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Attendance at Dodger Stadium continues to plunge

Ih28s3kf The Dodgers are coming! The Dodgers are coming!

Are you?

Well, you haven’t been, at least not in robust Dodgers-esque numbers. The Dodgers return home Friday, but no one is expecting a giddy sellout to await them.

Whether a boycott against the McCourts, fear of safety or simply uninspired with the team after last season’s sub-.500 effort, attendance is plummeting at Dodger Stadium.

Empty seats are everywhere, at every level. Even field level seats seem only dotted with fans. Some entire sections routinely sit empty.

Baseball’s 30 teams are down 635 fans per game thus far into the season (through Wednesday) or 2%, but the Dodgers are their big drag.

Through their first 18 home dates, Dodgers are down 7,268 fans per game, compared to last year -- the biggest drop in baseball.

And remember, baseball announces tickets sold, not actual attendance. It does not release no-show numbers, but they are significant at Dodger Stadium. Several games, the old ballpark hasn’t even looked half full.

Tickets sold for the Dodgers currently are down 16.5% over last season. And it’s noticeable.

Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly admits it bothers him to look up and see a half-empty Dodger Stadium.

"A little bit," he said. "I mean, you’d like to see the place full. Just for the guys’ standpoint.

"You just get kind of spoiled here, seeing the place full. From the guys’ standpoint, when you start playing really hard and guys are busting it, you want people to see it. I think the way we remedy that is to win."

The Dodgers are 9-9 at home this season, but Mattingly doesn’t think the smaller crowds have had an impact on the team’s play.

"I don’t think so, but it’s nice when there’s an energy," he said. "I don’t think we’re losing anything because of it. I want people to see us play, to see what these guys can do."

Normally, not a problem. The Dodgers traditionally are one of the top two or three teams in MLB attendance. Currently, they rank eighth with an average of 36,672 tickets sold per game. For the first time, they are on track to trail the Angels in attendance.

The McCourts once immodestly set a goal of 4 million in season attendance. This season, the Dodgers are not on pace to reach 3 million.

Most who leave comments here, say they’re not coming out as a protest to the McCourts’ ownership. Some -- many -- promise not to return until there is a new owner.

The loss of 7,268 fans per game has to hurt the McCourts financially. That’s a lot of parking not paid for, a lot of hot dogs left unsold, a lot of souvenirs left for sale.

And an embarrassing number of empty seats.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodger Stadium. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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A perfect time to reach out to the Black community Mr Mccourt, Prince is selling out the Fourm, Obama is President and i have not seen African Americans there in forever it would be A nice change.

We had an incident a couple of years ago at a Dodger event where my son was mishandled and left in tears. I went to Jamie Mc Court about it, who blew me off and dumped me over the PR person at the time. (Claire Johnston? Camille Johnston?) Not only did she blow us off as well, she made us wrong in the process, leaving my son even more upset and outraging parents nearby. I wrote Frank a letter and of course he ignored it. Looking back I should have written to TJ Simers and Bill Plashke, etc instead. They would have had a field day.

From that one incident alone I could care less if the McCourts bake in hell, but for all the additional shenanigans they have pulled, they are getting their just desserts. And the best is yet to come.

I used to get these emails -- I am sure we all did -- that said something like boycott Exxon gas stations on certain days of the week and if we all did it, it would have an impact and send them a message. It would be great if a boycott day or days at Dodger stadium could be organized. "Don't go this Friday night, etc." It's happening organically though. We won't go while the McCourts own the team. I am glad others are doing the same.

I will be attending Saturday's game against Arizona, and I'm looking forward to the empty seats. Fewer seats = more chances for me to snag some balls into the stands!

I'll be back when the the McCourts are GONE. We may be Dem Bums but we deserve Royalty when it comes to our ownership. God I'm PRAYING that Bud Selig seizes the team this month. The whole city is. I have the Dodgers tattooed on my arm and I bleed Dodger Blue. I love them so much that I believe I have to practice some tough love to help get rid of the parasitic, low-life McCourts. The day they leave should become a citywide celebration in perpetuity.

Come on Bud and Baseball Owners. Do the right thing and seize the team. Maybe we can make the World Series this year like the Rangers did last.

Michael J. Cox, aka joker, Dodgers fans are the most loyal, passionate, intelligent fans in the game. The Dodgers are L.A. and L.A. is the Dodgers. We love our team too much to allow the abuse of this national and civic treasure to continue. You, sir, are uninformed or from San Francisco (same difference). Go Dodgers!!!

I have to agree with this article. I'd love to go see the Dodger's play live, but I am also boycotting the games until Frank is gone - and I started before the 2010 season so I'm stoked to see so many fans join me in sending the message. Besides hurting Frank in the wallet, I think the boycott played some role in MLB coming in to oversee the Dodgers (great move by Bud). McJoke has turned one of the most prestigious franchises in all of sports to the laughing stock of baseball. My boycott has nothing to do with safety concerns or the performance of the team - except for the fact that Frank has not even came close to putting the best possible team on the field because he thought that he could take advantage of the Dodger fans loyalty. He knows how loyal we are, so he incorrectly figured that he could put any team on the field and the fans will come. He blames all of his problems on the divorce, but he cut their payroll by $30M before the divorce even came up. We have been so loyal to the point where the Dodgers had the highest attendance in baseball 5 of 7 years, but he just cuts the payroll. When Cliff Lee becomes available, there's no chance that we'll go after him. While I actually liked the Garland, Lilly & Kuroda signings, we shouldn't have to give up hope on signing any all-star caliber player who makes over $10M/year.

The fan boycott isn't about our love for the team. That remains. It is about the hate for the owner who let the stadium grounds, which once looked clean and lovely, like Disneyland, into a cheap amusement tent. It is about the owner who let the farm system go to seed. It is about the owner who used the team income as an ATM card. It is about the owner who pays less in taxes than the guys who sell peanuts.

I'm A Dodgers fan in Florida who would go to spring training Doger games in Vero Beach. I'm very proud of all the Dodger fans that are boycotting that poor excuse for an owner McCrook.The Dodgers have become a crappy franchise like the Pirates, no longer are we in the running for the best free agents. KEEP BOYCOTTING THE GAMES,YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

I was at the game last night. We beat the Diamond Backs and Kershaw had a solid outing. It is sad to see Cholo Ravine look so stark. I was at the fan appreciation day game last year and was wondering when the Dodgers were going to start appreciating the fans, unfortunately we aren't appreciated very much. When McImbecile finally does the right thing, It may be quite a while for a new owner to turn this ship around if it doesn't completely sink first.

PS....Thanks Pizza Hut for the fireworks after the game...

how about a picture?

30 hours of $30.00 seats to celebrate McCourt being able to keep this team. That's the real promotion. McCourt has run this franchise into the ground, now it's the fans turn to run him into the ground. Stay away!

"If the Dodgers leave, he can hold on to the land and turn the stadium into apartments and a shopping center." - Poster "Dwight Smith"

Now Dwight,
Why would he do that when he's got a perfectly good parking lot? We know that McCourt leveraged is Boston parking lots to get the Dodgers, and he probably misses all that parking. Well, if the Dodgers move out, he'll have an abandoned stadium and one of the largest parking lots in the world! He'll be very happy with his parking lot.

BTW, I doubt the Dodgers would move to Vegas or Portland. More likely they'd either build a stadium near L.A. Live or another location I've heard mentioned as a "if they ever replace Dodger Stadium" location is over one of the rail yards by Union Station, pay McCourt rent for a couple years (I guess they could move to Anaheim on a year-to-year lease while the Downtown stadium is built as an alternative to doing that, but I just don't see the franchise wanting to go that far from its current wealthier fan base center on the west side,) then leave Frankie all alone with his parking lot (or half of it, as Jamie will probably own the other half since the asset he claims he owns 100% is the Dodgers...if he's really split the stadium and parking lot from that asset, then they are technically not legally a part of the Dodgers asset and she can lay her claim to half of think she wants the first base side or the third base side?)

I received an invite to take a Dodgers Survey the other day. In it they asked how many games I attended last year (10-14) and how many I plan to attend this season (none). They mentioned they're thinking of creating a Family Zone. Wasn't the whole of Dodger Stadium once the Family Zone? Best part, the follow-up question to "Are you interested in the Family Zone" was "Why did you answer what you did above (No)?" To your point, my response was as follows: "Because Frank McCourt still owns the Dodgers, the stadium, and the property. I do not want one cent of my family's hard-earned entertainment dollars going into that low life's pockets. The day McLitigation sells "all Dodger entities (26!)" is the day my family will joyfully return to Dodger Stadium." I realize we are hurting the team, who we still support whole-heartedly, but ultimately we feel this is our only recourse to make our voice heard. We will however be attending Dodger Games at Angel Stadium and Petco Park. Just not at McDb's place. "Hit 'em where they ain't?" Nope. Hit him where it hurts, in the General Ledger.

Jeremy - I agree with you that we are hurting the team by not going, but it's totally worth it and we have to keep it up. However, I think that we are only hurting them in the short run. In the long run, the team will be in much better shape with a different owner - one who will treat the Dodgers like the large market team they, somebody who will spend money on the team to make it better.

Good for LA! Keep boycotting!

It's sad that LA and US faithful Catholics for example haven't grasp that actions like boycotting and re-directing donations would tremendously help put an end to clergy sex crimes, complicit officials' cover-ups and protect the vulnerable now and in the in the future. Actions speak louder than words.

You'd think they could learn something from fans boycotting Dodger Stadium.

The reason of the plunge in attendabce is not because the McCourts or the Dodger's performance, all these people that mention the owner as the problem are ridiculous. The real problem is the statements of the LAPD saying that "there will a sea of blue". Who wants to go and have fun surrounded by the police. The LAPD and most of all others police dept are arrogant , and if they have nothing better to do, they will just mess up the fun. We are not in Russia get the LAPD out and the fans will come back.

It pains me, but I WILL NOT return to the stadium until McCourt is gone!!
I miss supporting the team, but I will not stick 1 cent of my money directly into McCourts pocktets.

Im one of the Dodger loyals who had enough of the McCourts. After 38 years of great season tickets I finally had enough. When they sell I'll be back!

This article, however, is staggering. No wonder MLB is taking a good look at this. Based on the attendance numbers above and considering what that the Dodger organization expects fans to spend approx. $60 per head (ticket, food, parking, souvenirs) then just the average drop in attendance means approximately $436,000 less per game or $35,322,000 less annually. This doesn't even include the no-shows. If you guess another 6000 no shows per game and factor $20 per head that's another $9,720,000.

I guess the fans are speaking, at this rate, projected out, to the tune of $45,000,000. GOOD GOING TRUE DODGER FANS!!!

ISMAEL - A very small drop in attendance has to do with there being too many cops at the stadium. That's an ignorant comment to make. The attendance was down well before Frank decided to jack up the police officer presence at the stadium. There are more people that would skip games due to a lack of security at the stadium rather than too much security. Tell Bryan Stowe's family that there are too many cops at the stadium and see how they'd react. If there is another big security issue like Stowe's this year while police presense is down, Frank knows that he'd get absolutely hammered again. Also, anybody who will not attend a game because there are too many cops at the stadium will be welcome not to show up because they are probably the people who are causing problems at the games. You just have to look at all the posts on this message board to see how many people are boycotting because Frank is the owner. I think you're the only person who posted a comment stating that you wouldn't go because there are too many cops.

@ ismael - I thought McCourt was the only one with his head n the sand. Remember Opening Day? Minimal police presence, no cief ostadium security = 1 beaten fan in parking lot! Your version of fun MAY be different than mine, but I gav up my tickets when f*bombs were used on a regular basis on the reserved level. BUT if attendance is down maybe I can get away from everyone & enjoy a game in public. Better yet, I stay home to save gas & parking money, get a better view on TV & get to listen to Vin for the whole game!!!

I feel like McCourt is holding my team--and stadium--hostage. I won't go to a game until he's gone.

Somewhere between the dangerous environment, the outrageous over pricing on everything from parking to food to water it simply became not worth it. The fan experience at Dodger Stadium has rotten to the point of prison yard status. Horrible swearing, threats of violence or murder, extreme bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia, extreme public drunkenness. It just is no longer viable to take the family here and therefore we are not going to any games until this situation is remedied. This includes all our friends from out of town who visit and we often brought many to games. This all ends. It has become Thunder Dome inside Dodger Stadium inhuman and dangerous. No thanks. Sincerely, A fans family who doesn't feel safe.

Boycott! No games in person or on TV. And no apparel purchases either. TheDodgers are a business, plain and simple. And like any other business will go bankrupt without enough revenues. McCourt will be forced to sell the team, stadium, land, and parking lots if the businesses goes bankrupt.

When the carpetbagger leaves, my family and I will return.

Wow. After reading through the letters posted here, I am very proud to have witnessed the Dodgers of the 50's, through the 70's.
No, I no longer attend games, I want to keep my memory clear as day.

I won't go back to Dodger Stadium until Brian is out of Critical Care. The gangbangers that did this need to be found or ratted out. Even among gangsters there is a code - no women or children or innocent by-standers. Brian was an innocent by-stander and until the scum that did this pay for it with several years of their lives, I won't be setting foot in Chavez Ravine.

I am retired and I paid more income taxes than the McCourts. I cannot
support a man who lives on borrowed money, money secured by the
Dodgers baseball franchise and property. He and his harridan must leave
town in their borrowed car and let an owner who loves baseball take over.

It is sickening to know that the team I've watched since the 60's has been
brought to the rink of ruination by the lavish lifestyle of the McCourts.

It is good to see real Dodger fans recognizing the need for new ownership
and coming together to see that happen.

I feel sorry for Vin Scully. He can't escape seeing the storied Dodgers waste
away under the McCourts.

One more thing. To the shaved head cretins who beatup the visiting Giants
fan--hope you both die in excruciating pain.

I will add my voice to the many: I will not return to Dodger Stadium until the greedy, selfish McCourts are no longer affiliated in any way with the Dodgers. Oh what a difference between them and the O'Malleys--O'Malleys=CLASS McCourts=NO CLASS.

I still go to games. But it is not as fun and exciting as if the place was full. To see the look in my sons eyes when we come out of the tunnel and he sees the field before every game is priceless. And no owner is going to take that away from me......... But i cant wait till I see the place full again.

You want to know why people don't go? A decent seat costs $55 to $130, with parking an additional $15. $8 for a beer and $4.50 for a dog. Then theres buying a program, peanuts, and a ton of other stuff.

Traffic is a nightmare including the $4 + cost of gas, and who wants to sit with a bunch of gangsters screaming insults. Somebody had to nearly get killed before anybody would even talk about it.

I am a Dodger fan and remember them building the stadium in 1962. I have been to all the World Series and have even traveled to Vero Beach for Spring Training. I think I will hold onto those great memories, and spare my wallet the costs imposed by greedy interests.

Let us know when the McCourts are gone.

Please Michael Cox....we are not going to the games because of ownership...please read the article bud. Get a grip, you are NOT a Dodger fan get off the comment page. Be Real. I am not going to give any of my money to a owner that does not care. Cause if he did care we would have a real left fielder that could hit. We NEED HITTING and in order to do this we need money. So what are we doing with all the money that we get every year that we have over 3million people in the seats. NOT spending it on our players, and we are certainly not spending it on renovations to the stadium. And every time I go to the snack bar EVERYTHING is going up. So Mr. Owner where is our so called Big money team??We need an owner that cares...and fast cause Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier (If they come back?) need ball players that can HIT batting around them. I will start going back to games when the McCourts are out of Town. Please Mark Cuban or Magic Johnson help the Dodgers OUT....I beg of you.

Perhaps if the Dodgers rose up & played through all the off-field issues to their capabilities as a team, Broxton would be an example, all us Die-Hard Dodger Blue fans would rally as well. Recent issues at & about the Stadium, the Lakers playoff performance which seems to support kind of a jaded L.A. Pro sports apathy by the players in general..? I think we're all hoping to see our Dodgers rise up & kick some A, regardless of issues outside the Stadium.

Cheers, Fred Hill
Santa Barbara

For $2/ticket (on Stubhub) I'm taking my entire family to the game!!! One unfortunate event will not strike fear into the lives of many hard working people who just want to watch baseball with their folks and enjoy a great american passtime. Everytime you get in your car and drive to and from places, you put your life at risk just as much as going to a ball park - so let's not even get started on the safety issue. "Buy Low, Sell High" - well guess what? $1.55 cents to catch the blue-crew is a bargain!'s a beautiful day for a ballgame!!..Mr. DivorceCourt can enjoy my nickels and dimes all he wants :)

it's hilarious to hear everybody get on the bandwagon and complain about how cheap the owner is and then state that their solution is not to spend any money.

by the way, there were 13 free agent left fielders who played in the majors available to sign this past off season. five were signed to major league contracts, two by the dodgers. of the other three, pat burrell is hitting .232 and austin kearns a whopping .160. and for their 142 million dollar investment, the red sox got carl crawford, .208, 1hr 10rbi.

while left field is a problem, it is apparent that there were no solutions for sale this past off season.

Perhaps the sagging attendance at Chavez Ravine has to do with:
$15.00 parking, or Beer with little or no alcohol or maybe Dodger security thugs who arrested 132 Dodger fans on opening day, for GASP, tailgating,
(I had no idea Dodger jail was that big), and basically making the experience of watching a simple ballgame as expensive and unpleasant as possible. My two favorite Dodgers, (after Jackie Robinson) are Mike Scioscia and Mickey Hatcher, and I can watch them in action about 30 miles away at Angel Stadium.
Anyone remember when O'Malley owned the team a mere 30 years ago and the Dodgers were one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports? Then
came the parasite Rupert Murdoch, and the Dodgers have been shooting themselves in the foot on full automatic ever since. Except for Fernando in 1981, and Orel Hershiser and Kirk Gibson's heroics in 1988, the once enigmatic Dodger organization has become so unbelievably mediocre that they can split a 3 game series. Now McCourt let the MLB take over the team while he was busy licking the commissioner's cleats. You could offer me free tickets and a $100 bill to attend a Dodger game, and I would still never set foot in that place.
It gives me the creeps. Seriously.

Not until the McBrokes leave will I attend another Dodger game.

Lost in all this is the greatness of Vin Scully's last season.

Oh, and I just found out McCourt has 26 business entities that he uses to siphon cash out of the Dodgers. Yeah, sound's like he should have gone into banking instead of baseball.

Why on earth would anyone risk their life to go see a team of losers, owned by a morally and financially bankrupt McCourt? I for one will be going to Angels games.

What about the economy? Why should spend money on a team that is.500 or below? Protest against McCourt, sure, but what about:

A team with no offense?
Terrible waits for food with a a stadium half empty?
I can take business clients or family out to dozens of more entertaining and less expensive events.

Drunks, bad service, fear in parking lot and a team that can't produce. This owner is wasting Matt Kemp, Eitier, Kershaw and Billingsley.

It always comes down to cost vs. product.

The "Dodger Tradition" ended long ago, as did my years of season tickets. I went from keeping score at every game, to not knowing the name of a single player.

This is just a continuation of what started long before McCort got there. Remember Fox and Mike Piazza? That was the beginning of the end. Then came the numerous management blunders and "Dodger Blue" clothing in gang colors.

Now the bulldozers have buried Dodgertown in Vero Beach forever. That was some serious symbolism.

The Dodgers have long been dead to me. The sooner you mourn the loss and get over them, the less painful it will be.

I've been a LA Dodger fan my whole life. I'm not boycotting them. I'm going to a game at the end of the month. I agree with Mrs. McCourt, sell the team before it gets any worse.

One thing that I wonder though is ...are some of these fans not attending because they are actually REAL gang members and criminals? Is that a one variable of this equation? I don't know. I love to watch the gangster culture going on at Dodger stadium. It's a historic part of Angelino culture, honestly. Now if those people could just ackrite....we could all kick it in peace. But with the police presence now...if you're on parole or in a gang, it's not cool to drank and hang out with the LAPD. Just sayin'.

I am a lifetime Dodger fan. My love for the team started in th Fernado V. Steve Yeager etc days. Regretfully, since the vicious beeting of that Giants fan, i have denounced my fanatisism for this now "thug" organization. Gone are the days when a man can take his family to dodgers' stadium and truly enjoy watching this team with more history than any other professional sports team and bleed BLUE.
I feel that the Dodgers organization as a whole (from top to bottom) is an accessory to what has happened recently and i have too many negative recent experiences to feel the way I do. I have had friends and family with very negative experiences because of incompinant and "not giving a damn"
The Dodgers seem eager to cater to the drunk and disorderly (because how much is a budweiser sold?) than the family based TRUE BLUE fans that come to cheer for there favorite player (rather than to heckel and curse him out). From those types of fans to the organization's ignorance of poor lighting and directions in the parking lot along with their dis interest to upgrade the stadium and desire to fatten there pocket books. I.E., what deal do they have now to lewer fans in to sittting in the pavillions?
It takes me exactly 45 minutes to leave my home in Long Beach and take my seat at ANGELS Stadium where ther personnel is far more interested in a families enjoyment of the game than the liquor sales of a group of thugs.
I hope and if i can will advocate for full monetary compensation for that poor Giants fan as well as criminal charges against the Dodgers for their assesory to that crime.
The Dodgers EX #1 fan

I love the Dodgers! I've been a fan since they showed up in 1958. Makes me sad to see the empty seats, while I watch the games on TV. I do attend games, we bought a mini package. A plus about the low attendance, we get out of the parking lot, alot faster!

I am a die hard Dodger fan, born and raised in the L.A. area and currently live in Florida. Up until this year, I always make an effort to get to a Dodger game when I head home. Even if that means adjusting my visit dates. This year, as hard as it is, I WILL NOT be heading to the stadium. I will gladly return when we have an owner not trying to line his pockets with our hard earned money. And I have to agree with some of the comments I have read. There is no reason the Dodgers should not have great talent supplimenting our great youngsters, and upcoming talent. Instead going to the stadium and paying the McCourt price only goes to help McCourt increase his lifestyle, pay his government size debt, and now his impending divorce. It is really the Dark Ages of the Dodger legacy.

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