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A letter to Frank McCourt: If you love the Dodgers

Ln44fhnc Dear Frank McCourt,

I write to you as a friend. Please don’t snicker. Yes, I have been very hard on you as owner of the Dodgers. Tried to speak the truth when felt it necessary. That’s what friends do. I wonder if you have any of those. Not attorneys or Howard Sunkin or employees who tell you what you want to hear. But real friends who look you straight in the eye and speak honestly, however hard or painful it is to hear.

So I say this to you without animosity or hostility: It’s time to let the Dodgers go.

You say you love the Dodgers? Then do what’s best for the team and the franchise. Sell the club and move on.

I know it’s against your fighting nature. And that you can design a list of ways you believe you’ve been wronged or treated unfairly. That you have designed various scenarios to keep the battle alive.

And do what to the Dodgers in the meantime? Into just how many pieces do you have to tear the team and franchise before it’s enough?

I’m trying to visualize a scenario in which you think you actually come out victorious. You’re allowed to sue Major League Baseball and you actually win? Unlikely, but how long would that take and what would be left of the team by then? How many fans would still be at the Ravine? What would your relationship be with MLB and the other 29 owners?

You lost this city and its fans a long time ago and it’s only going to get worse if you dig in. Forget the convoluted schemes. Forget trying to keep control of some of your 26 entities or declaring bankruptcy or trying to find more Peters to pay Paul.

It’s over, and in truth, it has been since the day MLB took control in April. This should not be about ego or hubris or getting in a last uppercut.

This is no longer about you, it's about what’s best for the Dodgers. And going through protracted legal maneuvers that would likely take years to unfold is not it.

You really, truly love the Dodgers? Then end this. Let them go. It's the right thing to do.

Your friend,

Steve Dilbeck

Photo: The back side of the right-field scoreboard at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Reed Saxon / AP

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Steve, McCourt's nature is to fight and continue to fight through litigation, if necessary, to get what he believes he deserves. McCourt will never sell the team and go away. The franchise will have to be taken away from him by Selig. McCourt will then sue Major League Baseball. Additionally, the various and sundry interlocking parts of The Dodgers that McCourt created to siphon off money for family lifestyle will have to be disentangled. This "battle" will be settled in the courtroom. The court of public opinion has already been heard. McCourt has turned two deaf ears to reality. He lives in his own world and his own truth. Jamie lives in her own world and her own truth as well. I feel bad for their children.

Clearly, what the Dodgers need is a "Wisdom of Solomon" moment in which Frank is cut in two.

Dear Steve;

Thanks for the letter and Gift Basket from Bristol Farms (Jamie especially liked the cheese/roll).....

The Dodgers are mine and I will never let loose until the last hearing is heard and the last penny is see....this is what I do for a living.....I'm the Scorpion on the Frog's back while crossing the stream....I litigate to grab every last sucking penny out of a deal (blame Bud LOL!!!!).......

any-farts, TKS again, hope the wife and kiddos R doing well, and see you in 8 years when MLB and Myself and Jamie finally reach a mutually agreeable "Remedy".......

Yours Truly,


McCourt's behavior over the last few strikes me as nearly socio-pathic. His ludicrous statements about MLB being "unamerican;" saying he lives in "a one bedroom place," while actually he's living in a posh Beverly Hills Hotel; claiming he never took money from the team for his own use, when court papers clearly state otherwise; saying no money from the settlement would be used for personal reasons, then turning around and coming up with a settlement that earmarks nearly $300 million for personal funds; then, having the audacity to get indignant and self-righteous when Selig doesn't approve his TV deal. The man lives in an alternate reality in which he sees himself as a victim, and somehow believes he can win back the team and the trust of the fans. Any sane person would have pulled up stakes and cashed out on this team long ago. But Frank seems intent on going down with the ship. I hope as soon as the team is taken away he gets the help he needs, because he is clearly not seeing things clearly right now.

Hear, hear!

nice Steve...well said

and if he'd been smart enough to know from the get-go it wasn't about him and jamie and their kids or anything else, but that it was about the name on the front of the jersey, he'd have stood a much better chance not to be where he is at right now.

that's all, the name on the front ... DODGERS

If McCourt keeps control for any longer, he could change the team name to genuinely reflect his ownership--DISGRACES.

Do the right thing and fall on the sword!

From an April 27, 2011 piece by Bill Shaikin:

"McCourt said the Fox deal would provide the Dodgers with $300 million in funding now.... McCourt said he would invest that $300 million into the team and said he had signed an agreement that none of that money would be used to settle his divorce or for any other personal purpose."

Wow, Frank... you are a man of your word. All is forgiven.

I'd consider selling, but....this is a really really good team!

Yours truly,

He can sue tomorrow...but payroll will still have to be paid.....he can sue tomorrow....but no decision will be made.....for months....if not years. June 30th will come....July 15th will come....July 31st will come....all pay days and considering McCourt's effort to scrape the bottom of the barrel for loose change, no lawsuit will prevent MLB from taking over the franchise immediately following his failure to make payroll....and when that day comes, all that will do is build the case for MLB and possibly have any suit thrown out....or a "relief of stay" should he file BK.

I have a feeling his attorneys have briefed him on all of this. The "fight" that everyone talks about that Frank is going to wage or waging, well, it's happening now....and it's weak.


If McCourt was a smart man he would put the Dodgers up for sale right now. If Frank sold the team on his own terms, he would receive much more money. The sad thing is that he has tunnel vision and can't see what is right to do.


Seek help, you're about to have a very bad 10 days.
You are a sick, sick man

I don't quite understand many of the posts. The owners of any business should have the exclusive right to run their organization according to their ability and competence, and accept the consequences. That also includes running it to the ground if it may be the case. What they are doing with the proceeds should be between them and the IRS. Professional baseball is a business inherently geared toward making a profit, just ask all the owners and players. Therefore, the same rules should apply to baseball as to all other businesses. If Mr. and Mrs. McCourt have reached an agreement, no one but the divorce court should have the authority to approve of disapprove it. What would happen to the economy, if the hands of business owners were tied behind their backs by someone who made no financial contribution to starting and maintaining their business? Mr. Selig should stay away from other people's private property and should have the authority to interfere with any baseball franchise only to the extent of the financial risk he has taken.

Dear Frank McCourt

Get out of town and take your friend Steve Soboroff who is posting as Richard Wagner with you.

Dear Steve Soboroff ,

You lost the city and you and frank just don't get that. It will only get worse, the boycott is working. When my VP who can afford tickets said to me he only been to 1 game this year and the attendance is so made up. The perception will never change the greed has over taken the human factor. You can't fight MLB, it has it's only rules this is not LA city politics. Tell frank to sell, his healthy I a sure is getting really bad with all this stress. New Yorks learned to blend into this city of Los Angeles, something frank choose not to do being from Boston. The truth will always come out. He might be staying in a 1 bedroom apt. But the internet writers said he is staying at the montage in Beverly Hills at a suite, cost over 30,000 a month. IRS will love to take the share of the back taxes, come clean madoff did not come clean.

Dear Mr. McCourt:

Can I see you in my office?



The only thing the virus McCourt loves is himself and other peoples money!

Dear Richard Wagner,
What you are missing is that baseball is exempt from anti-trust laws and is not a normal business. It is more like a "club" of MLB baseball clubs with its own set of rules. What you are seeing now is a massive boycott by the fans who support those clubs but can never be members themselves. The Dodgers have become the walking dead due to McCourt. If he does not leave the club it will never get back the support of many Dodger fans and that hurts the club. It is a good thing that the club has some power in their bylaws to rectify that by ejecting him.


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