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The gloom only grows for Dodgers, as Ethier and Barajas hurt in 8-3 loss to White Sox

Photo: Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier crashes into the fence as he misses a drive by the White Sox's Juan Pierre in the fourth inning Sunday in Chicago. Credit: Tannen Maury / EPA A tornado approaching, bodies falling, losses mounting, the gloom had to feel tangible to the Dodgers on Sunday.

On the day they got shortstop Rafael Furcal off the disabled list, they put infielder Juan Uribe on it with a hip flexor muscle strain.

Then they started the game, fell behind for what them is an insurmountable four runs after two innings, and -- incredibly -- started losing more bodies during their 8-3 loss to the White Sox.

Andre Ethier came out of the game with back, elbow and toe injuries after missing a Juan Pierre drive and crashing into the right-field fence in the fourth inning.

The Revenge of Juan Pierre was hardly done, however. Tagging from third on a Paul Konerko fly to center, the former Dodger slid in just ahead of Matt Kemp’s throw from center.

But catcher Rod Barajas, who was set up on the first base side of the plate, had his right wrist jammed on the tag and he had to leave the game.

Which left the Dodgers with exactly one healthy bench player, Juan Castro.

X-rays on both Ethier’s left big toe and Barajas’ wrist were negative, which was about the only good news that came the Dodgers’ way Sunday. The Dodgers said Ethier has a bruised right elbow and bruised lower right back, and Barajas has a sprained wrist.

The Dodgers’ latest tough loss left them six games under .500 (21-27) for the first time this season. They have lost seven of their last nine.

Right-hander Hiroki Kuroda, who had thrown 14 2/3 scoreless innings entering Sunday's game, gave up three quick runs in the first. Alexei Ramirez hit a two-run home run and A.J. Pierzynski added a solo shot.

Ramirez doubled in a fourth run in the second inning, and the way the Dodgers’ offense has been going, the game was over. The Dodgers have overcome a four-run deficit only once this season.

To his credit, however, Kuroda (3-6) stuck it out and gave a battered bullpen some time. He went 5 2/3 innings, giving up six runs (four earned) on nine hits and two walks.

The Dodgers scored once in the fifth against former Dodger Edwin Jackson (4-5) after James Loney doubled and came home on a Jay Gibbons groundout, and twice in the seventh after a Gibbons double and single by Jerry Sands. Jamey Carroll’s walk and Tony Gwynn Jr.’s groundout with the bases loaded each forced in a run.

But there would be no dramatic comeback, as the Dodgers escaped with Friday. By game’s end, the skies had become dark and lightning flashed across the sky.

The Dodgers were left hoping better times awaited with their next stop in Houston, and their flight could get off in time.


Dodgers-White Sox box score

Jerry Sands hits his first major league home run

Suspect in Dodger Stadium beating of Bryan Stow is in custody

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier crashes into the fence as he misses a drive by the White Sox's Juan Pierre in the fourth inning Sunday in Chicago. Credit: Tannen Maury / EPA

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Ho hum, nothing new to say about these duds.

Joe Magraine on MLB Network pointed out that Barrajas behind the plate on the throw from Kemp was not sending a great message to the team -i.e. was willing to get in front of the plate to block the runner.

This team is pretty jacked up. I wish this was in august or even September because at least you know the season is almost over. So the only two options to this disaster is either 1) The team will sink to last place and stuggle to get out of it or 2) With Blake and Furcal and McCourt being stripped by MLB his ownership, the Dodgers so on a rampage (like the Yankees/Boston) and win a series of like 8-10 games to catch up. This could come before the trade deadline and by then we can trade Loney/Broxton for better players...that's my hope, but it could go with option #1. I still believe this team can turn it around being early in the season.

The spell has been broken, put asunder.

That aberration of Friday night?

It's been eradicated.

The Boys of Slumber are back.

Not sure what is worse - losing two out of three games to another lackluster MLB team (the White Sox shared the dudgers 20-25 record coming into the series), or the fact that what little offense and memorable defense there was came by way the AAA players called up (castro, mitchell, sands).

The dudgers got carved up like the pumkpin they reverted too aft the clock struck midnight Friday, beaten by a run margin almost equal to the average runs they score per game - 3.33 to 3.46 over the 3 game series.

frank, ned & donnie's dudgers 21-27 now, games back their betters the World Champion Giants, Rockies and Diamondbacks growing daily; even San Diego is breathing down the dudgers steadily ruddying necks.


"The Revenge of Juan Pierre"

- the dudgers let the wrong OF'r go: Pierre hit .462 during the series with 6 hits - including a double, scored runs as a catalyst does and not to mention he played flawless defense. Meanwhile, slappy 'e' hit .111 and managed one hit in the series [ drumroll ] - yup, a looping single. His defense was so bad that he turned loopy after two failed pursuits fly balls & had to come out.

Whether it was watching him be too slow going back on a ball he should have caught that became a double, or similarly too slow coming in on a ball that he should've caught that also fell for a hit, the upshot be that slappy got exposed during the series, both in the field and at bat...still 114 games to go however, and as MVP/Triple Crown dreams die hard keep the faith dudger fandom.

"The Dodgers said Ethier has a bruised right elbow"

- we'll at least now he has a matching pair...

"and bruised lower right back"

- showoff... now two elbows, a back & a pinky on his resume, he's one knee shy of hurting for the cycle.

Too, his bat is also ailing. Slide now 1 hit his last 30 at bats. For the season? 180 at bats, 10 doubles, 4 hrs, 0 stolen bases, 21 rbis... for comparison, the late arriving sluggo sands in 87 at bats already has 10 doubles, 1 hr, 3 stolen bases, 12 rbis.


In conclusion, I'm a Bud man and I'm a dudgers fan... save us Selig.

Can we all now agree that Ned is the worst GM of all time? Say what you will about Frank being cheap, he still has the 12th highest payroll, but the team is 27th out of 30 teams. Even simple deduction tells you that there must be several teams with lesser payrolls that are better. Obviously then it isn't money or the lack thereof that's keeping this club down. Its Ned's total ineptitude. The man has spent money on Jones, Schmidt, Pierre, Manny, Uribe, Nomar, Mueller, Lilly, and a cast[offs] of thousands. That's well over $300 million (probably closer to $400 mil if you add all the worthless tripe too.) Not to mention he's traded away virtually all the farm in exchange for some magic PVL beans. How can anyone have spent so much money and traded away so many prospects have a team that looks like this?
And for godsake anyone thinking that Furcal and Blake or anyone else currently on the DL is going to come save the day hasn't been paying attention the last several years at their downslide(s) either.

If it was going to happen, it would have happened, 2 or 3 years ago. It likes like many years of mediocrity now.

Get rid of the McCourt's first! Second get another GM.

Ethier, our team leader, looked like he was going half-speed on the play.

"The Revenge of Juan Pierre"

that moniker gets right to the heart of the matter doesn't it?

like "The Honor of Jim Tracy", or maybe "The Broken Heart of Paul Loduca"

because it was from THESE moments (and "The Shattered Life of Brian Stow") that stems all of this evil karma that These Dodgers now must wear like an old matted, worn, filthy blanket ...

These Dodgers Suck now because they have sold their collective souls to enrich their wicked Ownership.

And I weep.

Barajas's wrist injury - $1,000

Ethier's back and elbow injuries - $3,000

Daughter caught looking bored during a Dodgers game - priceless

The Vero Beach Curse Lives!!! Both players got hurt on plays involving Juan Pierre who should be playing LF for the Dodgers.

Thanks, Ned. You suck.

Another ridiculous post from Chumpy.

Gibbons and Gwynn each knocked in a run---with ground outs. Barajas' replacement, one of Ned Colletti's whiz kids, loses ONE HUNDRED AND SIX POINTS off Barajas' batting average---and Barajas was hitting only .221. So now we will be treated to the spectacle of Dioner Navarro catching full time, a guy the Dodgers cut several years ago, and who has been cut each of the last two years by lesser teams that watched his abilities decline each year. Good night Ned. Which is apt, inasmuch as Ned is either asleep or has joined a witness protection program.

The most frustrating fact is, Schieffer is there to help improve the team with upgrades that would override McCourt's tinkertoy budget. But Colletti is not approaching him to ask for players he'd like to see replace the junk he threw on the roster.

These excuse-mongers can't blame any of this travesty on injuries. A GM is supposed to be able to fill each hole with a quality major league replacement, not these has-beens, never-weres and outright embarrassments.

Can we yet hit a lower nadir? Is worse to come? C'mon MLB, seize the team and announce the sale, already.

First off, to phillydodger.

Joe Blow of MLB Network was full of the well known element on Barajas. I saw it another way on the replay. His left leg was planted on the third base side of the plate while awaiting the throw from Kemp. The throw pulled him off the plate and he had to dive at Pierre. I guess Joe Blow thought that Barajas was shaking in his shoes at the thought of, the likes of Pierre, charging the plate.
The MLB Network is similar to the NFL Network, hack city. Joe Blow and Chris Collingsworth are the prime examples.
I saw the Dodgers website flashed yesterday, LLC. How many MLB teams use this LLC ploy?
Definition of LLC:
What is an LLC to those who are quite concern with taxes? What is an LLC’s advantage over the other types of business forms? Just like a corporation, a limited liability company offers its owners protection from any personal liability from the business debts. What makes it better is that it is a pass-through entity with regards to tax, something a corporation is not. Being a pass through entity means it can pass through to its owners the company’s profits as well as losses. They will then reflect these on their personal tax returns just like how it is done in a partnership or a sole proprietorship. Just like with partnerships, LLCs provide greater flexibility for the company’s management.

In other words folks, Frank will take the profits and we can take the losses.

its bad and sad ... a crummy sunday afternoon watching my favorite team...(sigh)

In the midst of a stretch against teams that are just not that good. We just went 8-14 against these teams (records are this morning, not when we played them)

Padres 19-28
Cubs 20-25
Mets 22-24
Pirates 22-24
Diamondbacks 23-23
Brewers 24-23
Giants 27-19
White Sox 22-26

Beat Pirates 2 of 3, split 2 with the Brewers, lost 2 of 2 with the Giants, lost each of the rest 2 of 3


just go beat the 17-30 Astros

'Cause we surely can't wait for the next stretch:

Marlins 26-19
Rockies 23-22
Reds 25-22
Phillies 28-18
Rockies 23-22
Reds 25-22

Ned is running this team into the ground, or maybe just letting this team run itself into the ground. If Barajas is going to miss time, does this mean we are going to be treated to a healthy dose of Navarro and Castro? With the pitcher and these two guys, the opposing pitcher gets an inning off for every three. No, wait, Donnie will bat Castro second and Navarro sixth or something while Sands hits eighth. Brilliant. And again, I will keep asking this question until he is cut, what in the world is Cormier doing on this roster?

Are we ready yet, to call it:


As the TV commentators noted, yesterday Juan Pierre disabled two Dodgers: Ethier and Barajas.

The black hole in left field for the Dodgers is just one manifestation of the vortex Neddie stoked by letting Juan Pierre go. Correction: By letting him go and paying heavily to subsidize his White Sox tenure.


seems like with ALL the injuries befalling the "duds," the one person who ought to be coming under increasing scrutiny is the (so-called) team's "trainer," as it seems his primary responsibility is to have the "players" in sufficient condi-shun to prevent such a rash of injuries (as don't believe these can be chalked-up to merely bad luck or bad karma)?????

hmmm, i would like to know what poster "calvarychristian1" (below) has been smoking?????........
this season has been lost, lonnnnnnnng b4 they threw out the first pitch, back in March/April!!!!

Assuming Ned Colletti is the worst GM in baseball means we'd have to assume he is a GM in the first place. At best he was an assistant Gm in Frisco and at worst he's just a newspaper PR guy. The only reason he has the position that he does is that nobody else wanted to work for the McCourt virus, that and he like all of his players, and manager works cheap.

Look at the Dodgers schedule for June. No way they survive, which will bring us to the All-Star break and the phone calls for Garland, Lilly, Carroll, et al. Nice season. See ya in Camelback.

Here's a thought: What if we did a giant mea culpa, said to the baseball world "Sorry about that folks, didn't really mean to trade those players at all." Then we go to the White Sox and all of their players who used to be Dodgers, we take 'em back. That would help. I mean, they could even have the players we have who used to be White Sox. I have not done an exhaustive study of the rosters, but I guess we'd have to give up Garland. Ok. But we'd get Juan Pierre (immediate LF upgrade), Konerko, Edwin Jackson (Garland for Jackson is about a wash). I'm feeling generous, I'll even take Will Ohman off their hands. Anybody else I've missed?

Oh, and it goes without saying that we do an unwind on yesterday. White Sox can have the win, but we unwind the injuries that Pierre inflicted on our players, since he's now our starting left fielder.

"...and the phone calls for Garland, Lilly, Carroll, et al."
Oh gawd let's hope so!!!

could easily be 15 games under .500 by June 15

if we don't make hay against (likely) Astros and Twins, wouldn't be surprised to be at or near 20 games under .500 at All-Star break

I'd be willing to bet that even if this team is 15-20 games under .500 by the trade deadline, Flanders will still be a buyer.

This looks like another tough series as the Astros are looking for someone to beat.
You can say the same thing for the walking wounded Dodgers who have trouble scoring runs.

not betting against you labeldude ... you speak truths ... and he is boo-awful


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