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Smoke at Dodger Stadium








Went to a baseball game Saturday night and a "Twilight Zone" episode broke out.

Players walked the field trying not to step in dog doo-doo, which would have been completely understandable given the smoke in their eyes.

It’s an old baseball axiom: Never think you’ve seen it all. Even with the bizarreness that continually surrounds the Dodgers, Saturday was a new one.

"I’ve never seen that," said Manager Don Mattingly.

Him and everyone else. On a night the Dodgers invited dog owners to the ballpark, let them stroll around the field before the game and then take over the right-field pavilion, a fire broke out in small warehouse just below the reserved level on the first-base side of Dodger Stadium.

And smoke drifted down the first-base side from on high and enveloped the stands like fog. Fans were calmly moved from seats along the right-field side of the stadium, to those empty ones on the left-field side.

First time that fan boycott proved handy to the Dodgers.

The Dodgers said the fire was quickly contained, though the smoke continued for almost three innings. If only Vladimir Shpunt were still on the payroll, maybe he could have foreseen it all.

The smoke lightly burned the eyes and probably left everyone feeling like they needed a shower. I was going to figure out a way to blame Frank McCourt for all this but decided to pass. It’s not like the chamber is empty.

Somebody asked right-hander Hiroki Kuroda if he had ever pitched in Japan and a fire broke out.

"Of course not," he said.

Silly us, these really unusual and ridiculous happenings are saved for the Dodgers. And Rod Serling.

"It was different," Mattingly said.

Yeah, but just wait until tomorrow.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Fans look up at the smoke from a fire that broke out during the Dodgers-Marlins game at Dodger Stadium, May 28, 2011. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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I believe that the smoke came from the pants of McCourt, Colletti and Mattingly being on fire. They lied and stated that this team is good. Or maybe they weren't lying and are just that stupid.

Yeah, they're just that stupid, actually.

Maybe Frank was burning in Hell last night.

Was probably Ned burning up the phones trying to find our next washed-up acquisition.

good metaphor for the season and for the consistently poor quality of play by the players.

The twilight zone introduction is totally appropriate. Dodger stadium seems to get stranger by the day this season. Mccourt has Dodger fans stuck in a place where there is no space and no time. Who would ever imagine Dodger fans paying $30 to step in dog doo? Who would ever imagine Dodger fans would be run out of town by a fire? Who would ever imagine Dodger fans beating up Giant fans? (well, that's not too hard to imagine, but it's wrong). Who would ever imagine the Dodgers getting an owner who went broke after buying this cash cow? Who would ever imagine a weaker hitting hot corners than Ron Fairly and Ken McMullen in Dodger stadium?

Silly peepholes...that was suddenly absent 'bangers stash up in smoke, I mean they have to sell to afford the tickets and who needs medications more than today's Doyer fan?...I would have stayed put and enjoyed the contact. Cheaper than beer. Well until that fifth order of nachos and twelfth Cool-a-Coo ;)
I wonder if any of the pups can chase down a fly ball in the gap? I see an all Golden Retriever (or just some light hit all field Frisbee Dawgs) OF in the dodgers future, I suspect it's the best way for McCourtCo to meet the next payroll.

Cannot wait for new owner, new gm and new manager!

Oh and a major rebuilding of this team!

My Golden Retriever will play left field if Frankie will pay him in Dodger Dogs. I hear that's how Uribe gets paid.


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