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Osama bin Laden, Frank McCourt and the Dodgers

Lkc2zvnc The Dodgers' ownership drama took a bizarre turn Thursday when owner Frank McCourt apologized after his vice chairman claimed the team could not get prompt authorization to increase security in the wake of Osama bin Laden's death.

Dodgers Vice Chairman Steve Soboroff told several media outlets Thursday that Tom Schieffer, the trustee appointed by Commissioner Bud Selig to run the team, did not respond promptly to a request for upgraded stadium security. The allegation outraged Major League Baseball officials, for whom Schieffer produced an email in which he granted authorization two minutes after the request from Dodgers general counsel Sam Fernandez.

In addition to issuing a statement, McCourt apologized in a telephone call to Rob Manfred, the MLB executive vice president and Selig's point man on the Dodgers.

Soboroff did not return messages from The Times. He spoke Thursday with KPCC, Yahoo Sports and the New York Times.

In his statement, McCourt said Soboroff had made "several comments regarding Mr. Tom Schieffer that were factually incorrect. One comment, in particular, that was not correct was Mr. Soboroff's characterization of Mr. Schieffer's response to the need for heightened security at the stadium following the President's announcement regarding the death of Osama bin Laden.

"Not only did Mr. Schieffer respond immediately to our request for permission to increase security at the stadium, he volunteered to assist the organization in any way that he could. I apologize to Mr. Schieffer for the inaccurate statements that were made about him."

-- Bill Shaikin

Photo: (from left) Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and Steve Soboroff, vice chairman of the team. Credit: Mary Altaffer / AP

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Thank you Mr Shakin for further exposing these two Frauds. How dare they try to maniuplate a national tragedy to benefit their silly little Dodger soap opera.

Terrorists won't attack Dodger Stadium because there are never any potential victims in the seats.

Good job Soboroff. This will make MLB hate McCourt even more if that's possible.

Phony, dirty, slimy, childish, asinine, ridiculous, tiring, old, pathetic, laughable, sad, desperate....


LA is over you, take your ex-wife and GET OUT!!!!

This Steve Soboroff guy is an idiot. Maybe that's why he's the only person on Earth who has Frank's back.

Up until now Soboroff has been apologizing for McCourt. Soboroff must be on the way out now based on the way McCourt has treated his previous executives.... He should try to bring in the Phillie Phanatic next. Every other "executive" has been a joke!

Frank Mccourt.

Like the S T D that keeps on giving.

I have been a fan of this team since 1977. My family and I have gone to many game and the Dodgers have been part of our lives. I am so sad to say, I will never ever go to another game at Dodger Stadium until Frank is gone!

His media crunch has done nothing but hurt him even more, he is full of lies and the majority of reporters have not let him ramble on too long with his lies!

If Bud allows him to keep this team it will kill this franchise!

ol' Clyde Torkel inserting foot to mouth again.

and now frank has to apologize for him.

a train wreck I tell you, like watching an absolute train wreck.

Haven't seen such predictable bumbling since I watched the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. You just know there's an Acme anvil coming when you see either of these idiots.

Of COURSE this guy is dumb enough to think MLB wouldn't be able to prove him wrong. If you're dumb enough to ruin a cash cow like the Dodgers, I'd guess there'll be more comedy daily from this buffoon until MLB can seize the team. That couldn't come soon enough.

Note to CampC4,

Fear not. MLB would not have taken this job on, once they found out McCourt had scraped the vault dry and couldn't make payroll, knowing in advance it could only end with his replacement.

The union's statement that if the Dodgers miss payroll at the end of the month every Dodger player becomes a free agent has served to intensify the legal necessity for MLB to be rid of him as soon as possible (about 3 1/2 weeks, when MLB must begin paying the team's bills, legally seize the team, and expect his lawsuit).

I predict Frank will fire Steve before the first pitch is thrown tomorrow vs the Mets. If not sooner. What a joke

Wow. Starting a campaign to tarnish Schieffer's name by lying and invoking Osama bin Laden as an excuse. Can the man sink any lower?

Also, how stupid can you get? Didn't he think Shieffer MIGHT have kept a copy of his authorization email?

It appears that Soboroff is an even bigger liar than Frank.
How is that even possible?

If this wasn't the Dodgers it would be really funny. I mean this is absolutely ridiculous...

His wife was actually smart with the legal papers she wanted when they 1st bought the team -- where she would own the properties and he had the team because she was worried that he would run the Dodgers into the ground. She knew him very well.

Hey McBroke, its over!! Its finally over(thank God)!! Theres no way in hell MLB is going to approve that Fox deal(thank God for that as well) and rightfully so!! Why on earth would they??!! So you can waste that as well and put the team in further debt??!! You are broke and theres no way possible you're going to be able to make payroll by the end of the month. Once that happens, MLB will seize the Franchise and all related assets and "hopefully" sell it to a qualified person who can actually afford it and run the Franchise the way its' supposed to be run....

They don't call him SOBoroff for nothin'....

Betcha Steve Soboroff looks like Bozo when he wakes up in the morning. Still no reason for him to act like one.

Okay......this guy is frantic and unhinged. An absolute embarrassment to this organization. How is this getting more and more ridiculous by the day? Unreal.

Listen to this guy, if you dare:

Frank ..... If you respect the Game & the Dodgers, do the honorable thing and sell the team now. Go out with a little dignity.

Take a look at the seats in the stadium, MLB, Mccourt, and think about it for awhile. FOX needs to re-examine its role as well. It won't be too popular in L.A. if it props up the Mccourt ownership.

I loved watching Wile duel the Roadrunner. Without a doubt, the intended straight forward actions of these two cartoon characters was way above the actions of the two cartoon characters, the Frankster and Soborof.

The San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium must undergo more surgery to drain fluid that has built up in his brain.

Bryan Stow's family wrote on their blog that the surgery is scheduled for Thursday or Friday.

Stow's cousin, John, tells The Associated Press that doctors plan to slowly wean his cousin off medication so that he's no longer in a sedated coma.

He says doctors hope that reducing medication won't result in seizures. When doctors began to reduce medication last month, Bryan Stow began to suffer seizures.

The 42-year-old paramedic and father of two was beaten in a parking lot by two men in Dodgers gear after the March 31 season opener. He remains hospitalized in Los Angeles. No arrests have been made.

Read more:

To Steve Soboroff,

You should know by now Al Quaeda only attacks locations where a crowd gathers.

Dear Mr. Schieffer,

Please throw the baby out with the bath water!

Steve, you can now use my seats if you like.

WHY is Frank and Soboroff acting so disparate? if their books are clean then MLB will give them back the Dodgers. for now MLB will pay the bills and Frank can pay them back with the FOX deal. no problem. the Dodgers are in good hands so there is no need for this disperation ... unless maybe those books aren't so clean.

Steve Soboroff is just one of many, many poor personnel/player decisions. We lack quality people up and down this organization.

As Ollie said to Stan,"Here's another fine mess we've gotten into"
I only wish they would attach a lie detector to these two jamokes, and ever time they lied, 50,000 watts would light them up. The only problem with that is LA would have a city wide power failure. I feel sorry for the team, and especially Vinny, who has to be the good soldier and NOT SAY ANYTHING about this mess.

It's disgusting how these low-lifes are tarnishing the name of a legendary sports franchise. I'm sickened by it and McCourt and everyone associated with him needs to be swept out like the trash they are.

He's a bigger idiot than McCourt is.

Why do they need to increase security WHEN NO ONE IS GOING TO THE GAMES ANYMORE?

Now that Bin Laden has been located, perhaps someone will be able to track down a Dodger fan that supports McCourt. Wouldn't that be a great training exercise for anyone interested in a career in intelligence?

Can we just get this agony over with? I'm so sick of this! It's time for new ownership and a new GM. Let's clean house while the Dodgers are around the .500 mark and don't go completely under. What a shame for an organization which used to have class and clout. Now, all we're no for is pout and puff. Mc Court really needs some psychological help along with his wife and do some volunteer work in war ravaged countries.

This weekend the Dodgers are playing the Mets in "The Battle of the Broke!"

Between the two of them they are carrying a debt of nearly 1 Billion dollars. Yet neither team is fielding a contender. Other than Eithier, there is absolutely no good news coming out of these two teams.

For those with a morbid fascination, this will be a fun series to watch. I just hope the baseball gods will somehow arrange Frank McCourt to sit in Fred Wilpon's box so we can see these two crooks side by side.


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