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Clayton Kershaw leads the way with two-hit shutout of Tigers in Dodgers' 4-0 victory

Kershaw_300 Your favorite franchise dragging, ownership in chaos, Major League Baseball about to take control?

Need a little pick-me-up?

Voila! How about a little two-game winning streak?

From the morass that has enveloped the Dodgers, at least Monday night they were able to find momentary respite in the form of a 4-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers before an announced crowd of 29,355.

Clayton Kershaw was once again absolutely suberb, shutting the Tigers out on two hits. It was his second shutout of the season and third of his career. And an improving hitter, he also drove in a pair of runs.

Hiroki Kuroda, Matt Guerrier and Javy Guerra combined to shut out the Astros on Sunday. The Dodgers have not allowed a run in their last 19 innings.

The initial offense was provided by struggling Juan Uribe, who hit a solo home run off ex-Dodger Brad Penny in the first, while James Loney and Dioner Navarro added doubles to score one more in the sixth.

Then with two outs and the bases loaded in the eighth, Kershaw singled off reliever Joaquin Benoit to score two final runs.

It was on the mound, however, where Kershaw was dominant.

Kershaw (7-3) gave up a double to Ray Raburn in the third and a single to Casper Wells in the fourth, but otherwise was in complete control. He struck out 11 and walked one. He has now leads the major leagues in strikeouts (117).

Uribe was 0 for 13 and 1 for 19 on the homestand when he batted in the first. He left no doubt about this hit, though, crushing a 3-2 pitch and sending it several rows up the left-field pavilion. It was Uribe’s first home run since April 29.

Penny (5-6) slipped out of trouble in the fourth and fifth innings, before the Dodgers finally got to him again in the sixth.

Loney continued his gradual rebirth at the plate -- he’s hitting .321 since April 26th -- with a leadoff double. One out later Navarro, whose solo home run won Sunday’s game, doubled down the right-field line to score Loney.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Clayton Kershaw struck out 11 during Monday’s victory over Detroit. Credit: Gary A. Vasquez / US Presswire

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Can't wait for 16blows to slink in to tell us all in 10,000 words that Kershaw sucks.

Kershaw is just great.

Just knowing that they were one step closer to being out from under the cloud that is the McCrook ownership, seemed to put a little life in the team.

just more "fool's gold" re: Kershaw, as he's good for about one such gem per month.......

however, over his neXt 4 outings, he'll likely last butt 6 innings per start, getting shelled in one of these starts, while garnering about 2--3 no decisions in the others....

he's no Ace now, or ever

missed my prediction by 2 hits

"Can't wait for 16blows"

- He loves it when they beg...


ClaYt'inconsistent' kershaw was on last night; next outing, well... you know the drill. dudgers took 16blows advise, allowed the 4th year tease to finish a game and for one night at least removed his training wheels.

Just as this scribe promised them would be the case, his arm did 'not' fall off. As he approaches age 24 with all of 33 wins on his resume 4 years in, the era is still growing yearly, while the over-hype has leveled off to a more realistic take if not stalled nor amped.

My Dodgers are still dudgers and ck is still not nor will he e'er be SK, but at least the former can aspire to become as good as the team's best/consistent pitcher, hiroki 'hero' kuroda... that is a noble goal for #22 try to realize.

For some tho, once more the quick twitch (otherwise known as knee-jerk) adherency rise up to anoint him Sanford.2... dudger fandom is a silly lot.

For the record, there will never be another Sandy Koufax. So to try to compare any young pitcher, lefty or otherwise, Dodger or otherwise, to Koufax, is really unfair. But if 16blows is going to insist on continuing to do exactly that, it would really be better if he followed through with the comparison and be done with it (I'm not going to do that, either, but I do have a couple of points). Sandy didn't really come into his own and have a standout season until he was 25 years old. He didn't have a season with an ERA under 3.00 until he was 26. At 23, Kershaw has already had 2 seasons with an ERA under 3.00. At 23, Koufax pitched on a World Series champion (1959), yet his stats were pretty mediocre pitching for a winning team that year. Nobody is saying that Kershaw will ever match Koufax's last 5 years in baseball -- Sandy was phenomenal those years -- but that's just the point. Nobody in baseball could have looked at Sandy's early years and predicted that greatness was on the way. Kershaw is still young, but showing flashes of brilliance. Who knows where he'll be in another year or two? Never say never.

No make a the rules, just play a the same game...

To paraphrase Cioran: "we are all geniuses when we dream, the butcher's the poet's equal there.” Ditto the baseball provocateurs imagine themselves any more prescient the rest fandom, variously. Yes, am talking to/about you.

'Several' folks have anointed kershaw the next Koufax - not this scribe; I am incapable making such an ridiculous statement (leave said to the most rabid adherents of his, dudger fandom.)

Several writers (including National) predicted him to be the NL Cy Young Award winner in 2011 (even the esteemed local writer NP Krohn echoed!)

Reiterating, until he becomes Bill Singer at minimum he will remain more overhype than fait accompli.

Age 23, Singer's era was 2.64. .. kershaw is 3.01. Through 99 starts, kershaw is 33 wins & a 3.14 era - Singer through 107 starts had 45 wins & a 2.88 era.

kershaw has 3 shutouts, 3 complete games... Singer Throwing Machine had 11 and 35.

Next 8 starts, let us check and see whether ck can win 12, lower his career era by .026 & add 8 shutouts... oh, and 32 complete games. Age does not dictate, rather experience doth... whether a debut 15 a Joe Nuxhall or Jim Morris same age 35, material aspect be makeup, not birthdays. Too, aft a certain point, potential (unrealized) becomes just exercise (futility.)

ck is a 'nice' boy... he has 'wonderful' deportment (slappy 'e' & chest thumper / skypointer 'k'emp should take note)... he is a 'good' pitcher... that is ALL he is, with condolences those imagine him more. To be(come) dudgers 2nd best pitcher is at this point should strive become, if e'er consistency he grasps.

once again 16blows' lips are moving but the only thing coming out is hot air and nonsense.
"ClaYt'inconsistent' kershaw" & "he's no Ace now, or ever"...really? - 7-3, 3.01 era, 2 complete game shutouts, and leading the NL in strikeouts.....if thats inconsistant I and every team in the majors will take it. this was ck's 101st major league appearance. on his 100th appearance vin scully pointed out that since ck's 1st start in the majors he has the 2nd lowest batting avg. against and was 4th in strikeouts in the entire major leagues since that point. if 16blows is right i cant wait to see a what a consistent ck can do.

"My Dodgers are still dudgers" im sorry 16blows but they are not your dodgers anymore. no matter how long u have watched the dodgers of old you are not a true dodger fan anymore(especially if ur claiming the giants now like u have conveniently done for ur arguments). to boycott the dodgers because of mccourt is more than acceptable. to point out that this team isnt the quality that u want or are used to is also fine(though at some point it becomes beating a dead horse and that point was a long time ago for you). if u have watched and rooted for the dodgers as long as you claim you have definitely earned the right to do both. that being said.....goodbye! if ur going to switch allegiances to the giants the 1st time they win...good riddance! u stuck with the dodgers when we won and now that we've had some problems(90+% owner related) u jump ship(and to the giants of all teams)? good bye and good luck with the giants. if u need help getting rid of any dodger gear let me know. i've got a couple #'s u could call so u can donate it to some kids that still enjoy being a dodger fan.

Parting (World Championship, cough cough) be nee was such 'sweet' sorrow!

: )

@16blows - if only that ring got in the way of you posting. it would help u appear less foolish. then u'd be on to something.

P.S. admitting you're a frontrunner fan and then bragging about a championship just doesnt work like u might think. wow. so silly.

I love it when they beg... and they do it so well/so often!

: )


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