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Dodgers fall, 5-1, to Cubs

Los Angeles Dodgers starter Ted Lilly pitches to the Chicago Cubs in the second inning of a game in L.A. Wednesday. Credit: Reed Saxon / AP
For those who still find Phoenix still too far a trip to take in a spring training game, the Dodgers offered Wednesday afternoon.

Warm weather, a bunch of players you barely heard of and a crowd that almost could be counted one by one.

That the Dodgers turned this into a 5-1 loss to the Cubs was about as stunning as "McCourts buy mansion."

The Dodgers lineup wasn’t helped when Andre Ethier and his hitting streak was scrapped with a sore elbow. Only one Dodger in the starting lineup had a batting average of more than .250 -- Matt Kemp at .364.

Then it got worse when Juan Uribe was hit by a pitch in the fourth and left the game shortly afterward with a bruise. [Update at 4:33 p.m.: The Dodgers said X-rays on the hand were negative and they expect Uribe to be able to play in their next game Friday in New York.]

At the point, the Dodgers lineup read: Tony Gwynn Jr., (left), Aaron Miles (second), Jay Gibbons (right), Kemp (center), Jamey Carroll (short), James Loney (first), Dioner Navarro (catcher), Russell Mitchell (third) and Ted Lilly (pitcher).

Those poor Cubbies, it’s amazing they found the courage to take the field.

Gibbons just came off the disabled list Tuesday, was playing in only his second game of the season and was batting third. Otherwise, a lineup easy to confuse with the ’27 Yankees.

The Dodgers managed one run on six hits against, Gibbons actually driving in the only run on a sacrifice fly. Right-hander Carlos Zambrano, whom the Dodgers had chased with six runs in five innings on April 24, went eight strong innings.

Lilly matched Zambrano early, but then allowed three home runs -- or one more than he had allowed in his previous five starts.

The Dodgers announced this all happened before a crowd of 28,419, and didn’t snicker or anything. Announced crowds are actually for tickets sold, and since the Dodgers have sold more than 17,000 season tickets, the figure will never drop nearly as low as Wednesday’s thin crowd -- is that still a fair term? -- actually was.

Ethier’s 29-game hitting streak will continue until he actually fails to get a hit in a game he played.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Los Angeles Dodgers starter Ted Lilly pitches to the Chicago Cubs in the second inning of a game in L.A. Wednesday. Credit: Reed Saxon / AP

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Have we hit rock bottom yet? Let me know when we have.

And after McCourt is gone, fire Ned "Three Year Deal" Colletti. And then fire Eric "home half" Collins, and Steve "It's All About My Stinky Little Career" Lyons. And please get us a third baseman, a left fielder, a shortstop that isn't made out of glass, a second baseman that isn't named Aaron Miles, a first baseman with some power, a bullpen (Bye Broxton!), and a power hitter off the bench.

That's my Wish List. Until then, I'll stick to watching the Yanks and the Rockies on my Roku MLB subscription.

Another fine Ned acquisition in Lilly, who parlayed a few decent starts into another three year Ned disaster. And speaking of three year Ned disasters, how 'bout that Uribe?, who parlayed one average season into $21 mil. $51 mil between the two ladies and gentlemen - Ned spends it faster and on more crap than Frank. If Frank's worthless, what does that make Ned?

Look on the bright side: if you only score 1 run a game, it really doesn't matter whether broxton can close or not

I think it was a matter of slappy 'e' needing a rest from all his responsibilities - being team leader in charge a sub .500 crew (4-7 over these last 11 games) is really quite taxing.

Too, it doesn't matter whether he plays or not - dudgers have already proven they can lose regularly with slappy 'e' - seeing how 71% of his hits are singles, it's not as if his bat will be missed or anything.

It is also an 'excellent' chance for fans not living in Albuquerque to see the Isotopes play...

Re: If Frank's worthless, what does that make Ned?

Just "less"

they forgot one similarity to spring training...ugly uniforms, baby blue should be banned from sports, or maybe just from life.

What a sad lineup that was. I wonder if it was a close game and the situation arose requiring a lefty pinch hitter. Since Don started Gwynn, Gibbons, Navarro and Miles, I don't think there would have been any lefty pinch hitter on the bench other than Ethier. Would he have used Andre?

Ted Lilly blows. Another outstanding Colletti signing.

I wonder if next time they wear those uniforms if it will include the matching skirt? The way this team is built, they should.

And Lilly is pitching in a "pitchers ballpark"?!?


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