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Dodgers lose for the fifth time in six games, falling 3-1 to Giants

Photo: Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier makes a sliding catch on a ball hit by San Francisco's Aubrey Huff in the fifth inning Thursday night at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press And down they go, falling deeper into an abyss with no bottom in sight.

The Dodgers lost again Thursday, lost for the fifth time in six games, lost to drop their record to five games under .500 for the first time this season.

This time they were shut down by Madison Bumgarner, who came into the game with an 0-6 record.

No matter, he held the Dodgers to six hits in leading the Giants to a 3-1 victory before an announced crowd of 34,248.

Bumgarner came within one out of his first  career shutout and complete game. With two outs in the ninth, Rod Barajas singled and then scored on a Jerry Sands double.

Brian Wilson then entered the game in relief, and after walking Jay Gibbons and James Loney to load the bases, got Jamey Carroll to line out to right, where Nate Schierholtz made a game-saving, diving catch. Wilson earned a shaky 13th save.

This time the hard-luck loser was Chad Billingsley, who if nothing else, should be used to it by now. In Billingsley’s last four starts, the Dodgers have scored a total of three runs.

And thanks for your support.

Billingsley, who fell to 2-4 despite a 3.47 ERA, allowed single runs in the second, third and sixth innings.

In the second, doubles by Buster Posey and Mike Fontenot provided what would be the only run Bumgarner would need.

Bumgarner scored San Francisco’s second run himself after leading off the third with a double. A perfect bunt single by Andres Torres and a sacrifice fly by Freddy Sanchez made it a 2-0 lead.

The Giants added a final run in the sixth after Miguel Tejada singled, was sacrificed to second by Bumgarner and scored on a Sanchez base hit.

Otherwise, Billingsley once again deserved a better fate, going six innings and allowing six hits. He walked four and struck out four.

But the Dodgers (20-25) could never mount a real threat against Bumgarner.  He wasn’t dominating (three strikeouts), just highly efficient. Which right now, looks like dominating against the Dodgers.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier makes a sliding catch on a ball hit by San Francisco's Aubrey Huff in the fifth inning Thursday night at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press

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Madison Bumgarner cut through this joke of a lineup like a hot knife through butter. The Dodgers routinely make scrub pitchers appear great. That's been a trend for a really long time now.

The Dodgers have trouble enough scoring against guys that have off nights let alone a pitcher that had a good night.
Their best chance was against Wilson but they shouldn't've loaded the bases.
The can't hit with the bases loaded.

Bumgarner is a much better pitcher than his record. He has too often gotten poor run support himself. Tonight his role in the offense made a difference. He and Billingsley have suffered similar fates this year. Madison has a 1.80 era in his last 4 starts, and only this one victory to show for it.

Vegas should start a betting pool, Which inning will the Dodgers score their run?

okay, so we have a weak lineup outside of ethier and kemp. but starting juan castro is absolutely ridiculous, especially when you find out that Aaron Miles is hitting .429 against lefties this year. to top it off, donnie bats castro second? inexcusable.

Just to be up front, I'm a Giant fan and was at last night’s game.
While I loathe blue and white, it is actually tough for me to see the Dodgers in the state they are in. I have been to Chavez Ravine at least 15 times but last night was surreal with all of the security, police mounted on horses, police car lights in full force to show their presence, and police walking up and down the rows of seats all game. What a lock down and the crazy thing is, it is truly needed. The type of people attending has changed at Chavez. It is rough and unruly. While I understand the frustration of losing a close game it is pretty pathetic when a 40 something woman throws French fries at kids when they stand up to cheer a home run because they are not cheering for the Dodgers (this actually happened to our kids 11, 7, and 5 years of age). Especially with regards to what happened to Brian Stow last month. Comment to adults cheering for the Dodgers but don’t throw food and smack little kids.
The park looks dated, the bathrooms are rank, paint fade, food prices outrageous, and barely any Dodger fans to be found. What happened to such a storied and proud franchise? Last night there felt like there were more Giant fans in the stands than Dodger fans. The most I had ever seen. Heck, tons of black and orange in the bleachers. Unbelievable.
I do want to note that I and many Giant fans take no delight in seeing the Dodgers at this state. It is no fun whopping up on wounded duck. I look forward to new ownership for the Dodgers and hope it comes soon.
Get well Brian, and here’s to the Dodgers organization and especially their fans getting back on track.
Go Giants.

Bumgarner aka Bums-killer = lefty Madison > lefty ClaYton...

Looks like Donnie Baseball is still TorreBall with the crzy lineup against the World Champions at home. Mitchell at first and Castro at second and batting second. Really? Andre hit-less streak now at 0-22.

The situation seems to grow more grim with each game, more injuries, more losses, more bad plays, more strikeouts, more errors, and more empty seats.

what a homestand...
7 games, 5 losses, 15 runs, .200 average; opponents 21 runs and .225 average

4 straight losses to the giants, and now at least 98 days between victories over them, that is, if we can manage to beat them

keith, not a fan of rivals posting here, but thanks for the respectable post and well prayers and those of many dodger fans are there for bryan stow - I can find nothing more important in this baseball season, not only surrounding the Dodgers but all of MLB, than his recovery.

we have a weak lineup period. ethier and kemp included.

Shady owner.
Homespun, stoic manager.
Losing streaks getting longer.
Empty ballpark, getting emptier.
Will somebody cue Roy Hobbs?

Kudos to Jamey Carroll.
That was a great swing and could easily have been a clutch hit with the bases loaded with 2 outs in ninth. No one should criticize that effort. It took perfect positioning and a remarkable defensive gem to burn him on that. Cap's off. For once instead of mourning a loss I cheered the near-miss.

Near miss or not, the team with the bases loaded is now "hitting" .086. That's beyond unfathomable.
Carroll's OBI % is something like 3% and at or near dead last in all of baseball. Unbearable.
Castro starts over Miles who has been one of the only guys hitting. Unbelievable.
2011 Dodgers. Unwatchable.

Any lineup that has Juan Castro starting in it, is in trouble. He stunk 20 years ago, then add Mitchell, and it's almost laughable if it wasn't so sad. Yes McCourt this is a good team, a good team of has beens, never wases and never will Be's, that is as long as you own this club. Hopefully it won't be for long.

USA Today/February 21 - "Dodgers look to quiet Ethier for leadership"

- such prescient journalism...

a) 'quiet him' as in 'needs a muzzle'

- or -

b) the understated 'quiet elegance' his 'hand jive'?

Not so much a matter quietude as attitude the bane, my opine.


"Could he become the face of the franchise?"

- moreso the digitus impudicus...


"It's not the playing side that will dictate the type of player I am. It's the way I handle the ups and downs and the adversity and communicate some of the responsibility" of leadership, he said.

- indeed; so far he appears to be handing the responsibility like that ape from the old American Tourister luggage commercials...


"You need guys like that."

- is that a subtle Freudian slip, 'guys' (plural)? slappy did volunteer himself/ had 'how do I do it, donnie?' talks with mr. baseball, so, unless the skipper's genius doesn't translate I'm putting that 'failure to communicate' onus upon the student rather than the teacher.


"That's something we've been lacking. The last few years, we've had personalities."

- I believe he might be referencing that guy whose presence in the lineup hid a multitude of baseball sins his (the lack of talent to hit left-handed pitchers, protection in the lineup batting after him); carrying slappy took so much out of the 'personality' that one year he had to take a 50 game vacation & during the middle of the season...


"We've lacked those sturdy-headed figures."

- slappy's way of saying he misses Jeff Kent... so do I and Simers.

Hey Dodger fans, you need to do more to get your team back on track, starting with dumping the McCourts. It's just no fun when the Giants and Dodgers aren't both in it. Vying for first place with the Rockies? Ouch!


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