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Take me out to the ballgame, right after that second mortgage is approved

J446ddnc As if an unpopular owner, a mediocre team and frightening violence on opening day weren’t cause enough for a significant drop in Dodger Stadium attendance, here’s one more:

It’s just too damn expensive.

A pair of stories in The Times on Tuesday highlighted just how ridiculously pricey it’s become under the McCourts to take in a ballgame at Chavez Ravine.

T.J. Simers actually opened his wallet and forked over $140 to purchase two tickets on the loge level. Crazy, I know. Next thing we’ll hear Tommy Lasorda bought his own lunch. OK, not that crazy.

Simers’ two tickets at $70 a pop were on the second deck, just past third base. Not field-level seats or those hoity-toity Dugout Club seats, but down the line on the second level.

Now throw in the $15 parking, the overpriced concessions and souvenirs. Wrote Simers: "Take a family of four to a Dodgers game, and that's a new car."

Tickets to Tuesday night’s game against the Brewers -- surprise! -- are still available, Clayton Kershaw bobblehead or not.

Tickets in the Dugout Club -- complete with waitress service -- run from $664.20 to $512.60. A ticket on the field level behind the infield are going for $137.90. Even tickets in the left-field pavilion range from $29.25 to $24.25. Over in the lovely, all-you-can-eat right-field pavilion, tickets are available from $46.50 to $40.75.

The Dodgers will accept all major credit cards. Assuming it’s a least platinum. The middle class need not apply.

This is a monstrous leap in the cost of taking in a simple ballgame. One of 81 during the year.

Michael K. Fox, a former 10-year Dodgers marketing executive, in a Times opinion piece, wrote fans needs to feel they are getting value for their money:

"In 1997, a family of four could enjoy a Dodgers game for $104, which included a package deal of four $12 box seats, four hot dogs and four sodas, two beers, two game programs and two Dodger caps and parking. Today, the same experience can run $600 or more; an authentic Dodger cap alone now costs $35."

Hmm, now to figure out where all that extra income is going.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodger Stadium. Credit:  Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times

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I don't live in California, but used to go to Dodger games as a kid when my family would take summer vacation. Loved it.

With the state of ownership, the GM, the manager, and the team and franchise as a whole, I wouldn't go a game for free. Wouldn't consider it until at least McCourt and Colletti are gone.

Such a ripoff for an inferior product. It's bordering on criminal, in my opinion.

Wow, that's a lot of money

Let's hope our next owner pulls an Arte Moreno and lowers prices for tickets and beer.

Better yet, let's hope our next owner has a soul.

Yeah wonder why I saw so many empty seats last night. McCourt plus Jon Garland. Epic.

TJ pointed out in that piece that the average Angels ticket is about HALF of one at Dodger Stadium. Makes you wonder, along with that low-priced beer, how Mr. Moreno is making payroll.


Back in the early 70's my wife and I could decide on the spur of the moment to take in a ballgame. We used to sit about three rows up just behind 1st base and actually got to see 2 major league teams play ball. I don't really remember the total cost, but since I do remember that I made $5.00 an hour at the time, I'm pretty sure we had a pretty good time for less than $20.00 because when the team was in town we took in at least a couple of games a week. Believe it or not, we actually took an entire Sun Valley Little League team (15 kids) to a game and including Dodger Dogs, sodas and caps for all of them, we still had the wherewithal to do it on our dime. (Even then Sun Valley was full of very poor kids.) Today, I can't afford to take my grand kids.

Hey Steve........I thought Schieffer was working on that?

Do those prices go up when they play a "premier" team?
Of course as far as this pathetic bunch is concerned, the other 29 franchises can be considered premier teams.

Hey LA Times accounting department. Carefully inspect TJ's next expense report.

Its expensive anywhere you go,quit crapping on the Dodgers already,its old now.

It just gets worser and worser and worser.

You think they get 50,000 tonight for the Kershaw Bobblehead? It will be interesting to see if the fans continue to stay away tonight.

Lodge seats section 115 seat row A seat one: before Mcthief $36.00- today 100.00
Stadium Club entry before McThief $200.00 yearly -today $1,200.00 yearly. (before drink or meal one)
And to think all the teams in NYC, SF, Chicago, etc. don't even have parking income. The fans take public transportation.

I am so waiting for the day I see McThief cry when MLB is forced to take the team from his greedy, slimy ass, because he spent all the income before he got it, and can't make payroll. What an idiot!

I remember when I could take my son and girlfriend at the time and sit in the left field pavillion for $12 (2x $6 seats) back in the early 2000's

wow how things have changed

I will not buy another Dodgers ticket while Frank McCourt owns them. I even stayed home when a friend of mine gave me 2 tickets when Clayton Kershaw was pitching!!! I don't even watch as many games on TV right now. McCourt needs to go now so we can begin the rebuilding process. At least Fox was trying to win.

Yeah, this team is a rip off.
Put my money down for my four seats for 14 games at $50 per seat.
This team is so lifeless and the field management so poor.
High school coaches run a better game than Mattingly and Hillman, what a pair of clowns.
Now I can't even stand to watch the team play on television.

This whole thing just makes me sick! You cannot just go out to the stadium to watch a game, you have to figure out how to pay for it, where before you could just go for the price of the movie.

Frank just please leave! Oh and take Ned and "Donnie baseball" with you!!!!

no one is forcing you to go to the games! there are plenty of ways to get in to a game on the cheap! scalper's stub hub, e-bay and maybe just maybe its your lucky day and you some how get good seats, to night was bobble-head night give-away you ever think that the weather has something to do with that you know it might rain? and why is T.J. Simers buying tickets? he's part of the Press your going to tell me that he has no hook-ups for tix? now those that want to stay away i dont blame you im just as pissed off at the ownersand for some reason after what happened on opening day its like i have sort of lost intrest in this years Dodgers and im a die hard fan, its sad that the guy almost got killed becuase he was a Giants Fan i dis like the Giants to but this is a game your going to kill someone over that ? and in a way Frank is responsible for that to

I blame the lawyers.

Lawyers and big corporations who don't blink and eye and fork over money for season seats so they can take their clients out to games and impress them. In all big cities - NY, BOS, CHI, and so on - this has been a major cause of ticket prices skyrocketing.

Of course it requires an owner willing to screw the little guy in exchange for embracing corporations and lawyers. But hey, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours right?

McCrook is the worst of the worst.

And no mike805, it does NOT c0st this much to go to a game anywhere. Drive down to Angel's stadium and see for yourself. Takes no longer with traffic than it does to drive to Chavez Ravine. Or drive down to San Diego.

Get McCourt out. Boycott. Do not enable the abuser.

To get out of the Arizona heat, my family are frequent summer visitors to Southern California. Dodger Stadium was our favorite ballpark - in 2003, we bought 3rd row tickets for six people on the 4th of July near the left field foul pole ... my personal favorite spot because it made me feel like I was sitting right on the playing field. I did buy the tickets thru Stub Hub, but I didn't pay more than $100 and we had a great time. In subsequent years, we've only gone when someone was fire-sale-ing their tickets ... too expensive otherwise.
The Dbacks are hardly the best team in the sport (that might change when they reach puberty) but a family of four can still go to a game for under a hundred bucks including tickets, food and souvenirs. The same is true at Petco in San Diego. Maybe Dodger ownership is trying to make misanthropic movie-stars feel more comfortable by freezing out lowly fans whose discretionary income is less than six figures.

While reading Simers column, I couldn't help thinking about going to the Angels vs. Rangers game in Dallas on Sunday, and seats comparable to the Loge section are $26 face value. We also went to a game against the Royals for $10 per person in the upper deck. The Rangers tickets get pretty expensive, pretty fast, as you get lower, although not on the Dodgers level. As for the $35 cap, that's pretty much standard for any official baseball cap these days, sadly. Which is why I haven't bought a hat for the last several years because I just can't bring myself to spend $35 for a hat.

I was wondering one thing, though. Simers covers the Dodgers and has for many years. It seems strange to me that he wouldn't know what the cost for tickets is. It also seems strange that, considering his feelings toward Frank, that he wouldn't just tell his friend that he's not paying to go to Dodger games while McCourt is the owner and taken him to do one of the other million things there are to do in LA. dodgers..........waning

thanx mc court


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