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Dodgers Web Musings: MLB names John Allen as new assistant for Tom Schieffer

Llasfknc Wild guess: I’m thinking Major League Baseball made sure John Allen had no previous relationship with Frank or Jamie McCourt before naming him to assist Tom Schieffer in his overview of the Dodgers’ finances.

Commissioner Bud Selig originally named Dick Freeman, the former Padres president, to assist Schieffer. That lasted a few hours, or until it was learned Freeman had advised Jamie during divorce proceedings last year.

Allen is the former chief operating officer of the Reds. Schieffer was due back in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Also on the Web:

-- The Los Angeles Times reports Bryan Stow, the Giants fan brutally beaten on opening day, was  scheduled to be transferred from Los Angeles to a San Francisco hospital Monday. He remains in critical condition.

-- ESPN/LA’s Tony Jackson says the Dodgers offense is lifeless and in need of repair.

-- The Times’ Jim Peltz offers a small ray of positive news, noting Aaron Miles has given the Dodgers an unexpected offensive contribution.

-- Fox Sports’ Joe McDonnell profiles the Dodgers’ other scrappy utility player now making regular contributions, Jamey Carroll.

-- The Times’ David Wharton takes a historic look a the power of the commissioner of baseball.

-- The Times’ Bill Shaikin heads to Jerry Sands’ small hometown in North Carolina to get a feel for his farmland upbringing.

-- Dodger Dugout’s Robert Timm is finding Frank McCourt’s comments that he would still field a similar team even if he weren’t in financial trouble a little difficult to digest.

-- The Daily News' Kevin Modesti writes that Los Angeles doesn't live and die by the success of its sports teams, which at the moment is a very good thing.

-- Riverside Press-Enterprise's David Lassen notes the Dodgers wasted no time in testing Javy Guerra, who pitched a scoreless inning Sunday shortly after being called up from double-A.

-- True Blue LA’s Phil Gurnee compares Matt Kemp’s fast starts of recent years with his next few weeks.

-- James Loney takes another hit, this time from Memories of Kevin Malone’s Greg Zakwin, who thinks it’s time for an end to patience.

-- And in exciting bobblehead news -- Clayton Kershaw's is Tuesday -- the Dodgers have announced the one with Andre Ethier on July 7 will feature him in that 1940s, pajamas-looking blue jersey.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: John Allen. Credit: Associated Press

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Tony Jackson says the Dodgers offense is lifeless and in need of repair.
Wow! What a revelation. Came up with that all by himself did he?

YES! TJ came up with that all by his lonesome! Hmmm, I wonder what TJ will come at us with next time?? Dodgers bullpen subpar?? The McRats divorce is having an impact on the team??

Maybe Allen's a Rain Man, who can glance at mountains of paper in McCourt's rat's maze that's brought Schieffer to tears and announce OMG his UFO requires dollar bills for fuel so he can return to Planet Hisanus.

Alternate movie: McCourt's The Man behind the Mexican drug wars and is just waiting for the return from his investment. He's getting a little nervous. They just dug up another 2,000 decapitated heads. All Selig has to do is approve the Fox contract, and he'll be able to finish the rival cartel AND pay off the president of Mexico.

Or: If only the CD in that Cayman bank didn't require a $2 billion minimum deposit.

We only have 2 weeks left to wait(judgement day is upon u McBroke)! Finally, its only a matter of time now..............


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