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And then out of the blue, Dioner Navarro home run ends Dodgers' five-game skid in 1-0 victory over Astros


So maybe that’s what the Dodgers need to turn things around -- an unlikely hero.

Could there be one more unlikely than Dioner Navarro?

Navarro entered Sunday batting a sad .156, his shaping up as a nightmare season. Worse, he became their main catcher by default when the Dodgers placed Rod Barajas on the disabled list before the game with a sprained ankle.

Yet with the Dodgers' offense being shackled once again by the lowly Houston Astros, it was Navarro who stepped up with the big hit.

Navarro ended a scoreless game in the eighth inning by drilling a solo home run into the right-field bleachers, leading the Dodgers to a 1-0 victory that snapped their five-game losing streak.

After Hiroki Kuroda went seven innings without allowing a run, Matt Guerrier pitched a scoreless eighth to pick up the victory and rookie Javy Guerra worked the ninth to earn his second save.

Kuroda’s story is getting old for the Dodgers: pitching well and not winning.

In a bit of exciting news, however, Sunday he did not lose. Kuroda had lost his last five consecutive starts.

He certainly did his part Sunday, throwing seven scoreless innings. He held the Astros to three hits, walked two and struck out six.

In his four June starts, Kuroda has a 1.82 earned-run average -- and his record in those starts is 0-3.

Trouble for Kuroda on Sunday was that he was being matched by Houston’s Bud Norris.

Norris threw six scoreless innings, holding the Dodgers to just one hit, a clean single by Navarro in the third inning.

Norris walked one and struck out five.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers catcher Dioner Navarro is congratulated by Juan Uribe after a 1-0 win over the Houston Astros on Sunday at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

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When did Donnie start smoking crack? 15-5 before the all star break.Not from this team

roll out the compliments boys

full 2 games clear of last place Padres; only NL West team to win on Sunday; Navarro up to a buck-75 off a knock and a tater; how 'bout that "come to jesus meeting" ol' donnie gave 'em last night; even the BFH didn't blow it

bring on the tiggers....

ok, I'm done ... wish there could be some serious optimism ... but hey, love my team and that means the name on the front of the jersey not the back of the jersey or the signature on the paycheck stub ... glad we won, hope ya'll stayed out of the park too

Oh yeah, just like the last time Navarro got the walk of hit for the win, yup they're sure to go on a winning streak now. Ha.

Will stay out of that park until that crooked tooth jack ass is gone.

Well, Another loss, but what's new.
Sub .500 at home and on the road is going to make the rest of the season a long one.
Could use a few more Matt Kemps. Glad to see him finally having a great year.
Hope that he makes a bid for the MVP. I think that he can take it home if he continues with the season that he is having.
Just wished they would get the ownership decided and be done with it.

People actually paid money to see this in person?

hiroki kuroda showed again today why (in any language) he is the dudgers #1 pitching son; that the team's best and most consistent starter couldn't get the 'W' is no knock on him.

Now 5-8 3.31, kuroda is putting together the same type season that the late Don Drysdale did back in '67 when DD went 13-16 2.74 on that horrendous 73-89 team.

If Don pitched like a million bucks then, hiroki's pitching like about $6.5 mill today, adjusted for inflation. That in fact kuroda is pulling down $11.7+ mill says more about modern day economics than his being twice as good DD; on this year's team however, he's King.


Meanwhile the dudgers #2 catcher (nope, ain't gonna say it) backup dioner navarro (who came in batting .156) raised his average 19 points to .175 with two hits on Father's Day.

One of them a home run. The game winner even. How unexpected was this?

Vin Scully even blew it, misstating "for navarro his 1st hr." Easy enough understand the erroneous pronouncement - was his 2nd far & few between the season actually. About the only thing missing was the apparition Jack Buck exclaiming - 'I don't believe what I just saw!''

So, the 2011 version 1 million dollar man in real $ earned some of it with a single swing (he's now making $500,00 per hr - nice work if you can get it, and thanks to the dudgers dire straits, he can.)


Adjusted for inflation, Steve 'The $6 Million Man' Austin (1974) would run $50-$100 mill today, least a successful prototype according to researchers.

If Frank McCourt & Ned would have just hired Oscar Goldman & OSI rather than spending $45 mill on schmidt, $45 mill on ramirez, $15 mill on andruw jones, $9.5 mill on slappy 'e'...

As we're all basking in the [lukewarm] glow as DeOwner of a rare win, I'd like to take the time to ask 45,000 people just WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?

The Dioner Party actually made contact...? Alert the media! Baseball has a face for a new generation. The laugh is that the Dudgers only scored one run against the last place Astros. They lose two out of three and Ned Clampett and McDork and Donny Osmond think this is start of a winning run. Dream on Three Stooges, this is a quirk that only puts the pause button on the downhill slide into the dungeon of the league.

When you watch the games on TV, you got to wonder why are the people behind home plate wasting their money on this drek? Why don't they just write checks to McDork's lawyers? Or hand over the cash to Jaime so she can get some more tanning parlor sessions.

I think most of those seats are owned by corporations so are these people taking the freebie tickets with glee? C'mon people, sitting behind home plate at the park right now and being on camera, is like being caught on camera like looters caught in the act during a riot. Have some dignity and stay home until sanity returns to the stadium. Marshall law has been called at the Stadium until McDork sells the team.

WOW, how in the world could we ALL have been soooooooo wrong about NavarrOOOOOOOOH!!!!..........

look for him now to sock about a dozen homers in each of July, August & Sept., thereby finishing w/close to 40 round-trippers on this season!!!!

why, he's another Piazza, or maybe even a "Campy"????

(in all seriousness, he does deserve a defensive kudo for calling a fine game, as afterall, 'twas a shutout????)

I'm sick of people like 16 blows attacking Ethier. Until he was injured last season he was near the top in all three triple crown categories. This year he is in the top five in batting average. All he needs to do is to remember how to hit the long ball.

He is the type of player who could excel with another team and if that team's stadium has shorter fences he could be near the top of the HR category. If this should happen, I would expect (and probably not get) an apology from his critics.

"I'm sick of people like 16 blows attacking Ethier."

- read the whole thing didja? Had to - slappy wasn't even mentioned till the end. What, no sense a shared angst for jason, manny & 'dru?

There are many who denigrate slappy 'e' - and rightly so - but this rapier wit is mine - be no wordsmith like me... accept no imitations.


"Until he was injured last season he was near the top in all three triple crown categories."

- curse the fates, southpaws & his journeyman talent exposed... is there an award for best first month & a half MLB? Maybe there should be. That way he could actually lead in something (like Juan Pierre, who led all of MLB in stolen bases last season... start, month & a half AND in conclusion.)


"This year he is in the top five in batting average. All he needs to do is to remember how to hit the long ball."

- actually he isn't - he's 6th in the NL, which matches his hr total for half a season now... what's slappy doing, pacing himself?


"He is the type of player who could excel with another team and if that team's stadium has shorter fences he could be near the top of the HR category."

- 'could'... 'if'... 'has'...and one more 'could' for good luck (alas, you forgot 'would' & 'should'.) Anything else we can do to accommodate his warning track power? Maybe give him a 'heads up' on what pitches are coming?


"If this should happen"

- ('should')... good man.


"I would expect (and probably not get) an apology from his critics."

- rest easy/not to worry DS... he shant, nor will I.

16 blows,

Ethier has a higher batting average than any regular Yankee with their inflated salary. Your attack on him reminds me of the attacks on Ichiro by some in Seattle which I find ridiculous when he has at times been 100 points higher in batting average than the next regular on his team.

I believe Ethier was the best Dodgers trade acquisition since Shawn Green and we got rid of Bradley in the deal.

16 blows is a giant fan. all his "slappy" talk and ethier's still having five times the season than that of any giant hitter. maybe "16" is just used to barry bonds and wants slappy to roid up like that cheat(whatever it takes to win right?).

16 blows is way to long winded for my taste but he does have baseball IQ. that being said he looks totally foolish with all this ethier nonsense. ethier is a better player than any current giant field player bar none. id love to see 16 blows attemp to argue otherwise using facts instead of things like silly nicknames.

P.S. saying the giants are champs might make u feel less foolish but it doesnt win this argument. so ill say congrats on last yr's ring ahead of time and wait for the stats/facts though i wont hold my breath.

I just skip anything and everything that 16blows posts.

Really, he's 16 and blows, hard.

Guess what, I really cannot stand the LOS DOYERS promotion. I am a DODGERS NOT A DOYERS fan! If they are now the DOYERS ? I've just about had all I can take of this organization... I still have seasons seats but I am not attending any more games if this organization wants to perpetuate Chavez Ravine as Cholo Ravine, and Doyer Stadium... This is America's lost pastime, learn to speak the language as all other immigrants do. McIncourts really seem to be bent on destroying the Los Angeles Dodgers. NOW they are trying to change the name to Los Doyers what does that tell you? Cute? I think not. Viva La Raza? Hello Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim...bye bye Blue...

Yeah, I've given up trying to understand 16blows as well. His self proclaimed rapier wit is just unintelligible ranting and his obsession with Andre is just nonsense.



"16 blows"

- yes, what is it now?


- formerly Northrup, now Buckner lite...

"has a higher batting average than any regular Yankee with their inflated salary."

- wonderful... do you think he'd prefer playing for the Steinbrenners in NY or McCourt's (minus one) here in lost angeles? Uh oh spaghettio!

As I am a lifelong dudgers (formerly Dodgers) fan, I want what is best for my team, so, don't go away mad slappy 'e' - just go away (anywhere will do) - and assault neither bat rack(s) or the orbs of dudger fandom any longer, via your journeyman talent.


"Your attack on him reminds me of the attacks on Ichiro by some in Seattle which I find ridiculous when he has at times been 100 points higher in batting average than the next regular on his team."

- tis not I, rather his own lame game - shoddy defense, sundial speed, a sub .300 career hitter and now one who spells power '90 footer'. He was, is and shall remain till eradicated the roster the most over-hyped player in dudger history...


"I believe Ethier was the best Dodgers trade acquisition since Shawn Green and we got rid of Bradley in the deal."

- Green was good wasn't he (for about an hour and a half - forever compared to what slappy has been (whoops - double entendre!)

"16 blows"

- yes, NOW what is it?

" is a Giants fan."

- a World Champion? But of course - evidentiary!

"i wont hold my breath."

- such is the lot dudger fandom...

Oh, YOU'RE the one!

I'll agree with 16blows on one thing: There's definitely no wordsmith like him. Nigh on impossible to get all the way through any of his posts, one begins to wonder what language he's smithing -- English? Methinks not.

And as for his contention that there are "many" who denigrate Ethier, he's delusional. He's in a crowd of one. He's obsessed with Ethier, unable to write a single post without mentioning him.

Every tean in the NL West has been to the World Searies At least once since 1988.

The Giants winning the World Series last year was a pure fluke. They had a mediocre team last year (except for the pitching) and happened to win the games that mattered. If anything their team is worse this year and while they might top the National League West (no great achievement) I can't see them progressing in the playoffs. Posey, their great find last year, was always an accident waiting to happen. Even before his injury, they were talking about moving him. Panda has sunk to his level of mediocrity and lifestyle seems to be catching up to the pitchers.

16 blows,

Adding Ethier to the Giants outfield would improve it greatly. The same with the ridiculously overpaid Yankees.


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