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Confirmed: McCourt meets Dodgers' Wednesday payroll

Franks Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has met the team's Wednesday payroll, two people familiar with the Dodgers' finances said Tuesday.

McCourt is 5-for-5 in making payroll this season, even after Commissioner Bud Selig tabled a long-term television contract with Fox that McCourt said had been factored into the Dodgers' financial planning for this season. Without the revenue from that contract, McCourt met the Dodgers' first three payrolls with a $30-million personal loan from Fox and met the May 31 and June 15 payrolls by juggling payment schedules.

However, with a wave of deferred payments coming due, McCourt needs about $30 million -- roughly triple the usual amount -- to meet the June 30 payroll. The Dodgers appear to have "no chance" to meet that payroll without a cash infusion from that Fox contract, according to a person familiar with the team's finances.

McCourt and his ex-wife Jamie held close to nine hours of talks on Monday in an attempt to settle their divorce. It is unclear how Frank McCourt would finance a settlement if Selig does not approve the Fox contract. The settlement discussions are continuing.

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Frank McCourt. Credit: Ramin Talaie / Bloomberg

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Shouldn't he realize he isn't wanted by now, sell the team, make millions, get Jamie out of his life.... but no he has to bring us all(Dodger fans) down with him! Thanks Frank.

So depressing. All we can hope for is that he can't pay Manny.

every new day every new story I HATE HATE HATE Frank MCOURT even more and more

This is really getting very, very interesting. I think a lot will happen before the end of the month.

I dont believe Frank has money issues.
He shouldnt have problems making payroll..

Say Hallelujah Frank. Hope you didn't charge the payroll to Rev. John Hunter's credit card.

This may be Manny's most inportant contribution to the Dodgers, McSnidley's final demise.

Manny giveth. And Manny taketh away.

McCourt has pretty much all 9 lives. I can't see this continuing.

S**T !!!!!

This is bad news for Dodger fans and baseball. I really wish Frank McCourt would sell the team and go away.

Wouldn't you pay Manny another $8 million for nothing on the field, as long as it broke Frank's budget and got this team sold??? : )




I imagine that some of the money is coming from non-season ticket holders who attend the games and buy loads of concessions, not to mention the parking.

I had the impression by the media that Frank was in dire financial needs.

Does he have a secret stash hidden away through the manipulation of his many entities?

Does he have a sugar daddy, with strings attached, helping him?

Is Jamie advancing him money so that she can profit from the FOX loan, if he gets it?

Correct me if I am wrong, but It's been close to two years and I haven't heard of a final decree as yet. Who is holding it up and why? Is the divorce a sham to channel money away from the organization? I don't trust either of these McCourts when a buck is invovled.

It's all About McMee.

Come on out to Dodgers Stadium, bring the family, and line my pockets
with some more of your hard earned cash.

The ex-wifey and I are really enjoying the public spectacle ... err ... spotlight.

Extend the agony.

P.S. Remember, the last thing I wanted to do was embarrass the children.
(they're still on the payroll by the way)

Jamie has taken legal action, I believe, to force Frank to sell the team. Divorce court ruled that Dodgers are half hers, and she claims the value of the team, and therefore her cut, is diminishing. Court could force him to sell because of this.
In the meantime, here's hoping Dodger Stadium attendance continues to dwindle and Frank cannot make the June 30 payroll. Stay away, fans ... for the good of the franchise.

Strains of Elton John's 'I'm Still Standin' - suggesting the nauseating spectre real or imagined that behind closed doors, Frank is secretly laughing at fans, Selig & others trying to bury him.

Contractual legalese & legalities aside, is it 'possible' he could take care of June 30 too? 'Deference' (what an apropos word) to Counselors, might extra 'con$ideration' (back-loaded / other payments received by a payee reworked contract) exchange for a delay present payment be plausible?

I can see it now: the final balloon payment to be made [cue Zager & Evans] 'In the Year 2525'!

If McCourt is allowed to keep this franchise, I'm through with it forever. You can say all you want about supporting the players, but its not about them anymore. I'll happily support Kemp and Kersh and Dre wherever they play, hopefully for an organization that appreciates their talent. Plain and simple, this isn't the franchise I grew up with in any way, shape or form. Whether it wins or loses isn't the issue either. Its a matter of class. Its a matter of ethics. And its a matter of the hypocracy it would take to support it in any manner when you don't respect any aspect of its owner and his business or personal practices.

june 22

go away frank. just go away.

Frank, you belong in jail. Hopefully that's where you end up sooner than later.

You don't give a sh!t about Dodger baseball -but we do.

Off you go.......

"What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?" —Tennessee Williams

thanks for all the help Selig, you really brought a quick resolution to the problem.

This is the insane theory of an old man (ME)! frankie knows most of us dislike him, I, for one , hate him. he I think, is going to just stay and irritate us some more because it is his ball and when he thinks he has ruined this ballclub sufficiently, he will just pick up his ball and go home(Boston). he is telling us by his actions that we can`t run him out of town. So there LOS ANGELES frankie is bigger and badder than you or your precious ballclub. How does this animal sleep at night or at all? You know he has to be one , if not, of the most selfish self centered person in sports and that is saying something when you think of the illusterous MLB commissioner.C`mon frankie , sell, I`m running out of time on the planet!!!!

If Frank keeps this team, I am done with it. I have been a fan my whole life but he has ruined our team.

You have made it so sad to be a Dodger fan. It shows us that you only care about yourself and no one else, just about the money. The grief you have put upon us is something that should have never happened. I hope you believe in karma because you will have it coming back to you soon. Now go back to Boston, sell the team, and say good bye.

Cheer up Dodger Fans....McCourt is done, not to worry. He's still gotta get past divorce court on June 22. Ex wife wants her cut-McCourt can't afford to buy her out. Solution-judge orders team sold.

Then the next hurdle is triple the payroll on June 30 at about thirty million. Almost 10 mil for current roster + 8 million for Manny + the remaining 12 million for other deferrals he owes. I'm thinking those cash advances from sponsors is gonna dry up pretty soon. Do they really want to keep throwing money down that black hole called McCourt-I'm betting not! Plus 30 million is a lot of scratch to come up with!

So Dodger fans, take your pick. Either the judge hoses him or Selig hoses him-I don't care which.

Deferred money says it all. Let's put off the future so we can live in luxury now. The fine fans of Los Angeles will foot the bill. 3 Million plus fans we can count on. Parking and Dodger Dogs will put us over the top. One more home please on the Malibu strip, I'm having brunch over at Paradise Cove. Lost season, Lost year, Lost Owner. The Seasons end could not come soon enough. Enjoy your 8.33 Million dollar pay day Manny. Thanks Vinny, It's time for Dodger Baseball, 2012.

Gosh! How is poor Jamie managing to fund her mansions, salon visits, and designer shopping binges, if mean old Frank is blowing cash on the Dodgers? What is he thinking? And where is her cash coming from ... oh damn, she doesn't have (half?) ownership of the Clippers, does she?

Not sure how many people actually showed up or what was being given away, but if you were among the 39,233 in attendance last night, you might as well start chanting Beat L.A. while wearing orange and black. Good Lord, can't you find ANYTHING else to waste your money on in this city? Fans that want what's best for the team are staying away with feet firmly planted on this cockroach's neck. The only person your "loyalty" is helping, is Frank.

The clock is ticking McCourt scum.

Frank. Dodgers fans hate you. Sell the team and get lost.

Another two weeks WASTED! Another tease! When the hell will Frank run out of suckers to lend him money? Frank, you've already ruined this team. FOR GOD'S SAKE, SELL THE TEAM, FRANK, AND GO BACK INTO YOUR HOLE, YOU WEASEL!!! True Dodger fans hate your guts!!!


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