewis RF
Ryan Hanigan C
Travis Wood P

--Jim Peltz

Photo: Casey Blake during a game against the Phillies in Philadelphia on June 7. Credit: Hunter Martin/Getty Images

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When you have to "hope" to get Casey Blake back in the line-up, I think you can pretty much tell where your season is.

boy, howdy, there's a big fall-off from 1-2-3-4 to 5-6-7-8 on that lineup card.

At least we've got a .280 hitter batting 9th

Hanging Chad (curveballs that is) is at it again. When the team needs a strong performance he has them down 6-1 in the 3rd inning before most of the fans have had a chance to buy their overpriced beer and a Dodger Dog. Hanging Chad every year goes through the same process of teasing fans with a stretch of good games and then for some reason goes back to his old ways and can't get anybody out. It is time to ship him out for prospects or a bat. Package him with The Loney Baloney guy at first base and build for the future. This year is a disaster and Mattingly sure as hell is not going to win any close games with his decision making. By the way, the game last night was so bad Larry King who sits behind home plate (along with Mary Hart a few rows ahead of him) couldn't last more than a few innings. When 'Ol Suspenders can't tough it out then you know the season is lost!!!

Just as labeldude alluded to, when your team depends on Blake, you royally suck.

Nice effort by Billingsley yet again today.

Thanks, Ned.

Well as we sit here on June 15th, on the verge of going 9 down in the division, I will be the first to say it; Andre Ethier will be traded by or on the July 31st trade deadline. Andre is my favorite Dodger, but there is no denying the fact that he is not himself this season. He has become the best singles hitter in baseball, but unfortunately the Dodgers don't need any more singles hitters. The D's need a hitter who can hit .285-.300, 25-30 HR's, drive in 100+ runs, basically they need the Andre Ethier they used to have.
After his comments on the eve of the season, about not being here beyond this year, and his lack of interest in this team, maybe it's time to move him and build around Matt Kemp!!

Alan, Bills should be batting 5th in that lineup! Wow.. nice job, Ned... collecting bums on a throwback day to celebrate the Bums.

Who cares? The guy is over the hill. Nice guy, good heart, a good player in his youth, but he's 37, injury prone, and no maestro with the glove, although he might be an improvement over Uribe, which isn't saying much.

BMeador8 is correct - just wish he had pitched better today

The Deadgers can take solace in the fact they got paid today and they won't lose tomorrow. It is an off day. Oh, and on throwback day they gave Dusty Baker a Happy Birthday present. River Thames and The Loney Ringer both killed us with bases loaded and only one out and both came up empty. June gloom equals June swoon. Keep up the boycott and maybe we can end this madness by the end of the month!!!

I'm just hoping that Blake will be O.K. after the cortisone injection because if he ain't, I won't be a bit surprise he'll be back on the DL. This seems to happen all the time. These things always start out as nothing and then it blows up to months.

Please Casey, come back to the line up, save us.
Ha, ha, ha ha, ha.
Now that Blake is 'damaged goods' it's very unlikely any AL team will be willing to take him off the Dodgers hands.
The Dodgers have a very good center fielder, a nice right fielder, and a flashy rookie shortstop
(we'll see how he fares at the plate once he's been through the league).
The Dodgers have a very good pitcher in Kershaw. Another pitcher, Rubby De La Rosa looked interesting for a minute, only briefly however, he is now experiencing the mystery forearm ailment (hello Edwin Jackson or drink more water?).
Other than that, this team is a dreary mess.
Hey, maybe the players have more talent than they're showing.
Could they already have grown weary of Donnie Baseball and his alter ego Trey Hillman?
Goodness, what will happen to this team when they officially start mailing it in?

The only thing left to root for is that McCourt can't make payroll.

What difference will Blake 'make', when he returns. . .. ???????????????? It's like waiting for Furcal to come back..........
Those two guys are not the answer.

AZ Dodger Fan said "I will be the first to say it; Andre Ethier will be traded"






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