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Jamie McCourt expected to ask judge to order immediate sale of Dodgers (Updated)

Photo: Jamie McCourt. Photo: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times Jamie McCourt is expected to ask a judge to order the immediate sale of the Dodgers, two people familiar with the legal proceedings said Wednesday.

The request, if granted, could pave the way for new ownership of the Dodgers by the start of next season and could spare Commissioner Bud Selig from deciding whether to seize the club from owner Frank McCourt and risk a legal challenge to the powers of the commissioner's office.

Jamie McCourt is expected to argue that the actions of Frank McCourt—her ex-husband--have endangered the value of the Dodgers and that the judge overseeing the couple's divorce should put the club up for sale so both parties could reap the maximum value for the primary asset of their marriage, according to the people familiar with the proceedings.

We'll have more soon at [UPDATED, 6:14 p.m.: Read the full story here.]

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Jamie McCourt. Photo: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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I knew there was a reason Jamie was spawned. Love her LA.

Her contention is correct: Frank is wasting a marital asset. Therefore, the court, to preserve the corpus of the marital estate has a duty to prevent further diminution of the assets.

Until her motion is granted, and in support of her motion, BOYCOTT.

The sad thing about all of this turmoil is that we will soon see the likes of Kershaw, Kemp, Ethier and other homegrown stars playing for other teams in the near future. There is no way these guys will stay.

I think I'm on the Jamie bandwagon (so long as she doesn't try to buy them). Hopefully Judge Gordon will grant her request.

If Kershaw, Kemp, and Ethier cannot help the Dodgers win a World Series, we don't want them. Get rid of Matthingly also, and bring a real manager who can motivate his players to WIN. Hopefully, the Dodgers can get a true owner similar to Walter or Peter O'Malley. The first act that I would create as an owner is to bring the $1 bleacher seat tickets for weekend games and lower the parking fee to help fill the seats up. Also, bring the spring training facility back to Vera Beach and begin the process of developing player through the farm system and get back to fundamental baseball such as hit and run, bunting, and stealing bases to include the steal of home. When I was a kid, there was a book published by Al Campanis called, "The Dodgers Way to Play Baseball." Playing Little League and High School and adopting Sandy Koufax and Wes Parker as my two idles, I would read this book at least ten times during the baseball season. One final act is to fire Ned Colletti because his system is a former Giants system and a failure for the way Dodgers should play baseball.

Well, like Hillary, she always was the 'brains' of the operation.

Such as they are.

The Boycott must remain until team is sold! Frank is trying like heck to get enough money to make payroll, even offering discounted seats. Some people fell for it this week, do not be one of them. If you help him make payroll by buying tickets he will be keeping team that much longer, come on LA! We are getting this done!

Kershaw just gave up a over. Another Dodger loss guaranteed.

Last time i checked they are the only three players that have showed up everyday. Along with the starting pitching who is getting no support. Why would you pitch to ethier and kemp when you can pitch around them because nobody else can seem to hurt u at this point

I hope this team is sold. It is a disgrace both Jamie and Frankie have been a disgrace. You cant expect Ethier and Kemp to just carry a lineup because it is so easy to pitch around them with no one else hitting. I mean its sad when castro is ur pinch hitter in the 5th inning..The only players that have showed up have been the startin rotation, Kemp, Ethier, and Carroll


Let's finish this thing, once and for all.

Frank, you are circling the drain. We want you gone! You don't belong here, never did.

Off you go.....

I like her thinking.

I'm for anything that gets rid of the virus McCourts


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