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Chris Reed: From obscurity to first-round pick

Chris Reed
was second-team all-league as a high school senior in the San Fernando Valley and he pitched sparingly in his first two years at Stanford. But last May, Reed set a goal for himself: to be a first-round draft pick.

“I knew I could outwork everybody else,” he said. “I was blessed with some good height, and being a lefty, I had the tools. I decided to develop them.”

Reed his completed his transformation from unknown to top prospect on Monday, when the Dodgers drafted him with the 16th pick of the first round.

“It’s obviously a dramatic transformation from where I was,” Reed said. “I worked hard to get here.”

Reed has been closing this year for Stanford, which will visit North Carolina in the Super Regional round of the NCAA baseball tournament.

Reed said he recommitted himself last summer, when he played in the Atlantic Collegiate Summer League. When he returned to California, he worked out three times a week in Santa Barbara.

Dodgers scouting director Logan White said he viewed Reed as a starter. Reed said he saw himself that way as well.

Even though White said Reed could be fast-tracked if he were used as a reliever, Reed said he wasn’t tempted by the idea.

“Not particularly,” he said. “I love starting.”

Reed is advised by super agent Scott Boras. The last time the Dodgers drafted a Boras advisee was in 2005, when they selected Luke Hochevar. They failed to sign him.

Asked if he was prepared to return to Stanford for his senior season if an agreement with the Dodgers could not be reached, Reed said, “If that’s how it happens …”

But, Reed also said, “In the end, it’s my decision.”

An agent advising another draftee said he was told by White that the Dodgers couldn’t offer a signing bonus greater than what was recommended by the commissioner’s office for that slot. The slot amount for the No. 16 pick is believed to be around $1.5 million.

Reed pitched in Dodger Stadium in 2007 for Cleveland High in Reseda in the Los Angeles City Section Finals. His team fell to Chatsworth, 2-1.


How 2010 draft selections have fared

For Dodgers, youth is served, then served again

-- Dylan Hernandez in Philadelphia

Photo: Chris Reed. Credit: Bret Hartman / Associated Press

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Chris Reed: From obscurity to first-round pick. Obscurity - must be where Ned and Frank came from also because I never heard of them before they got here either.
ALRIGHT a Boras man - what could possibly go wrong?

Logan White for New Owner's GM.

Who better?

Can you say Buzzie Bavasi?

Great, the Dodgers get a pitcher from obscurity and the D-Backs get Tim Lincecum 2.0 in Trevor Bauer

Terrific. Now McCourt can try to con the sponsors again to front the money for this obscure pick. June 15th can't get here soon enough (or maybe June 22 as a fall back plan). I'm tired of seeing McCourt's bad decisions which will have negative impact upon the next Dodger owner (Mark Cuban??).

McCourt ruined the Dodgers draft by spending money on his personal use only. This shows he is not a Dodger fan and just does not care. Where is our new owner who cares about the team, not himself ?

McCourt ruined the Dodgers draft by spending money on his personal use only.

I'm no fan of McBankrupt but he did get Zach Lee to sign last year after everyone the pick was designed to fail...

Here's another vote for Login White as GM

Sounds like he has got some love for the blue crew. He's gonna need it to overcome Boras' love of the green and become a Dodger. I like the Dodgers going after people that want to play here. It can only help the clubhouse.


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