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Dodgers fall flat in 7-0 loss to Padres as Andre Ethier extends hitting streak to 27 games

Lkji4anc Well, at least they still have Andre Ethier.

Otherwise, there was precious little for the Dodgers to get excited about Sunday as they fell meekly to the Padres, 7-0, before an announced crowd of 39,869.

Ethier’s seventh-inning infield hit off the glove of Brad Hawpe was the lone highlight on an afternoon the Dodgers managed to collect only five hits.

That was two less than the light-hitting Padres managed, but they had the good sense of placing all of theirs in the two innings they scored.

Ethier’s single left him with a 27-game hitting streak, second longest in Los Angeles Dodgers history. Willie Davis holds the all-time franchise record of 31, set in 1969.

Which was sort of the end of good news Sunday for the Dodgers. They never could get anything going against Padres right-hander Dustin Moseley, who came in 0-3 in five previous starts but did have a 1.99 earned-run average.

Moseley worked seven innings against the Dodgers, holding them to the three hits and two walks. He struck out six.

Jon Garland pitched just as well for the Dodgers, outside of the first four hitters he faced in the third, all of whom reached base.

Garland ran into trouble by walking Nick Hundley. Then came consecutive singles to Orlando Hudson, Cameron Maybin and Hawpe, the latter’s driving in two.

And that was really it for Garland being in trouble. He went six innings, giving up three runs on three hits and four walks, while striking out eight.

Hong-Chih Kuo, fresh off the disabled list from his back strain, pitched the top of the ninth, and that went poorly, too. Kuo was having control issues before going on the disabled list, and that hardly changed Sunday.

Kuo was charged with four runs in just one-third of an inning, giving up two hits, hitting a batter and walking one.


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-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Jon Garland throws to the plate during the first inning of their Major League Baseball game against the San Diego Padres Sunday. Credit: Mark J. Terrill / AP

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Another collapse in the final six outs.

Season: 8th and 9th innings, opponents 44, Dodgers 13
Season: 9th inning, opponents 30, Dodgers 7
Season: Dodgers bullpen ERA over 5 and rising

Congrats to Ethier. New day Monday, beat the Cubs.

Nice streak, but don't let anybody kid anybody else. A leader would be able to leverage that hitting streak into wins. 'Course, Andre has told us he has no interest in being a leader. Oops, I mean "Dre."

the biggest problem isn't the bullpen (although it is a problem)

the problem is over half the position players have no business being in the major leagues. This team cannot score consistently, and gets abused by average pitching and above.

Either and Kemp are the only two guys on the lineup who anyone would say are above average hitters.

My that was some boring baseball over the weekend against the Pads. Yikes!
The hitting has left the yard, and so has the relief pitching. First Brox, now Kuo.
I don't understand why Jansen was sent down (yes, I know he still had minor league options) because he seemed to be coming around. Of course, I still don't understand why NOW, Ned says Jansen needs to learn another pitch!?! And Brox? Like everyone of the nearly 4 million fans last year didn't know Brox couldn't use a change up?

Did anyone REALLY think it was going to turn out any different than the way it's going now? We will be EXTREMELY lucky if we stay out of the basement by years end and NO ONE PERSON added mid-season is gonna change that. I agree with Derek, a bunch of triple A players...

What is the big surprise here? Dodger bullpen has given up 54 runs from the 7th, 8th, & 9th innings; most in MLB. And when Ethier & Kemp starting hitting normally this team will be even worse and shut-outs will be commonplace: we're looking at 70 to 75 wins. Remember this is still McCrap's crap.

McCourt has destroyed this team, and now he wants us fans to forgive and forget! If he is allowed to remain owner of this team, it will feel like it did when Raiders and Rams left. My team which I have followed for 37 years will be gone! I am so sad and sickened by what this man has done to our team.

Chumpy - not even King Kong could leverage a hitting streak into wins surrounded by the crap Ned's "built around" the core group (or what's left of it.)
And what's the deal with Jansen? The guy's starting to come around, so Ned options him and keeps that stellar reliever Cormier. DFA Paul, but make up an injury so you can keep Gimenez?
Is it any wonder why this organization's in the crapper between Frank & Furter?

such a team ...
such losers ...

Dodgers need to make a trade now for a power-hitter. They've have known that for a long time. Also, the quicker Frank McCourt is booted out the better off my beloved Dodgers will be. I've been a Dodger fan going back to the Brooklyn days.

It's a feeling. A deep emotional feeling that I did have for the Dodgers for over six decades, until recently. Even when Vin does the game or Tommy talks about bleeding Dodger blue, that feeling doesn't seem to be there anymore. In the back of my mind lingers the McCourts and the damage they have done and what this organization has become. You might say, get over it and just root for the team on the field. I do, but I just can't put the team on the field as a separate entity.

In the first few years of their ownership, the McCourts did more photo ops than the O'Malley's even did. It was about them, not the Dodgers. The first clue should have been the taking off the names on the back of the uniform, ala the Red Sox, in their early ownership.

Disturbing stats from alanw19, to be sure. The only thing that saved the Dodgers from being swept this weekend AT HOME by the NL West's LAST PLACE TEAM was a diving game-saving catch Friday night by Tony Gwynn, Jr. in left field. Or else Mr. Broxton would have further contributed even more runs to that total; not to mention a blown save. It's also very disheartening to see where Kuo is at right now. Despite it all, it was a good move to send down Jansen. He has to learn how to pitch, and getting pounded in the Big Leagues is no way to go about it. It's just a pity we've got nobody to fill the gap.
Thanks Frank, we feel your pain, as I am very sure you feel ours.

I like when Steve Lyons and Patrick O'Neill mock the Padres (and even project mock an upcoming series with the Pirates) and then we lose. He looks so tense in the post game. Like he's mad. Why do they mock these teams? Do they not think they don't have tv in the Padres clubhouse and hear him laughing before the game, putting up negative stats on the Pads and mocking? I have never seen anything quite like it. Not only did we lose 2 out of three at home to the .393 last place Padres. They melted us. Thanks Steve. Keep it up. Begin mocking the Cubbies.

Nice streak, but don't let anybody kid anybody else. A leader would be able to leverage that hitting streak into wins.Andre has told us he has no interest in being a leader.
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