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Dodgers bullpen runs out of arms as rally is extinguished in 8-5 loss to Giants

Photo: Giants' Cody Ross is congratulated by teammates after hitting a three-run home run in the ninth inning of the Dodgers' 8-5 loss Wednesday. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times Bad bench, shaky and tired bullpen, one more Dodgers loss.

They did manage to make it interesting Wednesday night, rallying with three runs in the eighth to tie it up, but Cody Ross hit a three-run homer off the last truly available Dodgers pitcher, Lance Cormier, in the ninth, and that was that.

The Dodgers were left with another painful defeat, this one 8-5 to the Giants before an announced crowd of 30,421.

It was the most runs the Giants have scored since they also scored eight on April 18.

Giants right-hander Matt Cain left after 7 1/3 innings, having held the Dodgers to three hits. And got a no-decision.

It was looking like the Giants would slip away with a fairly routine, 5-2 victory when their bullpen betrayed them in the eighth.

The Dodgers, 0-18 when trailing after seven innings, got a lead-off single from Jamey Carroll in the eighth off reliever Javier Lopez. After Aaron Miles popped up, Sergio Lopez struck out Andre Ethier.

Matt Kemp then singled. The Giants quickly brought in closer Brian Wilson to face Juan Uribe.

Uribe, the ex-Giant, lined a double into the left-center gap to score Carroll and Kemp.

James Loney then hit a bouncer between first baseman Aubrey Huff and second baseman Freddy Sanchez. The ball was closer to Huff, but he never moved, watching it dribble into right field to score Uribe, the tying run. It was Loney’s first RBI of the month.

The Dodgers, however, were out of arms. Manager Don Mattingly had already used Scott Elbert, Javy Guerra and Mike MacDougal. Clayton Kershaw, who entered the game having thrown 23 2/3 scoreless innings against the Giants, went only five innings Wednesday, allowing four runs on seven hits.

Meanwhile, Matt Guerrier had thrown the past two days, Kenley Jansen had thrown in four of the last five, and Vicente Padilla was unavailable with a forearm strain.

Which left it to Cormier to pitch into the ninth.

A pair of singles, and then Ross crushed his third home run of the season.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Giants' Cody Ross is congratulated by teammates after hitting a three-run home run in the ninth inning of the Dodgers' 8-5 loss Wednesday. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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Donnie knew that he was short on arms. He needed to let Kershaw hit or let Elbert or Guerra pitch more than inning each. I think he didn't think his team could come back...inexcusably horrible managing job by Donnie...inexcusable

We have one of the greatest sports rivalry's in all sports. It should set up for an exciting series, but instead the tone in the air is felt with disappointment. The Stadium is less than half full, the tragedy of Bryan Stow is felt with the over staff of Security and Police, the Dodgers anemic offense continues with .088 Batting Average with the bases loaded, the worst in MLB, and the Ex-Dodger Cody Ross beats the Dodgers with a three run shot. The Misery continues, and we are only in May!

Kershaw .211, 4-for-19
Castro .000, 0-for-3

It seems like everyone is on the disabled list. How many seasons of sub .500 baseball will Dodger fans have to endure before Mccourt is chased out of town by the drunken gangsters at Dodger stadium?

God, we really are horrible.

Donnie should have let Billingsley PH instead of Castro. Fidel Castro would have been a better choice. Then again this is a good team, just ask the virus McCourt.

Hey, Calif Sun, ...

Can you clarify the apparent connection you are making between the number of players on the disabled list and McCourt's ownership of the team?

Are you suggesting that if someone else owned the team, nobody would be on the DL?

Why is Lance Cormier even on this roster? Especially after Don has already admitted that he's terrible and will only use him as a last option. That usually means when the Dodgers are up by 7 - 8 runs or down 7 - 8 runs, not when the game is tied.

You just knew that 3 run bomb was coming! Get that guy outta here NED, and hopefully he takes Navarro, Castro, Thames, & Loney with him!

Obviously Donnie "baseball" learned his bullpen management from JoJo The Clown.
Castro PHing with the bases loaded though was a new twist - bravo!!

4 runs in the 8th and 9th
last Friday, 3 runs in the 8th and 9th

Well, if kershaw were Koufax - he's not - or was merely as good as advertised - he's not - dudgers woulda/coulda/shoulda won that game. We wuz robbed? No - schooled, again. So desperate for a star fandom imagines cubic zirconia is Star of India, potential doesn't win games... talent does.

The Giants (who collectively sport almost as many Mendoza's in their lineup and bench same as lost angeles) have scored - no foolin' - even less runs '11 than the dudgers & also carry a lighter team batting average. Yet, the World Champions scored 8 runs last night - with 4 coming in just half a game vs the both wildly overhyped as well wildly inconsistent kershaw.

Through 44 games 2011 and with a 20-24 mark, ClaYton's 5-3 3.09 isn't bad, especially on this team - that he's giving up more hits per inning this season than last is stat affirmed - as is the downside potential unrequited.
Upshot: he is what he is - a good pitcher, nothing more at this point. The guy may become something more or may never, but right now he doesn't compare with the best.

He/moreso the fans should stop with 'he's the next Koufax' rubbish and get realistic - set your sights on Bill Singer-land (he won 20 games/2.34 era his 3rd year as a starter), or even Don Sutton (11 wins & 2.60 his year three.) I seriously doubt kershaw's 2011 era or win total will match either guy.

Only on the dudgers do fans mistake good for something more, i.e., kershaw is Koufax & Cy rolled into one & slappy 'e' Triple Crown & MVP same, etc. Somewhere, Susan Powter is screaming 'STOP THE INSANITY!'

They serve as cautionary tales, ditto for a sands, dee gordon, de la rose, lee, (insert others), ad nauseam. Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette - just don't inhale. Looking back at the many hypes and overs came through the Dodger system since the 1950's, they have far outnumbered the few actually lived up to all the anoint.

But hey, you can dream or as Casey Kasem opined, "keep your feet on the ground & keep reaching for the stars."

As such: through 44 games in 1966, Koufax was 8-1 and 1.64. Next start, he shut out the Cardinals to go 9-1 1.48.

Et tu next, kershaw?

More apropos, et tu, la?

I skip every long-winded diatribe 16blows wastes everyone's time with.

ditto that.

LOL...Yes, 16blows really DOES, doesn't he?

"I skip every..."

- promises promises/sure you do/read the whole thing (per the usual) did ya... Crispian St. Peters ain't got nuttin' on this Pied Piper of dudger blogdom!

I skip every long-winded diatribe 16blows wastes everyone's time with.

Posted by: FormerLifelongDodgerFan | 05/19/2011 at 12:14 PM

I do the same and pretty much everybody here. I don't know why he keeps on posting.
So he can read it himself? It's like listening to your own voice .

"How many fond fools serve mad jealousy?" - Shakespeare

: )

why we could ask gm to finish the game . heand his team owner distroy our team
sale the team and get out


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