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See, all the Dodgers' news really is bad: Frank McCourt to make payroll

Getprev3 Chin up, buttercup, it appears Frank McCourt will make payroll.

I know how all you Boycotteers were hopeful that McCourt would not be able to meet his May 31 payroll so Major League Baseball could swoop in and officially take over. All as a prelude to selling the team.

But now McCourt is telling league officials he expects to be able to meet Tuesday's payroll.

Hmm. Wonder where he found the dough?

Of course, back when McCourt was suddenly going on his soporiferous media tour -- not to be confused with the following week when after meeting with Commissioner Bud Selig, he walked past reporters, saying, "I have nothing for you." -- I do remember him proudly saying he took a personal loan of $30 million from Fox last month and gave $20 million of it to the team.

Which, of course, still leaves another $10 million.

Now if you're something like $500 million in debt, you have another tough nut to deal with every month beyond payroll. Not to mention that $637,000 per month he currently has to pay the ex.

Still, sort of curious he was left with an extra $10 million, and it is estimated that he will need $9.8 million to meet Tuesday's payroll.

Meanwhile, Frank and Jamie McCourt are scheduled to resume their divorce settlement talks Thursday. Don't think about it.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt. Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

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I heard the Giants owner will give Frank McCourt the money just to keep the Dodgers in the basement. Giants dynasty still continues.


MLB is already building the gallows and won't need a failed payroll to have McCourt swinging in the wind...soon.

Please, do not put his picture (Mccourt Frank or Jamie) it is very hard to eat breakfest while looking at his/her face.

Check. Your move, Bud.

It is almost June and I, along with, I hope, many others have not seen a Dodger game this year. I DO MISS VINNY but thats all I miss. frankie ,jamey and buddy the buck ($) are sadists, the way THEY HAVE INSULTED LOS ANGELES!!!!! Like Peter Finch in his acadamy award winning role, "WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE". If only the over dilluting commissioner would listen to us. Hang in, it is going to happen!! GOD I hope so.

June 22

Frank is simply delaying the inevitable. The dikes are leaking and he can only plug so many holes. Sure, he made payroll this month (with less than a week to spare) but what happens if this continues further into the season? Selig may be flexible now but I think he will feel differently if McCourt is cutting it close in July and August.

Maybe the June 22nd hearing will clear some air and we'll get a better picture of of this situation..

I would like to recruit Frank McCourt to my economic team.
Frank would fit right in.

Man, that dude is ugly, inside & out.

I've read that Frank's pulling in future revenue again to make payroll. At what point does Selig say enough's enough?

If he paid them what they're worth, he wouldn't need any money.

Bud Selig is all talk!! If he indeed cared about "what's best for baseball and the fans in Los Angeles" he would take control of the team, now. He has the proof of mis-management, the proof of mis-directed and/or mis-guided finances, and yet he does nothing. Selig is becoming as worthless and as non believable as McCourt.
I don't trust McCourt to ever do the right thing for the L.A. fans, and I had hoped that Selig would save the integrity of baseball by taking over the Dodgers and selling it to an owner who would return the franchise to relevance again.
I can see now that they're both full of hot air, or full of something.

Are you sure Frank would fit in Barack? He has paid taxes on over $100 million...definitely a "god fearing, we own patriotism, republican" move.

I hate this. I really hate this...

How does this keep happening? How does this man keep finding fools to enable his failure?

Bud Selig: Please....whatever you are planning to do, do it now. Don't wait and hope for a miracle circumstance to come along and leave you clean of blame, intrusion or influence. You are commissioner of Major League Baseball. No one will be the least bit upset with you for doing what is so obviously right.
Just remove him and his misguided greed and arrogance away from Baseball.
Please......The mere thought of him still standing as owner of the most beloved franchise in all of sports at the end of this season sucks the very joy and love I hold for this blessed game.

I am hearing theories, through certain commentators on this proverbial Los Angeles Times Dodgers Blog, that Bud Selig will inevitably cave in to Frank McCourt and approve the FOX TV deal, that he doesn't have the stomach for a long and protracted fight against a working class Boston "Southie" animal, whose entire reason for existence is to keep the Dodgers until his last drop of "Pahk yaw Kaw in Hawvawh Yahd" blood drains from his carcass. Somehow McCourt will continue to scratch and claw his way to every single Bi-weekly payroll, including the Manny millions at the end of June, constantly preventing a unilateral takeover of the team by MLB. At the end of the day, Selig will capitulate, put his tail between his legs, and sheepishly nod to Rob Manfred, Joe Torre and Kim Ng to acquiesce to McCourt's Irish demands, at which time he will he get Chase Carey's equivalent on the horn, give the "go" sign, and start his super secret plan to get Albert Pujols, Ryan Braun, David Wright and Felix Hernandez to the team by the trading deadline and catapult the Dodgers over a wounded Buster Posey-less Giants to the promised land. Just wait, say's the commentator, you'll see. And you know what....he's been right about everything else so far.

There are many more payrolls for Frank to make this season. I am not worried that he will miss one of them. This only bought Frank a couple extra weeks. Time is ticking, Frank!

@Dodger Tony:

Your post is bordering on science fiction.... I am at a loss as to how he can meet his immediate financial demands, much less additional contractual, deferred payments, stave off the IRS...then come out the other end of the scheduled hearing in June with a favorable verdict that leaves him as the sole owner of the Los Angeles Dodger franchise. Bud Selig may not be the best commissioner, but he still occupies that post. On some level, I would think anyone with that level of authority or power will do whatever necessary to be seen and recognized at a higher leverage point than their adversary. There is not the time remaining in his life to walk away from the fall-out of your proposed ending. He must care about his legacy, all men of his type do. He must have had a preferred resolution to this situation, otherwise he would not have stepped in and taken over the day-to-day operations. Why stir up the dust and then put it all back the way it was?

Even if I can somehow reason within my brain that he somehow jumps over every hurdle mentioned, I can not fathom any player of substance or reputation agreeing to come play for this organization. Not after all of the negative publicity placed firmly on both McCourts. The Dodgers are without enough trading pieces to get even one of the players you list, much less two. Would we even have a complete roster and bullpen afterwards?

I am curious as to who fed you this theory....and then I am curious as to why you hadn't shared their thoughts earlier in this fiasco. troubling

"His feet shall slide in due time."

Preacher Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), from "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God."


If McCourt keeps the team and MLB does not step in -- I think even after 60+ plus years of following this team -- day by day, box score by box score, radio game by radio game, TV game by TV game (when they were available to me) -- I will just stop cold and go elsewhere for my baseball fix. Milwaukee or Pittsburgh or Baltimore or some other team.

New ownership is a must.

Say, are there any "rails" left out there in in southern California left over from the railroad days. Place the guy on one, and run him out of town back to Boston.

@Dodger Tony:

I got your theory:
An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture.

Frank is toast!!!!!

@ Dodger Tony

Is your source of information named Steve Soboroff?

Just wondering

@ Jay_Is_Dismayed

An outstanding post. I am on the same page as you are with 1 exception. We DO NOT have a "complete roster and bullpen" as is now.

You made me laugh out loud with your reply. Thank you, Sir...My stomach was turning since reading Dodger Tony's friend's apocalyptic vision of the future.

No, I guess we don't have a complete team...But I bet Ned Colletti has a piece of paper somewhere that says we do.

Jim McVeigh: I don't understand why you're missing Vinnie? Or are you boycotting TV broadcasts as well? I'm pretty sure the McCourts aren't benefitting from your turning on the TV, or at the least, the radio.

I found the one problem with going to games was MISSING Vinnie, so the silver lining of this whole sorry story is spending more time with Vin while we wait for the McCourts to be ousted.

Steve, McCourt told MLB he EXPECTS to make payroll. Let's see first whether he actually can before believing him.

I don't. Prove it, Frank. Can't do it, can you?

Stay tuned. He's got till Tuesday a.m.

@Anew Blue Day, I just finished reading your post and it hit home. If McScum were somehow allowed to keep my Dodgers in his grimy clutches, would I -- could I -- switch my allegiance after 53 years with the Dodgers? I can't fathom such a thing, but if I could, my new team would probably be either the Cubs or the Red Sox.

The Cubs also wear blue and I identify with their long-suffering, working class fanbase. I also like their charming little ballpark. But the Red Sox share one very important feature with the Dodgers and their fans: they hate the Yankees with a vengeance. I also happen to know that after the Dodgers left Brooklyn, many of their fans hooked on with the Bosox.

BTW, I live in Orange County, CA, but I can't stomach the Angels. After they won the series in '02, the bandwagon, in-your-face arrogance around here was intolerable. Then their new owner stole the "Los Angeles" for them, and the stench has never left. I can never be an Angel fan. I live to see them lose almost as much as I live to see my Dodgers win.

Bottom line: I don't want to have to switch my allegiance after all these decades, so BOYCOTT!

Even if Frank can make payroll (and he's never lied before, right?), I don't see Bud just giving in. It's one payroll, there's always another one, and Frank clearly has been the type to borrow someplace to pay off another, eventually he won't be able to do it.

Bud wouldn't have made this move in the first place if he wasn't prepared for the long haul and didn't have the support of the other owners to do it. MLB refused to recognize Jamie as a co-owner, which means that Gordon can't honor her request to put her in charge of the team. I think that if Frank makes payroll, we will see the investigation of the team conclude before the June 22 court date and the report released, and there may yet be something that Bud can do until then. But I don't see him just approving the Fox deal because Frank made payroll this month.

Have faith Dodger fans. McCourt's days are numbered even if he makes payroll this month. June payroll is just around the corner and he will owe an extra 5 mil to none other than Manny Ramirez. How ironic-Manny Ramirez comes riding in to rescue the Dodgers. Ya gotta love it!

Sometimes you have to flush twice. Period

In spite of the supposed fan boycott, a whole lot of people have gone through the turnstiles at Dodger Stadium this year. MLB has no right to tie up that money to the point where Frank doesn't get to make payroll. I think the tough part was the first month or so of the season... now the team should be able carry itself through the summer.

One World Championship is not a dynasty. And I would not bank on another one. You just lost your best position player the other day, Giant fans.


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