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Frank McCourt's lawyer rips MLB for appointing Dodgers monitor with ties to Jamie McCourt

Jamie3 During a Monday morning radio appearance in New York, Commissioner Bud Selig announced that he had appointed former San Diego Padres President Dick Freeman as an assistant to Dodgers trustee Tom Schieffer. Within hours, Major League Baseball had rescinded the appointment, citing only a "potential conflict."

The conflict: Freeman advised Jamie McCourt last year, during her divorce proceedings against Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, according to a letter sent Tuesday from Robert Sacks, an attorney for Frank McCourt, to Brad Ruskin, an attorney representing MLB.

"Unfortunately, this latest episode reinforces the concern that Mr. McCourt is being subjected to discriminatory and unfair treatment," Sacks wrote, "through a process designed to reach a predetermined outcome, without appropriate diligence, independence or care."

In the letter, Sacks said that Freeman met with Dodgers personnel on Monday. Those staff members had been told Freeman already had reviewed confidential Dodgers financial information, Sacks wrote.

Jamie McCourt has asked the judge overseeing the divorce case to order Frank McCourt to provide the Dodgers' most recent financial data. That request is pending.

MLB denied that Freeman had access to any of the Dodgers' confidential financial information.

"Once the potential conflict was brought to our attention by Mr. Freeman, we immediately determined not to proceed with his appointment," MLB Executive Vice President Rob Manfred said in a statement.

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: Jamie McCourt. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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Is Jamie McCourt behind MLB's effort to remove Frank McCourt as owner of the Dodgers? It is a question that bares asking. She has flown very low under the radar in all of what has gone on, has had a serious say in the TV deal being approved or not, is involved with potential Bankruptcy, and now this. The lady doth protest too much, methinks?

One gets the feeling whether the rooting interest is for dudger Frank or MLB Bud, the choice is between a Lisbon & Eureka - two lemons, no waiting.

I'm reminded of the old 1950's tv game show 'Who Do You Trust' - case of the Commissioner and parking lot attendant the answer is... 'neither'. Bud's sending in of Freeman is like the government showing up at a business and saying, "hi, were here to help."

Impressive in his own right, bungling Selig shoots himself in the foot almost as often as McCourt. As such, I am only slightly less impressed by McCourt - and the over/under margin is diminishing daily.

Bud needs an advisor (and muzzle) of his own, appears... he keeps it up with these type of missteps, Frank will have a case & an real shot sticking around, I fear...

If this is an example of how "through" the MLB investigation is going to be, then more the McCourt should pucker up the ol' starfish. Sorry this is not the sort of mistake that is minor. Why did this clown not requese himself due to the previous relationship on her side of the issue? And why would Selig just put the guy in the game w/o knowing his past work history? Sorry, I might think McCourt has been the worst thing to ever happen to the Dodgers but Selig is at least as bad, if not worse. Selig not looking out for the fans and the team here, he is about something we have yet to see. Selig is a corporate mouthpiece and talking head and is about ownership the rest of the league can manipulate and control.
Add to it the recent revelations where Selig tried to palm off McCourt's approval on to Fox...who, exactly is running the league? I mean now that the pharmaceutical industry is no longer lining Selig/MLB's pockets indirectly.
I gave up on MLB about 10-years ago but gave this team a shot, sadly MLB has become even worse than the NBA. I am done.

McCourt is grasping at straws at this point! I guarantee you he would object to Jrsus Christ if he were appointed to overlook Dodger business transactions! He knows damn well he's finished! It's incomprehensible that he cant make payroll considering all the revenue the Dodgers generate! Now he wants to mortgage the Dodgers' future broadcasting rights???!!! Commissioner Selig, please get rid of this wanabe malcontent farce of an owner!!!


I agree with "Dodger Tony": Jamie might very well be quietly manipulating things behind the scenes to get rid of Frank McCourt as owner of the Dodgers. She has a potentially huge stake in doing so. Then there's also Joe Torre and Kim Ng. I've read that Torre can't stand McCourt and I wouldn't put the same feelings past Ng. I think she resigned at least partly because she wanted to work with Torre to get rid of McCourt.

Frank has almost no legal leg to stand on, even in a bankruptcy proceeding, so he's exploiting any microscopic loophole he can find to at least hold up the process, and stop it if at all possible. Tom Schieffer was probably only one of many people to advise Jamie, but that's enough for Frank. He isn't missing a trick, is he?

Why is this a conflict? She owns half the team. She should have equal access to all the records.

Give it up, McCourt! You're fired!

Damn, Jamies' looking old in this thread photo. I guess she can't afford her Botox or plastic surgery since Franks Dodger ATM is frozen. I think Jamie realizes that her best bet is to sell the team for the best price, take her settlement and move on before wastes any profit away!!!

There are still some fans who are attending games which is putting money in Franks pockets.

The boycott has been good, but others need to join the movement!

All true blue dodgers fans unite to boycott home games and cripple McCourt.

How long do we Dodger fans have to put up with soap opera? Frank and Jamie are really a pair of jokers. Milking this great franchise for all its worth and now fighting a losing battle for a trophy they think they earned deserve. The McCourts will go down in history as the worst owners ever. I hope they lose everything....

I dont care if McChump is getting a raw deal I just want him and his Three ring circus gone and someone who actually has a clue to bring the Dodgers back to glory.

Oh, the sanctity of heterosexual marriage

The nightmare that just won't end.

anyone notice how her royal hind-ess is wearing less make-up and sporting a doo worth of Super-Cuts these days? Yup, I said it before and I will say it again, she has been PLANNING THIS FOR YEARS. And she has her ducks in a row. I hope she is dash on the Malibu rocks (metaphorical rocks) along with Frankie and Buddy-boy.
But Jamie McCourt is another Georgia waiting to happen...if you don't remember read up on what went down the last few seasons the Rams were in LA. Of course that was after whatever happened to allow her to, ahem, inherent the team in the first place. Frank best not go swimming in any shallow water anytime soon...
But the press needs, no MUST stop giving her a free pass on everything.

I encourage all Dodger fans to boycott Dodger stadium and all Dodger sponsors until Mccourt is out of the photograph.

Come on Grumpy3b,
How do you suppose that Plaschke and some others won't be able to get their writing awards from the woman's groups if they say negative things about Jamie?

The name of the game is to play the game. Another name for it is, PW'ed.

I agree that Jamie should not be getting a free pass. From her monthly support requests, it is pretty obvious that she was a large part of this issue with the Dodgers. Of course, if she now helps and forces a sale of the team and gets rid of them from the Dodgers entirely, I will forgive her.

sell them while you can frank!!!

IF anything, Jamie had a Dodgers ATM card too, but little other involvement in the team. As we know, she claimed to have a position and never showed up for work. The divorce showed she didn't really care too much about even owning the team, and if the dumb drafter of the agreement to its purchase had gotten his act together and not screwed up the paperwork, it would have been revealed Frank owned the team by himself all along. But he did screw it up, so all that has been thrown into legal limbo. The theory then reverts to California divorce law, which says she gets half of the property held in community, as part of the marriage. Frank loses, but Jamie didn't try until the divorce to claim any of it. And she did so then just as anyone else would do, to get as much as she could out of a guy we all agree is a sleazy character.

It amazes me how when we have the villain in our sights, the bloodsucker personified, the guy who pulled all the strings to sink the Dodgers and enrich himself AND his family, which any crooked familyman would do, so many instead are focusing their most virulent anger and hatred on the wife, without whom, having diddled the chauffeur, McCourt would have been in the Dodgers driver's seat---FOREVER.

I say, Hooray for her. She was the lynchpin for Frank's house of cards to come down. Much like Nancy Reagan kept Ronnie from starting World War III, for which she deserves a statue in DC. But then i am not a misogynist.

Didja know, that even with more females born than males---evolution "knew" which sex had to be more common and which less---there are approximately 100 million fewer females due to male-on-female violence??? Exhibited often in fora like this, when the female accessory receives the vitriol as if a Lady MacBeth. The Dodgers project was always his baby, not hers.

The idea she is manipulating MLB is ridiculous. That she wants Frank to go down hard should be obvious due to the divorce. Have none of you BEEN divorced???


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